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Art Langar is the first of its kind two-day art & music festival happening on 2nd & 3rd December, 2017 at The Rock Musicarium Islamabad.

Artist Lineup!

artist lineup.jpg

The Art Langar has three key components:

1. Art Installations & Manifestations
2. Musical Performances & Collaborations
3. Langar – The Gift of Food


1. Baramda, F-11
2. Gloria Jeans, F-11
3. Chikachino, F-7
4. Tuscany Courtyard, Kohsar Market F-6
5. Doca Mocca, G-8
6. Khokha Khola, Beverly Center, Blue Area
7. Coffee Planet, I-8
8. Broaster’s, Sixth Road, Rawalpindi
9. Cheese Factor, F-11
10. 10 Eleven Lounge, F-8
11. Burn out, F-7
12. Spiral, F-11
13. Sony Center, Blue Area
14. Chai Chowk
15. Cutting Edge Saloon

For tickets, please inbox The Art Langar page.


Me, I started writing when I was in grade 6. I had so many troubles at home, that I always needed a way out, always looking for a way to escape the horrible tapestries on my bedroom wall and all the things around it. I wanted to change, yet I wanted to stay inside my comfort zone. My parents got divorced when I was a kid, I hated living in a house where you would listen to screams at 3 a.m. in the morning all the way to 7 a.m. in the beginning, it was just me writing concise sentences at the back of my school notebooks and it gradually turned into getting a spare notebook and keeping it with me at all times.

I later found out that there are things called diaries with beautiful covers that you can use to write in, all your thoughts, complaints about the things you don’t have and whining about the things you do have. I asked my mom, who happens to write in Urdu, to buy me one and she did next month. I started writing anything and everything about my life, my thoughts and my life at school and with the relatives at home in that little diary. I’ve been keeping a journal ever since. I have 15 diaries at the moment, and I just turned 26. I intend to get another one soon.

I’ve been fighting depression for as long as I can remember. I started getting migraines when I was 18 and till now, I feel like half of my productivity and creativity died because of the constant pain and agony. My writing habit is what helped me cope with it. I used to worry about the most trivial of things and now, I feel more in control of my life. I compiled all that I have written in a poetic manner and published my first book by the name ‘Psychaotic’. The reason why I’m telling you this is because it was something that I could call my own, something that made me feel like all my diaries are in the book and I can read and learn through my own experiences. I helped countless people fighting depression and bipolar disorder through that. Maybe you can too. Writing isn’t easy. Sometimes the words flow through you, sometimes, they break your back with pain. But when they do come, you can see what you wrote and you can feel it. You can find it in your heart that you need to forgive yourself and know that whatever happened isn’t your fault. The World works in strange ways. You just need to be able to understand and see where it takes you.

Today, when I write, after all that time, I feel a tingle in my hands that tells me that I need to take out my journal and my black pen. I write, for myself and for the people who will read it ages later and I pray and I hope that it makes them feel better. Somehow, someday. If you are fighting depression, I assure you that keeping a journal will make you feel better. You will be able to look at what you’ve been through and make yourself stronger and better. You’ll be able to fight distress and anxiety. I bet those panic and anxiety attacks keep you up at night. That’s okay. I have them too. More often than you think. But my writing habit helps, it really does. You should get a diary too, write the littlest of things that bother you and cram them up in your writing. You’ll feel the difference in your mood, your anxiety and your depression after that.

There is no keeping it inside. You have to channelize it. Best thing is to pour it out on paper. It will change your life, as it changed mine.

Mother’s Day.

The one day we have specified for our moms. The reason why it all began was when some amazing social activist called Anna Jarvis decided to run a campaign to honor her mother by making Mother’s day a celebrated holiday in the US. And as history unfolded, we found out that rest of the countries started celebrating it too and so did everyone here in Pakistan.

What that woman started, we are carrying forward to honor our moms, because you know it is true when I tell you that we rarely have time to sit and talk to our moms. We always have work, meetings, events and friends every time our mom wants to sit and give a lecture on how bad the world is and how we are ‘just kids’ who don’t know what the world is capable of. No matter how strong and independent we are, deep down we know that our mom is the one person on earth who will stand with us if all the social image, finances and emotions fall from our hands.

The theory of us being ‘strong and independent’ became very relative when we realized that more and more women every day join the workforce of our country to add numbers to an existing percentage of 28% of the total women population. So how does this drastic change in the concept of our society impact mothers?

Not much, to be very honest. Our moms still scold us when we get home late, they still worry about our health and they still ask us if we want to get married soon. Perks?

We get late night oil massages in our hair with a handful of sarcastic comments

We get parathas and Churi for breakfast on normal days.

We get the most amazing ‘Churi’ in Ramzan and them Pakoras… Damn.

My mom, I always consider her to be the most strict mom in the history of moms and I still think that. I do, however, accept the fact that everything I am today, if my mom wasn’t there to teach me, the debates, the speeches, the love of books and poetry, I wouldn’t be who I am. She made me strong enough to stand in a crowd of thousands and not feel afraid and insecure. I am always confident, I am always proud and even in my darkest of days, I know that I will resurface as a survivor because my mom raised me like that. She is a librarian. A simple government librarian. Nothing fancy. But the way she brings books home and makes us read and find meanings of difficult words in the dictionary is why me and my sister (who happens to be studying law while being great at writing and drawing) Maham, are confident and like to read and write. I love my mom even though she drives me crazy mad sometimes( You know your mom does the same, don’t judge me). I do, because I know I am exactly like her. Lol.

About 5-6 years ago, I met this amazing young woman in a gorgeous house with a huge books cupboard in F-7. I saw her and I realized that I wanted to become like her when I grow professionally. Her name is Hira Ali and she has an event management company called Revelations. You might’ve seen my updates about the decor and event themes on my Instagram from her events. I decided to ask her some questions on her life as a working woman and her relationship with her mother for this Mother’s day.


My first question from her was: How did your mom contribute in making you the woman you are today?

To which she smiled and replied:

“I owe it to my mom. Everything I am today, It is because of her. When she got married to my Agha (dad), she got an entire book library as a wedding gift from my grandfather. That is when I was raised between books and creativity which I portray in my work. She has always been there for me when I am running around crazy at the event, she makes sure I don’t lose it, (chuckle) she takes care of me and keeps me motivated. She is my role model and I think, she is perfect in every way and I’m glad I am her daughter”

Question 2: Do you think mothers in Pakistan are raising good daughters who will bring change in Pakistan and its culture?

“Well, our society made us realize that just the sons can do business and work successfully and for the last 5 years, I have seen a major change in that thinking. Now mothers encourage their daughters to get educated and learn the ways of the business so they never fail in their life. We now see more women getting into the business and our collective workforce. I think this is a great way of mothers showing the world that they are raising strong daughters because every woman can reshape the world”

Okay, final question. This is where I wanted to know how being married impacts her business.

Question 3: How does being married Influence your business?

“Ali(her husband) is so supportive. I thought when I’ll get married I’ll have to stop my passion for events and decor but that didn’t happen. Ali now supports me in every event I organize. He is part of the team now. He manages things in the business I used to neglect before. I think when two people love each other, they support each other too, in business, in life, and in a career. He is supportive in a way I never thought was possible and more husbands should be like him”


While I agree with her, I still think if I’ll ever take that chance. Very unlikely, but sure. Maybe one day. Till then, I will rely on my sister and my mom for all the support I need to carry forward my love for literature and the trend of reading books.

Wherever you mom is, go give her a hug, buy her flowers. I’m planning to buy her Rus Malai and Gajray. She is old school. She will like it.

Happy Mother’s day to every amazing mother and mothers-to-be on the planet.

We’re having a book launch this Thursday, in Sattar Baksh F-7, Islamabad. You’re all welcome to join us celebrate literature. There will be poetry, prose, and music. I promise.

Beyond Sanity Publishing Presents (1).png

Sadequain Art Society has launched the first phase of its project “Sitaron K Darmiyan”. This is an educational project which is based on street children’s education and those children which belong to underprivileged families that cannot afford the educational expenses of their children and let them work and earn for the survival of their families. The main focus of this project is to teach drawing techniques and make a skillful environment for our future generations.


In the first phase of project team of Sadequain Art Society along with many youth organizations and university students visited Master Ayyub School yesterday. Master Ayyub School is an open air school which is situated in F-6 Sector of Islamabad where Master Ayyub is teaching those street children for decades. Sadequain Art Society has provided the stationary to the students and team of Senior Artists like Younis Roomi(General Secretory Sadequain Art Society) and Asrar Farooqi(Freelance Artist) have delivered a workshop on basics of Drawing Techniques. This training included skills of writing and drawing in which children have shown great interest.

Many healthy activities like poems telling and singing National Songs like Dil Dil Pakistan was also part of this project. Team of Sadequain Art Society has engaged children in many extra-curricular activities as well asked them many questions about their homeland Pakistan. And at the end, all the children were provided with chocolates and juices to make them motivated towards education.’


Founder of Sadequain Art Society Syed Hassaan Ali Shah concluded the session with his remarks and told that this “Sitaron K Darmiyan” is an ongoing project which will be continued and our mission is very clear outcomes of which will be seen in society very soon. Our objective of bringing change through education will be fulfilled very soon. Today we have just started this project and in future, we might be targeting any other place within the country. After the end of the workshop on drawing techniques, we will evaluate the work of children and then will focus on those children which are showing good interest in the field of drawing and designing. He added that our team belongs to young and dynamic youth like Usman Khalid, Kashif Ullah, Syed Maryah, Shoaib Malick and Haris Mustafa, and Nida Yousaf which have great potential and working hard for the promotion of Art, Culture, and Education.


Master Ayyub was thankful to team Sadequain Art Society and has said in his remarks that this type of initiatives make me more motivated towards the betterment of Pakistan and bring change through education.

Many organizations like Dil Say Pakistan, Hamaray Log, Chal Chalen, Beyond Sanity Publishing and Acts of Kindness came in to support “Sitaron K Darmiyan”. Many University Students belonging International Islamic University, Islamabad, National University of Science and Technology and Bahria University also contributed to the project.

Mushaihid Shah our grooming star and Gold Medalist in rock climbing also supported and joined the first phase of project “Sitaron K Darmiyan”

You can find the event details here.

book cover (2).jpg

  • Tell us about yourself?

I think it’s the most difficult question as still, I need to know a lot about myself. I belong to a middle-class family brought up by decent parents and I am grateful to them. I completed my primary from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At a young age left for Pakistan and completed my Medical training as a doctor.  My first write-up was rather an opinion for how to keep city clean which came out in Dawn’s Young World. After that was busy in studies. I started writing again though with fits and starts from 2013

  • Why did you choose to write poetry?

I think it’s like poetry chose me, this genre of writing was new for me too and u will be surprised to know that I have lots of books which adorn my shelf and borrowed from friends too but none is the book of poetry. Though if I was reading poetry as part of my grade course I would be mesmerized with words.

  • When did you start working on your book?

I was writing mainly for relaxation just to vent out my feelings but credit for it goes to some of my colleagues who after reading my poems so much liked it that they encouraged me to go for a compilation of my writings and that’s how it came in my mind. I submitted poems in two competitions for one I was selected among commendable writers. I then compiled and sent a rough draft around April 2016 and there was no looking back.

  • Who are you currently reading?

I am currently reading the book version of  “Miss Peregrine’s Home for The Peculiar Children” penned by Ransom Riggs. It’s a light fantasy read.

  • How do you manage to write with your profession keeping you busy?

I think it’s a lot about prioritising. As my profession takes up a lot of my time. I feel for some poetry is practiced and learned but for me, its borne out of situations I see, feel or experience so I cannot particularly slot time that this time is for writing poetry. It depends on my mood.

  • Tell us about your upcoming book?

My upcoming book is “Reneging Quiescence”, the concoction of different experiences and common message in one way or other and that is a refusal to be silenced by wrong things. Sometimes we are aggressive in certain situations to criticise but where we can really help we just turn a blind eye.

  • What are your plans for this book?

I hope this book is able to reach out to maximum readers out there and also help those who are not voracious readers but can read it to get an inspiration. It will be released on Amazon and Kindle first, and then as a paperback.

  • Why do you think the culture of book reading declining in Pakistan?

There are obvious reasons like education being too much expensive so increase in illiteracy, from childhood not encouraged to read books, different aspects of social media like the net ,- television to keep families occupied so no one interested. Book fairs are being arranged in Karachi where a lot of old books exchanged but usually fewer crowds are willing to stand beneath the sun to buy books.

  • Do you prefer E-book or Paperback?

For me, the magic of Paper book cannot be compared with an Ebook ever. At Least for now and maybe in the future. Sitting on the computer for a long time is also damaging for eyes, your posture also.

  • As a writer and a poet, what is your message to the world?

My message to the world is happy it’s your right as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Don’t stop dreaming. Be good where every where there seems to be so much rush its like time has bought us.

N remember as I said before AS WE LABEL THE SKY SO WE SET ITS LIMITS.

I want to thank Irum CEO of the publishing house and an  author in her right for asking me for her blog interview.

You can buy her book by placing an order here: beyondsanitybooks@gmail.com

Know more about her Here.

Know about Beyond Sanity Publishing 

Do me wrong, do me right. Tell me lies but hold me tight.
Save your good-byes for the morning light, but don’t let me be lonely tonight.

Say goodbye and say hello. Sure enough good to see you, but it’s time to go.
Don’t say yes but please don’t say no, I don’t want to be lonely tonight.

Go away then, damn you, go on and do as you please,
You ain’t gonna see me getting down on my knees.
I’m undecided, and your heart’s been divided, you’ve been turning my world upside down.

Do me wrong, do me right, right now, baby. Go on and tell me lies but hold me tight.
Save your good-byes for the morning light, morning light,
but don’t let me be lonely tonight.
I don’t want to be lonely tonight, no, no, I don’t want to be lonely tonight.

I don’t want to be lonely tonight.

James Taylor, 1972

Don’t let your loved one’s feel alone, sad or cold this New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year!

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela)

‘Education’ is the name of enlightenment of heart, mind, and soul. Preparing an individual for life, so he can face the world, the struggle for his survival and communicate with others, is the purpose of today’s education. It is undoubtedly true that the world today has become a global village. Apart from connectivity, this advancement in technology has led to such a competition among the human race that only the survival of fittest seems to be the rule of the day. And in these times, educating our children with the modern education is the only hope left for people like us, who are still in the developing phase, being faced with many challenges.

 A wise man once said that the mind once enlightened cannot again become dark and this is a fact that highly educated minds did such brilliant things which could not be imagined once. These personalities not only changed their own lives but also provided great services for the mankind. The person who dreamed of a separate country for Muslims of the subcontinent, Allama Iqbal, and the one who fought for this idea, our beloved Quaid, were highly educated people. The enlightened vision of Quaid-e-Azam compelled him to demand a separate country for the Muslims. Education rekindles one’s patriotism and reminds us of our responsibilities towards our nation and society. An uneducated person who is always worried about his own bread and butter would surely be unable to do any such thing for his fellows. Aitazaz Hassan, a 15-year-old student from Hangu, who sacrificed his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school and thus saving the lives of hundreds of fellow students, is a true example of bravery and patriotism, which was inculcated in his young mind by his parents and teachers. The brave teachers of Army public school, Peshawar, who sacrificed their lives while saving their students from terrorists, knew that the future of Pakistan lies in the hands of the young. And by this act of theirs, they indeed gave a message to the world that Pakistanis are not afraid of terrorism and will not stop sending their children to school and educating them.

Lately, there has been a lot of advancement in the fields of science and technology, Medicine, commerce, Information technology, Media sciences, Fashion designing, etc. Scores of young minds are graduating every year with an aim to play their role in the prosperity of their homeland. Our students are representing Pakistan in different competitions, sports, workshops, training being held in different countries of the world. Our students are now gaining recognition at big platforms. Indeed “ The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”

Although Pakistan is facing a lot of problems but educating our masses through print and electronic media about health practices, nutritional problems, the strategies to cope with natural disasters, social evils, etc, has proved to be immensely effective in changing the mindset of people. People are now accepting the new trends and rejecting the old shaggy beliefs and concepts which were nothing more than mere superstitions. People are now discouraging child labor, cousin marriages, restricting women to homes and depriving them of their share in the property, discrimination on the basis of cast and creed, etc. More and more criminals are being exposed through social media every day. People have started to think that every happening has a scientific basis. More and more people have started to consult psychiatrists for the treatments of such ailments which were once treated only by the so-called fake ‘peers and babas.’. This only proves that education has enlightened the minds of Pakistani youth and has proved to be the biggest tool for uprooting superstitions and social maladies.

Another blessing granted by educating our people, which will be more evident in upcoming years, is ‘self-sufficiency’. This upward swing in science and technology, which has led to high yields in field of agriculture, small industries providing livelihood to hundreds of people, newer inventions making the lives of people easier, better medicines, new cures and new hopes for the dreaded diseases, increased productivity from the industries due to innovative ideas, all are being accomplished by the educated people, who not only are helping their own people, but are also contributing in raising the economic status of hundreds of people and this has only led to the betterment of our quality of life.

If we keep on educating our youth like this and keep on proving those people wrong, who don’t want to see Pakistan as a successful nation, the future of Pakistan is surely very bright. But the only thing that we need to remember is that along with providing our children with modern education, we must not forget their moral education. We have to inculcate our values and religious teachings of kindness, brotherhood, sacrifice, respecting and helping others, and loving our own homeland. This is the duty of today’s parents not to forget these values and impart them to their children as well. Abdul Sattar Edhi, the greatest humanitarian, was not a graduate of some prestigious institution, but he was a man of morals and values, taught to him by his parents from the very beginning. So it has been very rightly said that “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

InshaAllah, the future of Pakistan will be bright and its flag will always rise higher. The message of our Quaid for students was;

“Without education, it is complete darkness and with education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation. The world is moving so fast that if you do not educate yourselves you will be not only completely left behind but will be finished up.”

So if we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to education, no power can undo Pakistan.


Final year MBBS student at Federal Medical & Dental College, Islamabad

Change can be for the better, or for the worse.

The topic in question does not highlight the kind of change which modern day education in Pakistan will bring about – it leaves it open to the writer’s imagination. Are we to analyze how the education of today will improve Pakistan’s tomorrow? For improvement does not appear to be the most probable outcome.

As far as education and improvement are concerned, there exists a wealth of substantial literature on the subject. Countless minds the likes of Russell, Bacon, Arnold and Kant etc. have composed volumes on how to go about using education as a tool for social betterment. However, in my essay, I aim to scrutinize how Pakistan’s present education system casts an inauspicious shadow over the country’s uncertain future.

First of all, allow me to state the universal truth that education is the key to social engineering. One need only glance at a state’s education policies and the product of its school systems in order to predict its future prospects. In light of this, let us turn to the state of Pakistan:

Education in Pakistan is among the lowest priorities of the government, the media, and the political elite. This is best evidenced by an insidious misallocation of resources wherein representatives of the federal center grab the bulk of available resources and dole out a pittance to the remaining provinces.

An army of educational advisors and policy makers enjoys liberal state funded excursions to international sessions on training and policy design in the field of education. Yet, this plethora of advisors cannot boast of a single, original article of policy worth the name. Our Ministry of Education believes in a “copy-paste” regimen of copying policies implemented by other countries and pasting them onto the national canvas regardless of compatibility. Piles of paper are then wasted in issuing meaningless reports on ineffective, useless policies in order to justify the corruption and malaise of the upper echelons of the system.

A key feature in the bleak landscape that is our education is the forlorn figure of the teacher. Private education systems have reduced the teacher to a mere employee lacking control in the classroom while being denied adequate compensation for his or her services. At the opposite extreme, lucrative pay packages in the public sector have disfigured the profession into one which does not require personal skills so much as powerful connections. Jobs are doled out by corrupt politicians to their nearest and dearest relatives/voting banks while corruption permeates the system from the clerical to the upper administrative levels.

Thus, caught between an exploitative private sector and its inaccessible public counterpart, talented teachers tend to flee the country in search of greener pastures – a fast-paced process of brain drain which is actively being catalyzed by the state itself.

Let us now turn to the curriculum. In the social sciences, Pakistan’s textbook boards have failed to produce a single book worth mentioning in the last three decades, if not more. As far as natural sciences are concerned, published volumes are solely aimed at producing a breed of students that excels at rote memorization.

In fact, memorization and retention of redundant facts seem to be the key object of assessment, indeed the very object of education itself, as far as the public sector is concerned.

This state of affairs becomes far more dismal once we glance at the country’s institutes of higher education. Our universities have thus far failed to generate a culture based on research and critical thinking – best evidenced by a lack of quality annual publications in international journals. Most of the HEC’s well-advertised “standards of excellence” have little bearing on reality. They have more to do with the standards of living of corrupt administrators reeling in funds by the millions. The HEC itself is an organization that has long outlived any utility it might have laid claim to in the past.

Courtesy of its ill-thought-out policies, costs in public sector education are steadily rising, with university aspirants expected to pay anything in-between PKR 60 to 80,000 for admission. This effectively slams the door of higher education in the face of about 80 to 85 percent of the Pakistani youth, if not more. Meanwhile, funds are denied to universities in lieu of scholarship programs for talented lower-middle class youth.

The denizens at the HEC, FDE and FBISE have yet to initiate collaborative efforts involving feedback from senior teachers in curriculum design or effective policies targeted at quality teacher training. Instead, parallel programs of BA/B.Sc. have been initiated in both degree colleges and universities, effectively forcing the latter to admit FA/F.Sc. students in a duplication of labor. Thus, Universities are no longer cells of research; they are degree colleges by another name.

A key result of the deterioration of the public sector has been the commercialization of education in Pakistan. Private and public sector students represent the deep fragmentation prevalent within the heterogeneous body that is the youth of Pakistan. Education is now a commodity. Yet talent, as one must admit, is not limited to a certain class, but is widely diffused throughout the social strata.

This rough overview casts a pallor over the nature of the change one might expect to see in Pakistan’s future. There is an immediate need for drastic reforms, ones not limited to an overhaul of infrastructure and discussions at conferences attended by party demagogues.

Change can only be made concrete and sustainable if it is brought about through legislation. Effective legislation is thus the hand-maiden of education.

Unless we cry halt to the current deterioration, our future is a Pakistan where the progeny of corrupt elite is granted access to any and all opportunities on account of their access to a high-quality education. A Pakistan stripped of the talent of its sons and daughters as they are forced to flee their motherland in search of hope. A Pakistan known to the world as a marginalized nation of 300 million people traded as cheap labor by their corrupt leaders in exchange for dollars and pound.

A formidable future indeed.

Faruzan A. Butt
Islamabad, Pakistan


We live in the present, where at the very moment the future does not exist, but its formation is continuously waved on by everyone. An individual weaves his own future by the choices he makes and the action he takes, whereas the future of the nation is made by all the individuals’ efforts combined together.As the famous proverb goes “what you sow, shall you reap.”
Looking at the present, we can catch the glimpse of what the future will look like. As we keep looking at the vision in our head, we continue to see more of what we’re already perceiving, up to the point that the vision becomes so clear that we can be almost sure that this is how the future will actually turn out, one way or another.
Now, let’s look at Pakistan and try to determine what the future will look like and let’s perceive what the role of education in that future will be.
Education is a very simple thing, you learn, you take tests, you pass and yet, the outcome is so very diverse. As you graduate, the degree you hold in your hand and the effort that went into it gives you the power to affect everything around you on a very big a level. You can be a lawyer and protect people’s rights, you can be a doctor and save their lives, be a soldier and protect the state and everyone in it, you can be the voice of reason, the epitome of freedom and creativity. You can be anything you want to be and that’s exactly what education teaches and enables you to do. No matter what you choose to become, in a way, you would be deciding not only your future but also the future of the entire state.
This is how education plays a part in the future of a state. It is quite simply a system in which efforts are made to make individuals realize the importance of morality, justice, freedom of choice and freedom of expression, of humanity and of all the things that truly and immensely matter and the outcome is the same. Individuals now return the favor of what has been sowed in them. They make use of everything they are taught and stand up for what they are made to believe in. They have the power and choice to work for the betterment of the country and humanity.
Now, let’s look at the current educational status of Pakistan, the current adult literacy rate in Pakistan is around 58℅. In some areas like Islamabad, the rate goes much higher while some areas might not even have heard that a thing called education even exists in this world. At least to them, it doesn’t. The male literacy rate is higher than the female one because of the ignorant behavior of the individuals and authorities combined. There are people who have no desire of getting women educated while a lot of institutions only run for men and continue to disregard women as an equal part of society. So, from where we stand today, the future of Pakistan does not look very bright and this is all because of the very obvious lack of education. With none to teach the people the importance of their own being and of the resources around them, they fail to grasp the power that God has put into their hands the moment they were born. With no degree in their hands, they work continuously and under all circumstances but without actually getting anywhere. The tradition of illiteracy continues on, a ‘chai wall’s’  son becomes the next chai walla. While the ‘tandoor’ owner at the corner proudly presents his son as the new owner. A laborer’s family continues to be a laborer’s family generations after generations. Things continue the way they are.Among the illiterate,  people are killed upon petty matters. Human lives matter as little as grains of sand in a desert. Women oppression is the norm, child abuse becomes a right you’re born with. The poverty, starvation, and ignorance are passed on like genetic traits.  The present becomes the future and the resemblance is so uncanny that one thinks that entire thing had been videotaped and put endlessly on rewind, with no stop button at all. The only change that might occur is that film gets hazier and hence the conditions become worsened by time. I wonder, what the stop button to these conditions could be? Yes, exactly, it’s education. That’s the button. Press it and change the destiny of all the chai wallas and tandoor was, of all those who are killed in the name of honor, of all the areas that are under the control of someone wiping out everyone and everything that offends their ego and their rigid opinions. Today’s education is the only thing that can bring the necessary change. It is the only thing that can take it out if the storm it’s in and shower it with rays of sunshine.
All lives are both innocent, they act what they learn. Education is a continuous process that shapes the mind of people as they grow up and face life. Everyone has a brain, yes, but without the right education, it can go to waste. Consider a plant, if u give it water but keep it in the dark, it cannot photosynthesise. It needs light to complete the crucial process. Likewise, keep a child in the dark and he will fail to perceive what’s right. And what one cannot perceive, one cannot act upon.
Education is the only thing that can break all borders and bring the revolution we’re in dire need of. Today’s education can bring peace and enlightenment in the future of Pakistan. As a Latin, proverb goes,

‘Nonscholae, sed vitae discimus’
(Translation: We do not learn for school, but for life)

 By Rohma Sohaib

A Phenomenon which is entitled to human beings by Almighty ALLAH to know and to learn is termed as Education. It is a basic right of every individual to transform his life by getting a quality education and then adopt his way of living according to his sense of understanding and awareness that education has brought in him. In today’s globalized world, Education is most often associated with degrees and certificates yet its real meaning lies in getting to know things and realizing how to distinguish between good & bad and how to mold yourself in accordance with the situation. Future of any country depends upon the quality of education and its literacy rate. Education is the key to establishment, prosperity & betterment.

Before throwing light on the future we should take a glance at the history that how crippled nations became powerful after they realized the importance of education. Netherland, a developed country in today’s world was once a devastated nation with very low morality and social backgrounds, but once they realized the worth of education, they raised themselves as an example for the rest of the world. Similarly, Japan, an Asian country was also a drown nation after Second World War, yet they pulled themselves up and focused on education. Resultantly today they are one of the developed states of the world with the highest number of exports across the world. Better education gave them the vision of how they could become the number one nation in the world.

 Pakistan is a developing country of South Asia with extremely unstable political and economic system. If we take a glance at our education system, it can be well analyzed that education system of Pakistan has very low standards. There is a huge gap in our education system which has not only created the class system in the society but has also been a cause of the wide gap between different classes of the society.

 A strong nation can be built if we have a strong education system.  If the education system of the country is weak, a country cannot be expected to progress. It is a dilemma as well that Education lies very low in the priorities of the State. In Pakistan, the education system has been hi-jacked with 3 different class systems running parallel at the same time in every city. These are,

  • Government Schools
  • Private Schools.
  • Religious Schools (Madaris).

Firstly we put a spotlight on the Government schools, which are under the supervision of government authorities.  The system applied in the government schools of the country is not up to the mark which is the very reason that results are not delivered. Teachers do not have any concern and lack a sense of responsibility. There are many schools in Pakistan which are deprived of furniture and building. Kids don’t have proper classrooms. Moreover, Teachers are not regular to classes. There should be check and balance over schools, Principal, and teachers. There should be a separate government department for the betterment of government schools. Strictness is quite necessary to bring change in the education system, Else the system can cripple into a lot worst.

On the other side, there are plenty of Private schools. Generally, if we hear about private schools one thing that clicks our mind is heavy fees, which should lead to a quality education. It also gives birth to a thought of the difference between government schools and private schools. Underprivileged children are sent to government schools by their parents whereas Elite class of the society send their children to Private schools.

There should be one system and standard of education for schools. All the schools should follow same syllabus and fee structure. Another bad thing which is also a cause of chaos in our country’s education system is different syllabus taught in schools. There are a number of schools in one area and all of them have a different syllabus. Some of them prefer British education system while others prefer American. It is the responsibility of the Education departments that they should plan a similar syllabus for all the schools in Pakistan. There should be no other syllabus except the one government, has planned. Such kind of efforts will be fruitful for Pakistan and our future could be safe and sound.

Apart from Government & Private schools, Religious schools or Madaris are totally exempted from the needs of today’s education. They are hundred years away from today’s world. Madaris teachers consider that Science does not have a concern with religion because it comes under the category of disobedience of Islamic injunctions. But this concept is totally wrong because our religion teaches us to explore. Our Holy book (Quran) is itself a treasure which throws light on each and every aspect of Life.  Religious study is also very necessary because we are Muslims and should follow the rules and regulations and fall under the jurisdiction of Islam, we should know about the world and its necessities. Our future can be secured if we can be sincere with our duties.

 Education is to recognize what we are and what we should be. Education shows us the right way or wrong way. But children have been forced to become bookworms. Education should not be limited to books only. It should also be related to ethics. SO only perfect education plan can give the sense that how we should live and how we can give space to other to live.

Our youth could be a revolutionary face. Consequently, there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of youth towards the building of Nation. Youth has to bring back state on its lost track. We should keep in mind the teaching of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it is compulsory for every man and woman to get an education. Through proper planning and strict administration of education system, we can change future of Pakistan. This dream can be fulfilled only through Education.

By M. Salman Rauf

“Education is not the filling of pail, but the lighting of fire”

                                        -William Butler

There is a conflict between literacy and education. Every educated person is a literate but every literate is not an educated person. Literacy merely means; capable of reading and writing. On other hand Education gives a vision, it plays a vital role in the development of human personality and serves as a substructure for critical thinking. Unfortunately, Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates according to United Nations. Despite being densely populated state Pakistan is bereft of Education. To vanquish this problem Education Itself is the solution. The biggest obstacles to education in Pakistan are cultural constraints, conservative beliefs, classism and illiteracy of parents.

A nation without education is merely a herd of cattle which is unaware of its directions and destinations. Particularly for the developing countries like Pakistan education is the most powerful tool, it’s an instrument for the transformation of society. It develops directed behavior among individuals. The population of Pakistan is largely composed of youngsters, by refining young minds into productivity Pakistan can become a superpower like the USA whose population is considered as man power, unlike Pakistan in which the growing population is a burden on the state.

Social Development is the product of deeply rooted moral values. Japan was once an abandoned state is now considered as one of the most economically and socially developed countries. Teaching moral values and etiquettes are part of their curriculum. They bring productivity and positivity in their students by shaping their mind to do something substantial for their country. Pakistan should also follow the footsteps of Japan in order to bring change.

For the better future of Pakistan, we should never ignore the importance of women education. Despite it being the right of every human to gain an education. Women in Pakistan are still facing hurdles in getting an education, especially the women of rural areas. Noble peace prize holder Malala Yousafzai depicts this reality by saying

“ We cannot succeed when half of us are held back”. More than 60% of the population of Pakistan is comprised of females. Only if we educate our females we would educate the whole nation.

“ One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world “

Some Institutes of higher education like NUST, LUMS, QUI… etc are already on their way in building an educated Pakistan. Doctors, Engineers, and teachers of today will change the outcome of tomorrow’s Pakistan. People will be able to choose between right and wrong, they would be independent and the society would be free of ills like inflation and terrorism. Currently, Pakistan is facing many challenges as a nations-state like honor killing, gender discrimination, the war on terror and political instability. By digging a seed of education Pakistan can overcome all the challenges. Only and Educated individual would know which leader is right for his/her country, which policies are right for his state and what projects will bring prosperity to its nation. Long live Pakistan!

Arshia Nazakat

Bs Psychology, IIUI


Education determines the future of a nation. It is one of the basic factors which plays a great role in the development of a child’s progress, family, and nation. Our great leader Quaid-e-Azam also put emphasis on the education. He said,” education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan” and he was right. In 1947, we got freedom from British raj and got a separate land where we had nothing for us it was only education which helped us leading upward. Now, more than 60 years have been passed and we still are moving upward keeping our country proud at national and international level. Education plays a great role in technology and progress. Today, Pakistan is facing many problems in the education sector. Some of them are medium of education , disparity of system at provincial level, gender discrimination, lack of technical education, low allocation of funds, inefficient teachers, poverty, corruption, social imbalance , mismanagement of system, infrastructure problems, private school system, lack of educational policies, increase in population, delay in renewal of policies and syllabus/ political interference and many more. In human development report, Pakistan is placed at the 136th position because 49.9% population comes under the definition of education. This percentage of illiteracy rate is alarming not for the government but also for the country. By this rate. We cannot think of surviving and get ahead with other developed countries. But still, with unity and by working together and tirelessly we can help in decreasing this illiteracy rate down. Some of the solutions for the problems of the educational system can be English should be medium of instruction, hiring of a talented and qualified staff, fulfilling the lack of teachers, primary education should be made compulsory, increasing in teachers incentives, translation of foreign research into local language checking on distinctive education, scholarships and financial support to students, giving financial packages, betterment of education policies and teacher workshop, infusing technical education and promoting of primary education. It is time to stand up and work desperately and deliberately in the education sector in order to turn the burden of the population into a productive human resource. Our country needs us and we can only help our country by spreading free education in our nation’s street.
” the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education “.
                Martin Luther king Jr.

By Rimshah Tehreem Ali

Education – an asset of a nation which can bring it out from the barren past of history to the prospering present and empyreal future. Education neither needs the massive quantity of people to learn nor the best minds, all it required is the spirit. It turned the whole nation into a cycle of a national prosperity whose only destination is the bright future filled with the glorious rays of progress.

Pakistan- a country with endless boundaries of courageous spirits and talents has been carving its ways in becoming the Asian Tiger from many decades. Back in the 90s, Pakistan had faced the restless problem of peace, poverty, terrorism, martial laws and war. But Pakistan has eliminated all these menaces with powerful and intellectual understanding. Though, one problem which has always been avoided is Illiteracy.

The role of education has always been an important parameter in judging the future of one’s country. We all must understand that education is the only element that has changed the bloody pages of history with the ink of a pen. It’s the education that has changed the destiny of Japan and made it the world most developed country that was once ruined in the ashes. Simply, one cannot say NO to education in any ages.

The role of today’s education is just like a seed which first rooted its ways into the ground, taking every nutrient, and then by growing into the plant with flowers benefits its surroundings with its every single past. Education is just like that seed. Today you have to provide it every single nutrient in the form of young minds, finances, and consideration; so in future, it will give you everything you need.

The future Pakistan will be entirely different if the standard, quality, and equality of education are properly checked. Today, the spread of education in the rural and especially in slum areas of Pakistan requires a lot of improvement. Education in the slum areas is totally like producing the golden products out of the garbage.

Education today must play its role in somewhat productive manner. In order to change the future Pakistan, education must deliver its message of breaking the stereotypic professions- only becoming doctor and engineers. We must want our future Pakistan to have a multiplicity of all professions because without this the picture of future Pakistan will be same as the present one.

Present days, the word Unpredictability defines the future of Pakistan. We all can do this by the magic spell of Education wand. We can do this by giving the wand of education to every single child and let the education play its role effectively only then we can assure the better future of Pakistan.

Today’s education is a Do or Die situation for Pakistan as years back, the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah said,

“Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world is advancing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we be left behind others but may be wiped out altogether.”

(September 26, 1947, Karachi)

The present Pakistan is displaying the paralyzed picture of future, the future with an average rate of literacy and unproductive profession gambling effortlessly towards the assumed erroneous progress. The education is the essential ingredient for the advancement and progress of the education can change the ashes and ruins into the asset of a nation. It can make imperfect the perfect one, paralyzed into the independent and a failure into the successful one.

Malaysia is the proof of the fact that education can change the destiny. Malaysia altered its fate by just handling itself in the hands of education. China, Japan, and Singapore are the examples of a country with massive industrial revolutions which were only the outcome of education. So, it is obvious that today’s education is just like growing a crop whose fruit and yield can be obtained in the future.

We all want our future Pakistan to be developed, industrialized, and advanced but we must have to take some measurements for it. Education must be delivered to every single smiling face on the streets, every aimless burning candle and to every sweating body that is striving for its better futurity.

The education must define its role over the entire nation regardless of their shortcomings and its abilities. With the education, the illiterate cobbler can become the shoe designer, an ordinary house builder with its assumptions can become the architect, and the local factory man can form its own factory and will play their role in changing the future of Pakistan. This is only possible when we shake our hands firmly with the education.

To conclude, if we want to win the race of successful Pakistan with rooted advancements and unmatchable achievement, we must place the education above all things. The role of today’s education is as important for changing the future as one need food to live. The future of Pakistan can be changed if and only the effective role of today’s education is widened properly towards the right direction.

By Iqra Illyas

Looking back at the history of Pakistan, the nation is well aware of the sacrifices made in order to achieve freedom from the cruelties of British Government. All these generations since 1947 have had people trying to reawaken the people to work towards prosperity and success. The only tunnel to a better future for Pakistan is education.

Education will not only provide the generation with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities,  it will provide them with ways to free the country from corruption, extremism, terrorism, partiality and unjustified social norms. The so-called democratic system of Pakistan will be altered to avoid vote rigging during elections.  Educated candidates would stand for the country and would be able to tackle political issues better than the government prevailing in the country. Pakistan has been set back mainly due to the stereotypes in the society. Education has and will make our youth confident enough to fight for their rights, it will demolish the concept of early marriages and quite a number of children from our society. It is said that when the youth of a generation starts the action,  none can stop it. Education will free the society from the concept of women staying at home and will help them to work side by side with men towards the betterment of Pakistan. The rights and wrongs will be justified and the judicial system will be cleared of all sorts of bribery as highly educated judges who understand the laws take control. Education is not required for degrees and respectable jobs, it is needed to change the mindset of our people,  to make them understand the importance of being able to write and to make them realize how important is the country that has raised them. Pakistan has been formed on the Islam; the differentiation between Islam laws and social misconceptions will be created through education. People will soon be aware that it is not a sin for a woman to work and earn or pursue a career she wishes to.

Pakistan needs to be made independent of all foreign aid that it is currently dependent on. In order to achieve this goal, our country needs a stable education system that will raise entrepreneurs and traders who could bring money to the country. The main reason for backwardness in trade is the lack of security in our country. It will be overcome once loyal and brave military officers are raised in a literate environment and are trained accordingly. It is not the lack of talent that has deprived our country of a better standing but the unavailability of resources to train and Polish the skills of our youth which would turn them into gems that are highly needed by our country. We have all dreamt about a peaceful and successful Pakistan but only a few work towards it, its high time that we raise our pens for the honor of our country, we shall read and write and make sure we do it with patriotism in our veins and sacrifice in our blood. Let’s take an oath today that in a few years , we will leave not a single child that is unable to write his name properly. We will stand for education and literacy to become our swords in the war of freedom against crime, ferocity, cruelty, backwardness and illiteracy.

 By Maham Javaid

Of course, the future of our nation is directly associated with our education system.
This will be the only production which can hold the hand of our drowning ship. Our education system could be only responsible for all this mess and abhorrence. Once a poet said,
Tingle mingle piece of brick
Nation’s certain Thin and thick
Nations built by systems’ bar
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Kids are nation’s future’s bond
Single droplets building pond
Today I am going to illustrate and highlight the main and only bone of contention for our future’s structure and it’s the education system of our dearest homeland.
 We have 3 different education systems running parallel at the same time in our country.
* Number one, Government Schools’ System of Education
* Number two, Private System of Education
* Number three, Religious System of Education
And all of them are badly damaging the construction blocks of our nation and atonality. First of all the governmental administration is just a bunch of idle crooks that simply don’t do their job at all. It’s been a long time when we heard around the anthem of Pakistan.
“Pak sar zameen shaad baad.”
The other one, the private school system is merely no system indeed and at all. You have 11 schools in one street running different syllabuses. What they will make of? What we can expect from them? If one is teaching Australian schooling and the other is impressed by the British Council? What if one is showing its affiliation with Oxford and the other with American Education System? How can we justify our position? How our children will know who they really are? How can we stand as a nation? If we are doing so? Han!!!
The only religious system of education is still firmly established but with sorrow and a lot of sorrow, I would like to affirm that they still don’t believe in the evolution of life, in the reach to the moon, in the advancement of science and even in the round shape of planet earth. They don’t have fresh knowledge with them and thus we can’t equip our kids with latest science and technology and progress in knowledge.
I am sure all of us know what I am saying. I am saying that in past 40 years we produced the generation that never had a direction as a whole nation. They never brought up as a family rather they’ve been jumping like toads from one fatherly entity to the other. And now where we are? We can see!! Han!!
Where we are? We are a mock mob of people and bushes of Iron-grass. Our past was once our present in past. Yess!! If we did realize our faults and errors that time, we were as honorable as modern nations are. We didn’t really realize the situation 40 years before. And we are not trying to realize it till now. We aren’t ready for. Still, our education systems are the same. Still, we don’t have any change in our minds. No prescription. No planning, no way, no path, no direction. Oh God!!! What are we doing here?
Once a poet said,
If you want to breathe like a freeman on the earth
Live like a point on the line of the birth
Think like a brain full of wisdom of the time
Bread like a bird, make broods like a rhythm
Our generations are poor in their recognition. They can’t yet identify them at all. Our future is in the hands of our children. If our children are losers or sort of strangers to their home, how will they survive in future? There is no future without a perfect education which meets our present day needs. We ethics to be taught, the ethics of the modern age, it’s very simple, “live and let’s live”.
History is the witness of the dark ages of European countries. Today’s Netherland is an example and ideal state for the rest of the world. Not only European Countries but our own Asia, the far eastern countries especially Japan was the worst on the earth, but today… Japan is number one in the world for its ethics and moral values. How? The question is …..How?
And the answer is very simple. They gave a perfect education system to a few of their past generations and now their present is established very well with good peace and calmness. The average age of Japanese is above than 70 years, yes above than 70 years in this modern world of today. It’s strange and unbelievable. And we Pakistanis have only 45 years the average age of a citizen. Can anyone justify this difference with only religious tools? Never! The acceptance of modern changes in human thoughts has to be adopted. Sunlight is inevitable at all.
The time of dark ages on planet earth has gone forever. We, humans, are surviving even in the 21st century and we are more equipped and more developed than ever before.
At the end, I would like to add that it’s only education system that can make us a nation, otherwise we’ll be just a mess of masses, a mere crowd like sheep in a herd.
Bilal Yasin on The Educational System of Pakistan

There’s a tale, a tale buried under the constellation of maps draping on my flesh, it’s hidden in my pale ( fractured ) bones about a boy who fell in love with the sun. It’s a tale ( a myth to be precise ) about a boy with eyes so dark they could consume your heart and spit it on heated pavements, it’s about a boy with wild curls that he wears flowers in.
The boy was twelve when his mother used to braid (or weave I don’t remember) stories of the immortal bleeding sun and weeping stories of burning gods and goddesses and how their hearts had been punched so many times they couldn’t be counted on fingers, why burning the boy had asked pieces of puzzles peeking into his dark eyes, the mother never answered ( perhaps the gods had devoured her once apricot heart with rushing flames ).
The boy was thirteen he created castles made of dollar bills and crowns made of stolen jewels why do you steal my boy his mother asked him on a dreary evening father has carved it into my flesh oh dear mother. The boy was thirteen and instead of kicking balls under the sun kissed sky he was  skipping in people’s backyards under the teary moon. The boy was thirteen when he wished his fate wasn’t carved into his flesh.
The boy was fourteen when his sister had thorns in her hair, she’d tell him about the immortal ambrosia coated lips ( they tasted like the sugar melted on yellow fire ) and rich ( golden bright golden ) ichor dripping from the skin of their tongues, how did you know their lips tasted sweet the boy had asked ( curiosity always sat on the tips of his eyelashes and the creases of his lips ) no they had always tasted like honeyed sorrow and sugar-coated kisses.
The boy was fifteen and his wild curls started to go limp and press against his cheeks, the boy was fifteen when his mother used to choke up dust and blood into thin tissues and his cheeks would stay damp throughout the night, he’d stay beside his mother’s bed and read stories about never ending lives of empty-chested immortals, I wish you were immortal mother his voice lacked rest and his eyes drooped with sleep, oh no my dear I would tear apart the skin from my flesh and the flesh from my  bones before I empty my soul of humanity and memories.
The boy was seventeen and there was a six feet deep hole in the damp brown earth, a crater in which his mother rested eyes closed ( there was blood and grime under her eyelids, his heart had buzzed with a hope of his mother’s eyelids being coated with sunshine tears and tingling water droplets ). The boy was seventeen when he wished he could drag out his mother from under her coffin and have her hands run through his dark curls. The boy was seventeen when his tears flooded the soil
The boy was eighteen when he fell in love with the immortal sun with the amber eyes that ignited with fire and crackled with rising embers, with flushed cheeks and hair spun with gold, the boy was eighteen when he dreamt  of kissing those bronze cheeks and rose lips, the boy was eighteen when he dreamt of swallowing the sun and feeling it burn and chew his stomach into ashes.
The boy was nineteen when he collected broken and forgotten feathers from dirty floor, he was eighteen when he cleansed the feathers with honey and water dripping from his fingers onto his brown palms, the boy was nineteen when he melted was from candles onto his calloused palms and he would paste the feathers with was together until his hands would ache and fingers would bleed. ( He wants to escape the mortal world ). The boy was nineteen when his soften into the soil he walks on. It’s filthy his father mocks.
Icarus ( the wild-haired boy ) is twenty one and he’s flying near to the sun. Icarus’s twenty-one and he’s kissing the sun ( the sun is repeating his name like it’s a holy prayer on the sun’s lips and Icarus is a God ) and, oh, the sun’s lips are ripe flesh and they taste like poetry. Icarus’s lips are red and raw and they are cracking open with ichor, is he a god the sun thinks.
Their names are repeating prayers on each other’s lips.

Hamnah Manfood for Beyond Sanity Publishing


Here is what they said on their official Facebook Event Page.:

“It’s the year 2030, and the country is under a full martial law. Things are at peace and prosperous, political players are all in different professions, and the media is on complete lock-down and only theater is allowed now as a means of entertainment. When a production loses its entire cast in a tragic accident ten days before opening night, they have to take drastic measures to recast the show. Watch the mayhem unfold as the worlds of theater and politics collide in this new comedy, as everyone scrambles to make the show a success – a relative term for those involved. After all, what impact can a play actually have?”

So what happens in Bananistan?

Tell you what, I was expecting a play that has lame punch lines over politics jokes that we’ve been hearing for years with actors we repeatedly see on TV. But No.

I was surprised by the  uncanny resembling costumes and makeup and hilarious impressions. This play made me think why our politics is on a repeat mode. Everyone gets a share, everyone gets their part in making or breaking the country. They retire and then they come back to ruin us some more. 

Bananistan shows exactly what happens to us every day in the politics of our country and brings out the tidbits of fun and humor all mixed in one. Mustapha Chaudhry was outstanding. I couldn’t keep my face straight!


In the press conference, Saqib Sumeer said that it was difficult for them to write down Bananistan as they had to make it resemble people we know while making them entirely new. It took them 3-4 months to perfect the script.

Another exciting fact about this play is the way it has included Ahsan Bari’s genius music mind in the presentation. And that’s not it, this play will be the longest running play in Pakistan as this year, Kopykats has aimed to grace Faisalabad, Multan and Sialkot as well as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi with their performance.

“Our sole purpose is Entertainment”, said Dawar, the creative genius and the person behind Bananistan. He also stated that in the next 2 years, they launch 5 plays in collaboration with Telenor.


The element of grace came when Iman Shahid hit a note so beautiful, that everyone in the audience paused for good 15 Seconds and then burst into an applause. Dawar has indeed picked the best for the play. 

Every actor in the theater play represented the best of their expertise and It was enlightening to see the revival of Theater and art. Tickets are going all out as everyone wants to see the marvel of comedy presented at National Library of Pakistan. The show will continue till 4th December 2016.

I’m proud to tell you that Beyond Sanity Publishing is one of the media partners and will be publishing interviews with the cast soon!

To know the details, call or text 0321-2049423 or visit Facebook.

Peace is proving to be one of the most endangered elements on our dear planet these days.
Why? Because instead of tolerance and patience, we are choosing to fight, ignore and blame each other.
Every day more of us become victims of extremism and violence. 

Peace, something the whole word is craving for at the moment. In a world like this, where seasons go by, loved one’s bid farewell and the innocent blood goes worthless- we need a break. To be more precise, we owe a lot to this world. Yet, we sit back and let it deteriorate gradually. Why?

Indifference is productive as long as things are not under one’s control but, when they are, why don’t we contribute some part?

This world is heading towards an unfathomable end. The earth weeps each day when a drop of innocent blood hits the ground. The Mother Nature- the trees, herbs, and shrubs, the mountains and seas; complain mankind for each wound Humans inflict upon them.

Pakistan is a third world country. Incompetent in a lot of areas, but illiteracy itself is not the factor behind it. Terrorism is at its peak in Pakistan. People have even forgotten what peace is like? In fact, we hardly remember when was the last time we witnessed peace in our country.

The one thing every culture, every artist, every tradition, every musician, every nation promotes is Peace. This world needs to focus on the significance of tolerance and peace because that is what transforms our decisions in the real world. We step according to the political stability, economic stability, finances etc. but most of all, if we see ourselves surrounded by components that invoke extremism or terror rather than peace and harmony, we are reluctant to take any decision. 

Unfortunately, it is not just about Pakistan but all other countries around the globe where roots of barbarism are spreading deeper and deeper. In this situation, at least we, the youth of Pakistan, need to pull in the reins and start working towards eliminating violence as much as possible. Be it through writing, workshops, processions or social media promotion. In a nutshell, peace has to prevail and the opposite has to be annihilated.

We are not perfect, we rely on our perceptions and studies to determine how we ‘SHOULD’ act, or how we CAN bring peace when what we really should be doing is looking at ourselves and how we can change our surroundings by changing OURSELVES. 

‘Gnothi Seauton’

(Greek) ‘Know Thyself’

Article by Beyond Sanity Publishing for Peace Without Borders

Imagination jolts who want to measure the magnitude of intelligence this nation has, a nation that is already talented due to its forefather’s brilliant legacy. Aptitude this nation possesses can lead it to beyond the versatility.

It’s not a large shoe to fill to resurrect the felicity, because the wait for the knight in shining armor is over. Aspirants burns midnight oil to take this country to the next level of docility and demureness by getting rid of simulated fantasy and dead sleep.

The youth brighten up the way diligently by kick out the illiteracy and demonstrating its out of box potential globally. The generation now rushed to catch the level of versatility by introducing mind blowing efforts in the arena of science and technology. Innovation takes over the conventional learning system to build up a smart and sophisticated insight. Institution boost up the acumen and mentors are focused to deduce a creative mindset in order to live better tomorrow.

An unstoppable passion of being educated is prevailing under the roof of poverty, and destitution has been defeated by the assurgent intentions of generation. They step forwarded to setup new goals and destinations to blot out the night mares. The desire and dedication young one has inside, can be explicitly seen in his eyes. The young one has neglect the social hindrance and set off to embellish the destiny of this nation by saying good bye to despair. This is the era of generation fraught by the enthusiasm that is fully directed towards the accomplishment of what they dreamt.

Whenever and whatever obstacle will it be the quest of knowledge never dies.

People live pacific life under the shield of mighty custodians. No doubt, the armed forces of this country ruined the every evil eye intended to erode this land. Nasty conspiracies of foe inside and outside the country have always been futile.

The way our dauntless forces crippled the hostile, explicitly shows their valor and commitment to this nation.

 They are ready to shatter the every inch of malicious intentions of each and every extremist. The nation is contented to have a paragon force of the universe.

These invincible and immensely devoted forces of Pakistan took an oath to the loyalty and grace the dignity of this country by omitting their lives, personal priorities and families. The day is no longer when fiendish enemies will have no chance of redemption except extinction.

Today, every kid feels lively when he salutes to the sentinel of this nation and country as well.

With the passage of time, people have batter recognition about the leader who can sincerely interpret and preserve their rights in an optimum manner. Now the public don’t believe in traditional slogans and commitments and seeking for those who can take their voice and stance emphatically to the dukes of state.Public departed for the revival of the country, where the preaching and beliefs of Jinnah and Iqbal would bring in to enactment, where the priority is justice and serving the folks.

Nation knockout the system of capitalism and now every aristocrat must go through the phase of accountability. Leader who exploit the throne and botch the future of this country become a sign of admonition for the entire dynasty. Public needs a faithful and dynamic captain to raise the glory and demands nothing except service.

People of Pakistan are immensely blessed by the grace of Allah Almighty. They always eagerly ready to help the underprivileged people and leaves no stone unturned to impart good living standards and joys among down trodden class of society. Generous people of Pakistan feel spiritual satisfaction by having a smile on needy cheeks.

These affluent people devoted their lives to serve those who lives hand to mouth. Deserving and deprived people being cared in their lives and even after the death as well by these seraphic and big hearted humanitarian.

These caring and loving people never find any scarcity in their treasure. They have no motive behind this philanthropy, although it is a source of sheer bliss for them.

Each and every champ who came to adjure this nation was full of sincerity and determination. They could feel the agony the nation was going through. Their mission was not confined to the acquisition of land only, it was a strive for autonomy and empowerment as well to make the nation realize its actual worth and dexterity. These freedom fighters ignited the glim among the folks to live the life of fraternity and self-esteem. The role of each and every warrior who engaged in the battle of freedom and verity will always be indelible and exceptional in history.

This land keeps on producing the legendry icons who startled the world by their competency and majesty. This orientation by the pioneers of nation causes every today batter than the yesterday.

People are evoking the modules taught by the prestigious personalities to live a breezy and delightful life. They love to cheer and set to root out all the hostilities among themselves. In spite of many social glitches, the nation squeezing the dismay and welcome the optimistic attitude of society to greet the future full of golden celebrations. The perception of an individual is getting closer to rationality. Now people are eschewing from orthodox approaches and solutions to live a fruitful life and ready to stimulate innovative way of living.

This steady but immaculate transformation of this nation can be disparaging for the forlorn and downcast people but as a matter of fact nation has moved on, to reach the sky and no one will retreat now.

No doubt, the nation vowed to assuage the darkness and future is going to be Green. 

Article by Anas Alvi for Beyond Sanity Publishing

STOCKHOLM, Oct 13 (Reuters) – Bob Dylan, regarded as the voice of a generation for his influential songs from the 1960s onwards, has won the Nobel Prize for Literature in a surprise decision that made him the only singer-songwriter to win the award.

The 75-year-old Dylan – who won the prize for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition” – now finds himself in the company of Winston Churchill, Thomas Mann and Rudyard Kipling as Nobel laureates.

The announcement was met with gasps in Stockholm’s stately Royal Academy hall, followed – unusually – by some laughter.

Dylan’s songs, such as “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and “Like a Rolling Stone” captured a spirit of rebellion, dissent and independence.

More than 50 years on, Dylan is still writing songs and is often on tour, performing his dense poetic lyrics, sung in a sometimes rasping voice that has been ridiculed by detractors.

Some lyrics have resonated for decades.

“Blowin’ in the Wind,” written in 1962, was considered one of the most eloquent folk songs of all time. “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” in which Dylan told Americans “your sons and your daughters are beyond your command,” was an anthem of the civil rights movement and Vietnam War protests.

Awarding the 8 million Swedish crown ($930,000) prize, the Swedish Academy said: “Dylan has the status of an icon. His influence on contemporary music is profound.”

Swedish Academy member Per Wastberg said: “He is probably the greatest living poet.”

Asked if he thought Dylan’s Nobel lecture – traditionally given by the laureate in Stockholm later in the year – would be a concert, replied: “Let’s hope so.”

Over the years, not everyone has agreed that Dylan was a poet of the first order. Novelist Norman Mailer countered: “If Dylan’s a poet, I’m a basketball player.”

Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Nobel Academy, told a news conference there was “great unity” in the panel’s decision to give Dylan the prize.

Dylan has always been an enigmatic figure. He went into seclusion for months after a motorcycle crash in 1966, leading to stories that he had cracked under the pressure of his new celebrity.

He was born into a Jewish family but in the late 1970s converted to born-again Christianity and later said he followed no organized religion. At another point in his life, Dylan took up boxing.

Dylan’s spokesman, Elliott Mintz, declined immediate comment when reached by phone, citing the early hour in Los Angeles, where it was 3 a.m. at the time of the announcement. Dylan was due to give a concert in Las Vegas on Thursday evening.

Literature was the last of this year’s Nobel prizes to be awarded. The prize is named after dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel and has been awarded since 1901 for achievements in science, literature and peace in accordance with his will. 

Article by The Huffington Post. Read it Here

Spirited Away

Michiyo Yasuda, the artist who coloured some of Studio Ghibli’s greatest films, has died at the age of 77.

She worked with iconic animator Hayao Miyazaki on 13 animated productions including My Neighbour Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Her work helped Spirited Away win best animated feature at the 2003 Oscars.

She retired in 2008 but returned to work with Studio Ghibli on 2013’s historical drama, The Wind Rises.

Kiki's Delivery Service

Yasuda first worked with Hayao Miyazaki in 1968 on The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun, when the two were employed by Japanese animation studio Toei Doga.

Hayao Miyazaki founded Studio Ghibli in 1985 and Michiyo worked with the company from the start, leading the studio’s colour department.

Ghibli has been celebrated for using hand-drawn elements in their productions, long after digital animation became the norm in animation (although their movies have been coloured digitally).

Howl's Moving Castle

She spoke of her admiration for Hayao Miyazaki in 2009, shortly after the release of Ponyo, a Ghibli re-telling of The Little Mermaid.

“I have respected Mr Miyazaki since our days at Toei Doga, and I have always loved his way of thinking,” she told The LA Times.

“Colour has a meaning and it makes the film more easily understood. Colours and pictures can enhance what the situation is on screen.”

Laputa: Castle In The Sky

She was responsible for bringing characters such as Chihiro (the lost little girl in Spirited Away), Kiki (the optimistic young witch in Kiki’s Delivery Service) and the iconic Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) to life on screen.

Totoro became the logo for Studio Ghibli and even made a cameo appearance in Disney’s Toy Story 3.

Her work on Spirited Away was praised in 2002 by US film critic Roger Ebert, who said the film was “A pleasure to regard, with its subtle use of colours, clear lines, rich detail and its realistic depiction of fantastical elements.”

My Neighbour Totoro

She also worked on critically acclaimed 1988 war movie, Grave Of The Fireflies, widely considered one of the most emotional animated movies ever made.

In 2007, The Colour Artisan of Animation, a book about Michiyo’s work was published in Japan, celebrating her career.

Fans of Studio Ghibli movies have been paying tribute on Twitter.

Original Article by: By Michael Baggs for Newsbeat 

Read it Here

Hello there! Long time no book? We have got you covered!

Every story brings us something to learn, something to absorb and something to deliver to the world. I started a project which aimed to bring together hundreds of writers across the globe through literature. A paperback anthology where hundred writers will present their work to the world. I am proud to tell you all that I got over 1000 entries for the collection and we have chosen the final 100. Every writer will be getting an email from us shortly with the details.


We have planned series of Reading Sessions and Book launches across Pakistan. First in Islamabad then in Lahore and Karachi. You can suggest the venues and things you would want to see here: beyondsanitybooks@gmail.com

See details about our events here.

Beyond Sanity Publishing held a book launch of Eliminating Riba-A Way Forward by Summan Waseem. The event took place in July, 2016 at Islamabad Hotel.The book highlights the predetermined return on the use of money.This book is a great effort by the writer to eliminate the usury or interest from our banking system. 
book cover 4
We had honorable guests invited at the event and we are pleased to had them on the spot..They all made speeches on the topic under discussion *Elimination of Riba* and also appreciated the work Beyond Sanity Publishing is doing to promote literature in Pakistan. 
Pre-order your copy now to get a signed copy for just Rs. 1000 Pak Rupee. We are launching it in our office this FRIDAY! 
Find the event details Here.
Event will start at 4 p.m sharp and will have author reader talks, book signing and a giveaway from Beyond Sanity Publishing.
You can always order books by us through our email. Or drop a message Here.
Send us your poetry, artwork and articles too! We love reading.

Lets play fair
Love me, love me not
Take a blood red rose
So pretty soft and tenuous
With full of irritants
Do you feel anything different?
How every thorn cutting your fingers from within out 
Have you ever seen this?
When pretty things change into worse 
From fruits to flames 
Rewards to horrors
Angels to demons
Smiles to sadness
Have you ever experienced?
When everything gets rough like an addiction 
Or someone did black magic 
Now pluck every petal with brutality 
And read it loud with clarity 
One by one, together
Love me, love me not
And feel the aching of cruelty 
That’s how people get plucked from each other
Turned dark
Cold blooded person
While swallowing the reality.

Maham Fatima for Beyond Sanity Publishing



Oh Please, If you love Penny Dreadful and Dexter you know exactly how satisfying this gif is.

I tried to make sense of why I was so obsessed with Hannibal, But, I couldn’t. There was always fuss about the comparison. Is the movie better than the book? Or was the book better than the Television series?  Or movie being better than both the books and the Television series? So what did I do to see the difference? I watched the movie, and I read the book.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Silence of the Lambs, the movie, was unusually faithful to the book.  Dozens of lines of dialogue were right away lifted from the book; many of the best ones, in fact.  The screenplay was also skillfully modified, since almost every change in the movie was a development on what was in the book, and things that were polished over in the movie were things that the book defined in more detail than we really needed to know.

The film contains less description than the book, of course. But here is the main story-line; So Dr. Hannibal Lecter is approached by a young cadet with tortured past about an interview, which is later revealed to be part of an investigation regarding a serial killer that skins his victims. During their encounters, Hannibal gets fond of Clarice Starling, cadet and with a main saying, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ he offers Clarice a chance to capture the Buffalo Bill, the serial killer. Using the details provided by Lecter, Clarice guesses that Buffalo Bill considers himself a transgender (when he isn’t) and is creating a “woman suit” because he craves their skin. Clarice figures out that he knew his first target, Francesca Bimmel, and then travels to Ohio to search for more clues. Her search leads her to a local seamstress. The seamstress was no longer living there, but the new tenant turns out to be the murderer. A chase through the serial killer’s puzzle-like basement starts, resulting in Starling gunning down Jame Gumb and rescuing Catherine Martin.


So the long speeches Hannibal gives when talking to Clarice were often hard to grasp in the book but they are amply clear in the film, with Anthony Hopkin’s phenomenal performance.  Since almost all of the dialogue in the book is imitated exactly in the film, I find myself hearing Anthony Hopkins say each word which I could listen every time I watched the film, and I would just hear the story as it was in film, instead of thinking, hey this is a book. There was a song I really felt intrigued from; it was called ‘Goodbye Horses’ which refers to an eastern philosophy to represent the five senses. It narrates that the flying part means that a person would escape the shell of this body to become something else. The words were, “Goodbye Horses, I’m flying over you, Goodbye horses, I’m flying, flying, flying over you”

According to IMDB this film won Oscars in all five categories: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. Fun fact is that Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor for acting for almost 16 minutes in the film. And he did a great job doing them. Here is what I learned in the film:

Everyone goes through the phase of change or metamorphosis, the storyline explains how people transform under certain conditions and every character in the film wants to bring a change.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the movie 9 being the best adaptation I have seen, along with Lord of the rings or the Hobbit. The book 10 because it is one of the most intriguing, most beautifully written books I have ever read.



“Who will keep us safe?”

Marking the 71st anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thousands of Global Zero activists will participate in a global day of action calling for an end to the nuclear threat. Activists will tour/ride/hike in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad, tracing the blast of a “small” nuclear weapon and highlighting the zone of devastation in which most injuries would be fatal, overwhelming any possible humanitarian relief efforts.



“We live in a world still recovering from cold war politics, and nuclear weapons are horrific relics of that time. We cannot afford to continue on this trajectory of clinging to outdated weapons that jeopardize our security every day. Whether by accident or design, entire cities could be erased in a matter of minutes, ending human civilization as we know it.” 

Said Haneen Khalid, South Asia Field Organizer at Global Zero.

“A world in which our safety hangs in the balance is not a world we want to leave behind for future generations. The time to take action to protect our safety is now.”

In 25 cities around the world, including 4 in Pakistan, 3 in India, and 17 in the US, grassroots activists will demand action to eliminate all nuclear weapons everywhere as they “Ride Around the Bomb.” The demonstrations also come at a time when President Barack Obama, facing public pressure to live up to the nuclear commitments he outlined in Prague in 2009, is reportedly considering a series of executive actions to reduce the global nuclear threat, including a bold reform that would end U.S. policy permitting first use of nuclear weapons.


You have movie plans with your siblings and what is the first thing you do?

You buy munching Items!

I’m not sure about you but I buy three things.

Lays-Candies-Soft drinks

I went to the groceries store and while I was scanning the place for edibles I saw a funny looking addition to the chips stands outside. This:


How Creative!

In this epoch of life where everyone walks with the tension lines on their heads and think they never smile again for them people Lay’s Pakistan recently unveiled their new campaign, which gives out a very light yet positive message to the people with the aim to “Pass A Smile” to each other and celebrate as “one smiling nation”. Their pack has a smile on it and the only you have to do is hold the pack of Lays up to your face and what you have seen is you were already smiling. You don’t have to pretend or make fake smiles as your face automatically smiles! So you have a delicious taste with a smile as well.

The lays smile challenge is all about passing smiles and Lays! not only for you but for all of your friends, so this summer not only can you take fun selfies with the new lays #PassAsmile pack but you can also share lays on every fun trip you take with your friends or maybe just enjoy a movie night with a bunch of buddies and the new #PassASmile Lays pack! It is for the first time in Pakistan that this type of a fun packaging has been introduced in the snack industry. Just think about it just by buying a pack of lays you get a selfie prop for yourself and all of your friends just pass the new Lays #PassASmile pack and pass on smiles and lays. This Pass A smile packaging is available for all the delicious flavors of Lays. So what are you waiting for? Grab a PassASmile Lays pack and add fun to your daily snack time! But, Lays Pass a smile campaign has something else for you too,  Lays Pakistan is giving you happiness of winning Rs. 100,000 DAILY for 50 days and a MEGA PRIZE of an Audi A3 sedan!

It looks like this btw. DIE WITH EXCITEMENT OMG.image.jpg

Can you believe it? OH MY GOD who can think like this? And the amazing thing is you don’t have to break rocks for entering in this lucky draw you only have to scratch the code behind the pack and send it via SMS to 9005. I am trying it very now and *fingers crossed* for it but the most important part is that you have to keep the pack safe with you for the lucky draw!

Haven’t tried yet? Why not? Don’t miss out a chance to smile.

Beyond Sanity Publishing for Lays Pakistan

It is exciting to see people with talent and the will to write joining hands to create beautiful art and literature.

That being said, I announced last year that Beyond Sanity Publishing is accepting submissions for a paperback anthology of the best work submitted. Last date to submit was May 31st. So right now I am going through hundreds of different poems and stories to see what comes where. I will announce the final list on In July!

So that leaves us with little over a week. way too much to do, so little time. Beyond Sanity Publishing is currently working on the following projects:

  • The Youth Of Pakistan by Hafiza Noor.ul.Ain
  • Psychaotic by Irum Zahra (2nd Edition)
  • The Tales of Crucified Blunt by Areesh Fatmee
  • Five Wishes and the prophecy of the prince by Faran Kiani
  • Out of the labyrinth by Zoha Hidayat and Saja Ali
  • Reneging Quiescence by Dr. Samiha Zubair
  • Eliminating Riba- A Way Forward by Summan Waseem

Many other projects are in pipeline as well, including my personal favorite, Humans of ICG. I studied in Islamabad College for girls for 12 years and it was a long long time. I learnt so much and I went through so many emotional changes during that time. ICG was and is a place where we made friends, had endless gossip sessions, motivational pep talks sessions, Oh and the students week was the best of all. Funfairs, concerts, book fairs. What was not there?

Sadly, not me anymore. Everyone graduated and then their sisters are there and their cousins and the cycle goes on. The story goes on. So I decided to make a Facebook platform where everyone who has attended ICG can submit a story of their time in ICG and other students can read and share and relate to the same things. This project is lead by Maham Fatima, an excellent student of ICG and a very important member of Team Beyond Sanity.

We have also started a giveawayEnter Here! winner will get a free BOOK from us and an Eid gift! How cool is that. 

Then, we are currently taking submissions for book reviews ans marketing. If you’re already a published writer, let us help you in promoting your work to our audience.

Highlight of this week is Noor.ul.ain’s National Television Interview, that you can watch Here.  We are so proud of her. To order her book, please drop an email at beyondsanitybooks@gmail.com

SUMMERS! Send us your summer book collection. we want to know what you’e reading.

Have fun!



World consist of billions of humans Creatures are the beautiful elements of this genetic universe. Regardless the cast, color all human s are equal and deserves the best around them. We live in a world where people are rich, poor or living average life, though they can feel, live the nature either they are billionaire or poor so they have every right to express what they feel that why we are considered as fragile creatures. We can feel the pain we also get hurt. Every living tangible thing is different by nature deep inside the behavior to! But their acts can affect them no matter what. Male are always considered as strong entity. Whereas women are considered as weak as they are physically weak, but that is the one of the fact one cannot argue. Are they supposed to fight? To show their strength?

Yes they are strong ! Strong enough to represent their ability yet again, the perception is they are fragile feature. Because they Are supposed to feel the pain or get hurt more than the man. Human beings are most explosives with their ideas on the other hand most kind, a savior for others too! No offense we are too much in technology driven world because of this we are so. much dependent on the technology which is point for us to ponder for. Persons achievement in this world is the ability of their own who reorder the world. Yet they are big flows in them to overcome that each attribution should fight hard and show the world that we can bounce back and emotions can be kept a part to capture the word for them. 

” God made the world, humans made it worth living for”

Awais Tariq from BYTE for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Don’t let a writer fall in love with you if you’re afraid of the attention.

Because they will notice everything – the way you wrinkle your forehead when completely clueless about something. How you absentmindedly scratch your knee when furiously scribbling notes. The soft sigh that escapes your lips when you lean back on your pillow, tired after a day’s work. They will notice the slightest of purrs that emanates from you as you pull a blanket over your body, and the softest of smiles in which your left dimple flashes merrily.

Don’t let a writer fall in love with you if you’re apprehensive of taking care.

They will be emotional – dramatic too, sometimes to the extent of driving you crazy. But don’t lose your cool when, and not if, they do that when you two fight. Look into their eyes and see past the heightened emotions within their soul. Don’t take offense when they make compare situations to some scene from some book they read in some bookstore. Instead, take their hand and convince them that you are not one of the bad guys they’ve read about. Emphasize on how you’re not Prince Charming, or a knight in shining Armour either – although they know for a fact that those don’t exist. Just tell them how you’re…you. And honestly, if you mean even a little bit to them, that is going to be much more than enough.

Don’t let a writer fall in love with you if you’re not going to let them know why.

Because they will be curious. Curious about why your eyes glitter magically when you see someone perform on stage. Inquisitive about why you steel you jaw every time the topic of childhood comes up in the most random of conversations, and why you quickly steer the topic away from yours. They will want to know why you hide the slightest of tremors in your fingers as you light a match. Be prepared to give an answer to their curious eyes when they see you pause for the smallest second at your ex-best friend’s contact – someone you haven’t talked to in months because of some small stupid fight you two had, but neither of you is willing to bow down – in your phone and scroll rapidly ahead.

Don’t let a writer fall in love with you if you’re afraid of the idea of Forever.

Because they will immortalize you with their words. If a sculptor loves you, they will chisel your face into stone. If a chef loves you, they will bake soufflés and tarts for you that are lighter than air, sinking under the weight of their own promise, melting into sweetness the moment you put them in your mouth. If a painter loves you, they will create magic with brush strokes and water and paint onto their canvas, your face hidden in the shadows of the sun hitting the mountains at sunset. But when a writer loves you, they create another You. You will be the muse behind so many of their poems, their pieces, their writings. Words are their weapons that they sharpen against the stone their experience, the sparks that fly off igniting inspiration in their mind. They will describe you and your actions in ways even you were unaware of. They will startle you with their observation, maybe even scare you by how open you were to them. They will take you by surprise, and will never stop for as long as you know them.

But while not letting a writer fall in love with you, be careful not to fall in love with them yourself.

Disclaimer: This piece was Submitted by Ananya Bhardwaj to The Artelier


Every year on 14th June,countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day(WBDD).The event,established in 2004,serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products,and to thank blood donors for their voluntary,life saving gifts of blood.World Blood Donor Day is one of eight official global public health campaigns marked by The World Health Organization (WHO),along with World Health Day,World Tuberculosis Day,World Immunization Week,World Malaria Day,World No Tobacco Day,World Hepatitis Day and World AIDS Day.
The word ‘DONOR’ origins from the Latin word “Donare”,which means “to give”.Here I will describe the World Blood Donor Day,which will take place on 14th of June.It was first established in May 2005,at the 58th session of World Health Association in Geneva.The event directly relates to the Human Services and social work.This day will be celebrated across the world to raise the public awareness about the need for safe blood donation including its products voluntarily and unpaid by the healthy person.
It’s the day we celebrate and honor blood donors from around the world who give up a little of their time(and blood) to help someone in need.Most blood donors will never know who their blood eventually helps,but they donate for no other reason but just to do something altruistic to benefit someone else.That’s why we say that “BLOOD CONNECTS US ALL”.Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society.It is not harmful for adult person to donate blood.The body of donor can regenerate the blood within few days.so it poses no threats to the metabolism of the body.
       “You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives.Just donate blood.It’s safe.It’s simple and it save lives.”
Now a days public awareness is noticed to donate blood.Many colleges,societies,offices etc organize blood donation camps on different occasions.It is a healthy gesture,we must keep this aptitude up at any cost.Blood can be stored for a limited period of time that is why blood banks need a steady and constant collection.In many countries there is an inadequate supply of safe blood,and blood services face the challenge of making sufficient blood available while also ensuring its quality and safety.There is no substitute for blood,so the only way to get blood is through unpaid donations from donors.
     “Blood donors bring a ray of hope”
Despite about 92 million yearly blood donations world wide,safe blood is constantly on high demand.In Pakistan specially because whenever there is a bomb blast,hospitals need blood in large quantity and they ensure that it is safe because that’s the matter of saving lives.Malnutrition,Thalassemia and severe Anemia are the major diseases prevailing in children.Up to 70% of all blood collection in Pakistan is given to children with Thalassemia,which accounts for about one in ten of all childhood deaths in Pakistan.
Imagine how many lives of innocent children you could better by donating blood.
To promote the idea of blood donation in Pakistan,the government health department itself,with the help of WHO and Pakistan Red Crescent Society must start awareness campaigns.Despite the fact that we Pakistanis are very active in charity,we have a very low ratio of blood donors.There are few volunteers that donate blood frequently.The main factor behind this isn’t no proper education regarding blood donation at the school level.In our country people only donate blood when a friend or relative is in need.I don’t say that people here don’t donate blood,they do but not many people are interested in blood donation campaigns.According to annual WHO report,65% of blood is donated by the Pacific countries.Some countries including Pakistan are donating less than 10% of their population.
So on this day healthy people should go and donate blood.Actually not only on this day but at least once in a month.On this day let’s promise with ourselves that we will take part in saving lives by donating blood.Last but not the least I challenge each of you to go out and find out about what a difference you can make by saving a life.

Yousra Naeem for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Pushing the dark heavy gates open, she walked over the fallen dry leaves cracking them under her feet. The sun was walking away from the face of the world leaving behind a trail of burning orange.
There she was, in the graveyard. The very same one he wanted to be buried in. Approaching towards him she felt a gentle hug, a hug of the cool wind. She smiled and whispered ‘Your obsession with hugs are never gonna end’.
She was there. She was with him. Close to him. Watching him rest there. Sleeping deeply. She moved her hands over his tombstone caressing his beautiful face cut. Her stare was mad. She wanted to cage him in her eyes from his grave. The pearls in her eyes were making the grave saline with her sorrow.
She gently trailed her fingers over the damp moist soil admiring his chiseled body. She bent down as the hug of the wind grew tighter with clouds moaning. She bent and kissed him over his chest deeply and whispered ‘You still taste the same. Bitterly sweet and addicting’.
Written  by Muhammad Hamza
mutual core.jpg

Björk, “Mutual Core” video still, 2012. Credit: Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, Image courtesy of Wellhart Ltd & One Little Indian

When I was light and insufficient,
My ears were fond of hearing.
That women are fine and elegant,
While men are arrogant *domineering*
Attains the nature that persecute,
Turns world into his enemies through combating
His style..converse and expatiate,
Depicts constrain and tormenting.
He walks arrogantly *belligerent*
Cares for none,such egotistic.
He is caged between his own thoughts,
Ignores others,Oh!the creature overweening.
“But ,oh!You women,much delicate,
“not every men is bossy and subjugating”
As I grew up and became adolescent,
i stumbled upon a Man, relying
He changed my view on men entirely,
revealed the qualities not obviously manifesting
my time spent with him benignly
Such voice which was soul-soothing
I came across his tender and warmth,
My God!emotions full of nurturing.
The way he looked upon women,
The stare of his eyes is embellishing
“Men has those feelings that tear him down”
Yet he is strong not unconvincing.
The reason he hides so often his screech,
The world demands him to be fiercing
Is he tha man i was told to restrict?
Nay!he must be the angel sparkling.
“Not every man that gaze on woman,
Is meant to be unbefitting
Stop labeling traits of men as brutal,
Not every man is callous and unfeeling.
Asma Rashid for Beyond Sanity Publishing


Tete d’une Femme Lisant By Pablo Picasso

Do you know why its really difficult to surrender yourself against the norms? Because we are too strangled between our wishes and the acceptance of the circumstances. Whenever we find a situation suffocating us, we run towards many obstacles that are actually helpless in providing any cure or solution. We always forget why patience is the key. It plays a major role; either helps you slow down with your hypertension about any issue you are facing or teaches to just accept things at whatever pace they are running at. No matter how much we control that discussing your problems with anyone isn’t going to help; we still want to talk to someone who can just listen to us without blaming us for anything. And sometimes the thought “may be this was meant to happen” forces the discussion especially when the other person comes up with an idea whether or not it will work. Sometimes the hypertension of the situation takes control over everything that we start believing in every ideology or every experiment to get rid of the current situation. This definitely does not mean one can just simply give up without putting any effort into the situation and start thinking as if they have initiated the patience gear. Everyone must give their best and take everything light with a positive mind set of an excellent outcome. As we all know the more sweetened it will be, the better results will come. Above all, when someone is suffering from the toughest of reality, a little bit of hallucination of being successful in future isn’t so bad. In fact, it makes us a true believer and a leader. It opens up doors of opportunities where you can stand as someone with perhaps the worst of all experiences and still achieved what you had desired. This clearly means you did not give up, you patiently waited while putting your best. You can actually stand as a inspiring figure for someone who might be suffering today from the same what you went through yesterday. You can be the candle in their lives to show the difficult past easy with the light of your experiences. That feels really good. Give it a try. 

Marvi Rajput for Beyond Sanity Publishing

They tell us,
To follow our dreams,
But whose dreams really?
Do we follow?
This society,
With its pleasure centered mind,
Making us believe,
That we will have,
The ideal life,
The perfect one,
Telling us the ingredients,
Of a happy life,
So I ask you,
Now all grown up,
Are you happy?
Are you really fucking happy?
Maybe we should have focused,
Less on the definition of happiness,
Handed to us,
And focused more,
On being content,
With what we have,
In defining,
Our own values,
Using our own damn mind,
Just once,
So we don’t become,
Mindless imbeciles,
Following trends,
Seeking pleasures,
Things out of our reach,
But it’s never too late,
To get up from your ass,
Use that rusty head,
And change your life,
Enlightenment is a blessing,
For us cursed souls,
Look deep within,
And find what inspires,
Your pathetic self,
Let it consume you,
Take control over you,
And for once,
Make an effort,
To change,
And I promise,
If you have,
Just a fragment,
Of your soul left,
You will find happiness,
Not in the brothels,
Not in the beer,
Certainly not in this,
Fricking materialistic life,
But in the service,
Of one another,
In the smile of a child,
In the rain,
In the kisses of your love,
In this imperfect world,
Embrace the little things,
These Small moments,
Will make up,
For the void,
There is no perfect time,
No perfect place,
That will bring you joy,
The time is now,
The place is here,
Find it,
Cherish it,
Love it,
Be content with it,
Or keep complaining,
The choice is yours.

Sheharyar Azeem For Beyond Sanity Publishing

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Fireworks- Mouth watering Food- Music

What are we talking about? Heaven? No, The Launch of Nandara Cuisine !

In the eccentric sector of E-11, we see marquees and wedding music and what not. But what if you are tired of all that and just want to sit in a peaceful restaurant with good traditional food that makes you feel as if you are in a different place.

‘Nandara’ is a Pushto word which means ‘Vision’, The owner, Mr. Inam Shah Kakakhel did a great job with the interior of the place as it was presenting a perfect ‘Nandara’ of both culture and Innovation.


That is what I felt on 13th of May, YES. Friday the 13th! Turns out, it can be pretty exciting when ‘Khumariyaan‘ is playing at a new place which serves one of the best cuisine in Islamabad.


Red carpet event had the best event management by 360 Affairs, which is based in Islamabad. It brought a great deal of amazing people from all fields of life. Event was covered by Roz and DunyaTV. 

See the coverage here

The launch of Launch Of Nandara Cuisine was a treat for eyes, ears and taste buds. The 4.8 rated restaurant on Facebook had 3 hours of the best music with the best food. Here is a glimpse of what I saw!

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If I could chose a place to sit and forget the world, It’ll be Nandara. You can see the menu and further details Here.

Enjoy your weekend!


Are books your favorite thing? Do you absolutely adore bookshops? Is hanging out with literary people discussing their work your favorite way to spend your evenings? If you answered yes to all these questions then I can bet you rushed eagerly to the Book Launch and Reading Session by Beyond Sanity Publishing on the 9th of May, 2016, at London Book Company, Kohsar Market.

The turnout at this event was delightful. London Book Company was filled to the brim and people who came a bit later faced difficulty in finding a place to sit. The ambiance was perfect for all bookworms and lovers of literature – bookshelves on either side, dimmed lights and glittering stars amid a darkening evening sky outside.

The CEO of Beyond Sanity Publishing, Irum Zahra, came up with this event to ensure that the love of reading remains alive and thriving in Pakistan. Those who are linked with these events know that people love coming to such gatherings and there are so many writers, poets and artists in our midst who jump at the chance to share their creativity with others.

The Youth of Pakistan, a book by Noor ul Ain was launched at this event, with people eagerly buying copies and having them signed by her. It was the first book launched by Beyond Sanity Publishing. Irum Zahra, writer and Goodreads Award Semifinalist, read a few poems from her upcoming book, Invictus, full of full of thought provoking words. Saja Ali and Zoha Hidayat, coauthors of the mesmerizing book Out of the Labyrinth, read a chapter from it. Faran Kiani read some parts from his book Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince, a novel which will take you down the road of magic and fantasy. Taqdees Alam read his poetry and also showcased his fabulous artwork. Hadiya Rehman, social activist and writer shared her views on women’s rights. Kamil Khan illuminated the audience with his stand up poetry on how technology has slowly managed to ruin our lives. Last but not the least, the special guest at this event was none other than Taimur Rehman, poet and storyteller, who captivated the audience with his beautifully spoken words in Urdu and created quite a magical atmosphere! After the conclusion of the reading session, there were enthralling musical performances by Sherry Bakshi, Abeer Ali Ikram, Uzair Idrees and 360 Degrees. All in all, it was the perfect combination of reading and music and definitely worth going to.

Anyone and everyone who came to this event must have gone home spared from the usual Monday blues. It was a refreshing event because everyone needs a good dose of reading every now and then. In an era where technology seems to have taken over everything else, there is nothing better than being in the midst of books and hearing people talk about their love of literature in all its forms. Being able to express feelings in words is fascinating, and anyone who can channel his emotions through this medium is indeed a lucky person. We look forward to more events like this one in the future.

Article written by Maria Mansoor for SpeechOfpak.com

 View the article here!


Beyond Sanity Publishing is a literature reviving initiative by Irum Zahra, an International award nominated writer which focuses on bringing the young and talented writers, poets, story tellers and artists to exhibit their world across the globe.
This event will have:

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Book launch of ‘The Youth Of Pakistan’, written by Ms. Noor.ul.Ain
Reading sessions by:
Our special Guest, Taimur Rehman
Irum Zahra from ‘Psychaotic’ and ‘Invictus’
Zoha Hidayat and Saja Ali from ‘Out of the Labyrinth’
Faran Kiani from ‘Five Wishes and Prophecy of the prince’
Taqdees Alam
Hadiya Rahman, social activist and writer
And many more!
Bookitnow.pk is our official promotional partner! See the details here:
We have so many surprises in store for you. For more details, See:

I heard those unheard stories

I saw on those faces

Toils of their life

Full of hardships

All put aside as if they never existed

Their questioning eyes

Asking aloud all the questions which were prohibited on their tongues

Enough of the rhetoric

Enough of the sacrificed lives

Enough of shattered dreams and souls

All in the name of honour

How many more daughters and sisters and wives do you need?

To fill those graves of honour

Emasculated identities and faces

Torn souls

Creases of face skin


Their eyes

Their faces

Their hands

Their numb bodies

And dashed down minds

Sighing out loud

Isn’t the number enough

In the name of honor?

Bina Awan for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected  QNN9-ER00-NRUA-NCM0

I attended Fast University’s NaSCon’16 and I promised that every participant will get their poetry published on my blog and get a chance to enter the anthology I will be publishing later this year. Last date of submission is 31st May, 2016 FYI.

So here is the first of many ahead. I will also be posting poetry from Bahria University’s students who participated in BYTE’16.

Here is Asma Rashid, with a poem on WOMEN. Yes, US!


Being a grownup poetess,
My mind was just roaming.
What should be the motif,
Of the poem I am writing.
The words and thoughts,
In the head were floating.
‘A girl with the quiet tongue’
I imprinted at the beginning.
Possession of a delicate nature,
Yet neither bending,nor unyielding.
With remarkable energetic strength,
A potency not giving in.
The looks,the charms,those eyes,
With high aims she is gazing.
her expressions and gestures,
Are so tremendously magnifying.
Her mind is full of galaxies,
The way her ideas are phrasing.
True feelings of affection and care,
The soul that is extremely impressing.
When she opens her mouth to speak,
The talk is scrupulous and gratifying.
Maybe her brain speaks loud,
And the thoughts may also be terrifying.
She forgives all the grieves,
Her strong nature is intensifying.
She faces the storms so quietly,
The fight that is much petrifying.
Women is a selfless humankind,
The sure rebellious and defying
She is the one present among us
NaSCon Collaboration with Beyond Sanity Publishing

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As the sun set upon their house,

And the chores came to an end,

She sat beside her mother,

Looked intently at her with beady eyes,

Brows stitched together

And asked,

“Ma, your lineaments

Speak of a story.”

And she softly replied:

“I’m the earth, my darling.

An onrush of greenery

Withered by dust and rain;

Hollowed by shovels of pain.

These lines speak of how

I’ve fallen a multitude of times;

let wind carry dirt into my saline eyes;

Yet stood up all on my own.

I wear them with pride.”

Sarrah Hussain

Being a writer is amazing, as much you runaway from it, it comes back to you with the equal amount of thrust that you used to plunge it down. You can be anything, your ideas are formless they’ll come to you uninvited and you’d have to mop them up to relieve your mind to a solitary state.
It’s unbelievable when everything you write, every word you utter retires back your muse. You may not intend to do it but it captures everything into a strangely small infinity of your inspiration, your muse. Those of us that have this privilege, I think it’s our duty to let it gush like blood from open wound, otherwise the world may not be as it has to. Your every action contributes to your future, a small alteration and your future might not be the same, as scary as it sounds. The world may not be affected by what you do, despite its ignorance you, you have to believe, you have to know that you’re running into a complexity, to a path where you can be you, if you follow your heart. With everything you do, the world is a better place, things for you will merge to a circle which has boundaries as unchallenged as horizon, you are the center of universe and everything around you conspires in a momentum you set.

Atta Kashmiri for Beyond Sanity Publishing


NaSCon is one of the biggest events  organised by FAST National University Islamabad that invites students from all across Pakistan to compete in extraordinary activities. This year, NaSCon is expecting an audience of over 3000 to participate in 50 different competitions relates to business, technology and engineering.

This year, NaSCon has invited me to be a speaker and Judge at their poetry competition.I think  that it is a great chance for students to present their ideas and their love for extra curricular activities.


Here are the details:

“Takhaeyul ki Uraan – Flight of Fancy” is a poetry writing competition for registered students of colleges and universities all over Pakistan! Its the second time this competition is being held in FAST-NU Islamabad’s NaSCon! So join us and show us your skills in writing Poems and Ghazals!

Register here

Rules and Regulations:
• You can write either in Urdu or English
• There shall be a winner for English and one for Urdu.
• There will be only 1 round of 120 minutes. No extra time will be given.
• Your poem/ghazal must not be any more than 30 verses!
• The required stationery will be provided to the participants.
• The participants will be given a scenario, or a theme to write on.
• The participants will be awarded points based on relevance to the theme, style of delivery, poem structure and uniqueness of their material.


For detail and further information contact :
Gulraiz Niazi : 03055121719

Venue: A.K. Brohi Road H-11 Islamabad



Startup Expo is a country-wide platform that brings forward brilliant, young, entrepreneurial minds to put on display their products and market their ventures.

The various features of the event include:

Startups Exhibition

The hub of all entrepreneurial activity that invites the 100 startups emerging in the market that qualify to exhibit ideas, demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and promote innovation.

Corporate Exhibition

A platform for all the corporate entities where they showcase their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers and examine market trends and opportunities.

Startup Conference

Engaging panel discussions and inspirational keynote speakers touching various aspects of the revival of the economy to encourage and promote local startups. Startups will not only be encouraged to present new ideas and innovation but their efforts will also be recognized and rewarded in the set categories identified to promote positive competition in the Award Ceremony.


Learning workshops on the art of social media strategies for the startups with the ideas that inspire will be extended this opportunity so they can take back useful knowledge and hone their skills.

Investor Pitches

Startups hand-picked by Startup Expo can pitch ideas to the jury. Doing so will allow them to get acquainted with this exercise and prep them for the future.


An opportunity for all the freelancers out there to meet and network with the IT industry and a forum for them to learn and gain useful knowledge in the respective field.

Press Conference

Prominent and distinguished guests from the government will highlight the significance of entrepreneurship for the economy of Pakistan and the role that government plays in this development.

Food Festival

Food stalls selling a wide assortment of food delicacies will be present for the attendees to take a break throughout the day. For the kids, several games and activities will be organized including soap soccer, magic show, costume characters, etc.


To unwind at the end of the day, all participants and attendees will be invited to a live performance by Mustafa Zahid and Roxen.

For more details, visit: Startup Expo

Written by Hadiya Rahman



Coming from Karachi, today we bring you one of the most talked about musicians in Pakistan, Sherry Khattak. From covers of famous songs to Nescafe Basement star, Sherry has made a place for himself in this world filled with music and poetry.


Here are his thoughts on Music, Life and More Music!

Tell us about your beginnings as an artist?

Well to be honest I never knew exactly when it all started for me, I remember being a music freak back in my school days, so much that I made a deal with my parents to buy me a guitar if I get good grades, and it all started from there.

What lead you to create your own band and work in the music industry?

Unlike others i was lucky to work in a studio right after i started music, So I was well aware of how to work in a studio, sooner I was fortunate enough to own my own studio and make music for myself.


Tell us more about your band?

Overdose has been a bit off the map these days, Since we all are now busy in Nescafe Basement 4, We have an English original in the pipeline that we’ll be releasing right after the season ends.

Tell us more about the type of music you make, what inspires you?

I never tend to isolate myself under one specific genre or type of music, I love experimenting and Nescafe Basement has groomed me a lot in making music, If you see the original song I did in last season and the song I did this season you’ll clearly see how I have improved in song writing and experimenting.


Have you worked with any other artists?

I have worked with alot of great names whom I always look up to, artists like Xulfi, Gumby, Omran Shafique, Meesha Shafi, Adeel Khurram and many others.

You also work as a producer, could you tell us more about that experience?

I love being in the studio, when I’m back in Karachi, I’m busy in my studio and when I’m here in Lahore I work as an assistant producer for Nescafe Basement, in short my whole year is spent in studio working and doing what I love.


Would you say that you are closer to fulfilling your dreams?

Well I guess I’m pretty close.

What are your thoughts on the kind of music playing today, in this day and age?

It’s great! I have seen such great talent in the past few years, all we need now is a boost in the industry and I think music shows like Nescafe Basement and Coke Studio are playing a huge part in it.

What would you do or say to improve peoples’ perception of music?

I would listen more, and like we musicians experiment in music people should change there listening often, Try finding new bands and singers once in a while.


How has it been like to work on Nescafe Basement?

It has been life changing for me, this is my second season and every day I feel like I have improved, watching everyone and learning from them every year what more would anyone want.

Do you have any advice to give for the kids starting out and for those who are trying to make it in this industry?

I would say never give up, keeping at it is the key making good choices will always make you sustain in what you do.

There you go guys. Another great week for Beyond Sanity Publishing. Reach the artist here:

Follow Sherry On Facebook

View him on Instagram!

View YouTube videos here!


We Rise By Lifting Others !!

The Students of Fatima Jinnah women university took the initiative to renovate Umeed.e.Noor school for special children with the collaboration of Josh.e.Junoon, to add colors and Vibrancy to their stagnant lives.
Ceremony chaired by Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri with a lot of other prominent social workers of Islamabad.
Thanks Ms. Anjum Anwar, Mrs Farah Agha, Mr Qarib Kazmi, Mr Tariq Khan, Mr Rameez, Ms.Neelam Torou for joining us and supporting us.

We are so thankful to every donor, contributor & Volunteer for helping us in this project. May Allah pak Bless u all Ameen.
Appreciation certificates & Outstanding performance certificates were presented to every member who done their best efforts for this project.
Team Josh.e.Junoon also awarded Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri with title of Lady of Humanity in recognition of her tireless efforts for serving the humanity.We also Awarded Mr. Rameez Mumtaz with Award of Appreciation for his services for the humanity.

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Media Coverage by: 92HD, Samaa, Capital TV, Dawn News, Rose News

Total kids living at Umeed.e.Noor: 15

Day Scholars: 72

For donations and details, visit Josh.e.Junoon




But youDsc00691.jpg

I shall meet you

Somewhere across

Times and all boundaries

In the dark of my silver

Somewhere across..

Oh darling


Farhana Azeem For Beyond Sanity Publishing

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Once , I was a beautiful flower ,
But now I am just a stem
It’s really uncanny thing
That I am passing by
My surrounding just seem to pester me now
My colors are ugly
I wanna throw them away,
Didn’t like my shades of grey.

I wanted to be chosen by someone special
But , that was my imbecility..

No , I don’t wanted to look like other flowers
Just me but good looking Me
Was all I really wanted

Yes , one day I will fly away
Wind will blow
Till then you come too
And pluck me away !!

Divya Malhotra For Beyond Sanity Publishing

Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected  QNN9-ER00-NRUA-NCM0

Karachi – March 26th, 2016: Karachi witnessed creativity and film enthusiasts come together this Saturday, March 26th, for the annual screening of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival. The festival was held at the Pakistan American Cultural Centre (PACC). Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, the event featured a workshop on filmmaking and photography, enlightening discussions and film screenings.

60 Second Intl. Film Festival is an initiative that provides a platform for young filmmakers from around the world to present their ideas and perceptions visually in front of diverse audiences. The initiative believes in empowering the youth to raise their voice, and create awareness regarding social issues that matter.

Children’s creativity was honed during the workshop on filmmaking and photography, followed by a screening of films created by children from previous workshops held in collaboration with US Embassy and WWF respectively. To conclude the screening for kids, an episode of the animated series, Burka Avengers was also shown.

The evening session entailed workshops, enlightening discussions and the screening of the best 60 Second Intl. Film Festival films. The third place for best film went to “Toofani Kiddo” by Ramaisa Shahid from Pakistan, second place to “Shaitan” by Sourabh Bali from India, and “Vision” by Farzad Samimi and Vahid Omidi from Afghanistan bagged the first place.

The guests present at the event appreciated the unique program and said such events should take place more often. Abrar ul Hassan, the Festival Director, stated that “60 Second Intl. Film Festival is more than a festival; it is a union of art and media from all around the globe with the purpose of inspiring many.”

Lahore – March 24th, 2016: Lahore witnessed creativity and film enthusiasts come together this Thursday for the annual screening of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival. The festival was held at the School of Creative Arts, in collaboration with the University of Lahore. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, the event featured a workshop on filmmaking and photography, enlightening discussions and film screenings.

60 Second Intl. Film Festival is an initiative that provides a platform for young filmmakers from around the world to present their ideas and perceptions visually in front of diverse audiences. The initiative believes in empowering the youth to raise their voice, and create awareness regarding social issues that matter.

Children’s creativity was honed during the workshop on filmmaking and photography, followed by a screening of films created by children from previous workshops held in collaboration with US Embassy and WWF respectively. To conclude the screening for kids, an episode of the animated series, Burka Avengers was also shown.

The evening session entailed a panel discussion, an open house session and the screening of the best 60 Second Intl. Film Festival films. The third place for best film went to “Toofani Kiddo” by Ramaisa Shahid from Pakistan, second place to “Shaitan” by Sourabh Bali from India, and “Vision” by Farzad Samimi and Vahid Omidi from Afghanistan bagged the first place.

The guests present at the event appreciated the unique program and said such events should take place more often. Abrar ul Hassan, the Festival Director, stated that “60 Second Intl. Film Festival is more than a festival; it is a union of art and media from all around the globe with the purpose of inspiring many.”  Rachael Chen, Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Consulate General in Lahore praised the festival, saying that “the festival provides young filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their talents, and initiate discussions about key issues facing youth today.”

The festival will travel to more cities in coming weeks.

The world of clothing is forever evolving when it comes to material and style. This year, Pakistan witnessed the advent of a new dawn of wool, when Bannu Woollen Mills launched their factory outlet in the midst of twin cities.


The launch was beautifully and elegantly executed by 360 Affairs, a leading PR company based in Islamabad. There were lights and flowers everywhere and the moment I walked in, I saw the most amazing setup in forever.


The store entails the brand Saroni for women clothing and Ameer for men. I personally loved the woolen shawls at the store. I bought two for my mom.


The launch was obviously glammed up with leading model Natasha and others and people were going ga-ga over the photobooth. Many socialites from twin cities visited the place and I met with a lot of my shopping lover friends buying bags and bags of goodies.


With so many brands to choose from, we’re now always looking for something that is both comfortable, pocket-friendly and stylish. I think that this need is being fulfilled by Bannu Woolen Mills and with every new season, I’ll be more than excited to see the new collection.

Omg, I almost forgot, the giveaway for the launch was the classiest cushion I have ever seen, it now rests on my bed. If you want to know more, please look them up.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is now the newest addition to Pakistan’s rapidly growing café culture. The grand opening of its first store in Pakistan took place on 1st of December, 2017 at Mount View Plaza, F-6, Islamabad. An official ribbon cutting ceremony by Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz marked the occasion. There were also appearances by many renowned personalities from Islamabad’s elite at the event.


“It’s been a long time since such a big lifestyle brand such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has launched in Pakistan,” stated the Mayor of Islamabad. “I’m glad they have chosen Islamabad as their launching pad. It’s a truly fantastic store offering a premium marquis experience – a little piece of Los Angeles under the Margallas! I’m hoping to see more Coffee Bean stores open in our city.”

Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is heralded as the oldest and largest privately-held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the world, with over 1200 stores across 31 countries today. It has immediate plans of launching next in Olympus Mall, Islamabad, as well as in Packages Mall and Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore. The company has plans of opening 30 stores all across the country in the next 5 years, all owned and operated by the master franchisee to maintain quality and standard.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is committed to sourcing and roasting the top 1% of Arabica beans, and serving over 20 handpicked whole leaf teas, all from small farms and private estates in East Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific. Its philosophy is to “respect every Bean” and create a social hub where customers can relax and enjoy in a casual, friendly Southern California environment. It is especially known for concocting the signature ‘Ice blended’ drink, variations of which are now offered at other coffeehouses as well around the globe. The brand is especially a favorite in Hollywood, catering to the likes of Johnny Carson, David Beckham, Madonna and Eddie Murphy.


The Coffee Bean is truly international. The coffee and teas are picked from across the world, roasted in LA and ground in best-in-class Swiss equipment, pulled in an Italian “Ferrari of coffee machines” with water that comes from a world-class filtration system and served in mugs from Korea. Their chocolate and cocoa comes from Belgium and Switzerland, the butter from France, and the flour from Dubai. As for the people, the trainers are from Malaysia and the Baristas are 100% pure Pakistani.


Doors are open to the public from 2nd of December, offering handcrafted premium coffee and tea beverages with an assortment of sweet and savory menu items to its customers.

To be a part of this experience, visit: