NaSCon is one of the biggest events  organised by FAST National University Islamabad that invites students from all across Pakistan to compete in extraordinary activities. This year, NaSCon is expecting an audience of over 3000 to participate in 50 different competitions relates to business, technology and engineering.

This year, NaSCon has invited me to be a speaker and Judge at their poetry competition.I think  that it is a great chance for students to present their ideas and their love for extra curricular activities.


Here are the details:

“Takhaeyul ki Uraan – Flight of Fancy” is a poetry writing competition for registered students of colleges and universities all over Pakistan! Its the second time this competition is being held in FAST-NU Islamabad’s NaSCon! So join us and show us your skills in writing Poems and Ghazals!

Register here

Rules and Regulations:
• You can write either in Urdu or English
• There shall be a winner for English and one for Urdu.
• There will be only 1 round of 120 minutes. No extra time will be given.
• Your poem/ghazal must not be any more than 30 verses!
• The required stationery will be provided to the participants.
• The participants will be given a scenario, or a theme to write on.
• The participants will be awarded points based on relevance to the theme, style of delivery, poem structure and uniqueness of their material.


For detail and further information contact :
Gulraiz Niazi : 03055121719

Venue: A.K. Brohi Road H-11 Islamabad



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