A Phenomenon which is entitled to human beings by Almighty ALLAH to know and to learn is termed as Education. It is a basic right of every individual to transform his life by getting a quality education and then adopt his way of living according to his sense of understanding and awareness that education has brought in him. In today’s globalized world, Education is most often associated with degrees and certificates yet its real meaning lies in getting to know things and realizing how to distinguish between good & bad and how to mold yourself in accordance with the situation. Future of any country depends upon the quality of education and its literacy rate. Education is the key to establishment, prosperity & betterment.

Before throwing light on the future we should take a glance at the history that how crippled nations became powerful after they realized the importance of education. Netherland, a developed country in today’s world was once a devastated nation with very low morality and social backgrounds, but once they realized the worth of education, they raised themselves as an example for the rest of the world. Similarly, Japan, an Asian country was also a drown nation after Second World War, yet they pulled themselves up and focused on education. Resultantly today they are one of the developed states of the world with the highest number of exports across the world. Better education gave them the vision of how they could become the number one nation in the world.

 Pakistan is a developing country of South Asia with extremely unstable political and economic system. If we take a glance at our education system, it can be well analyzed that education system of Pakistan has very low standards. There is a huge gap in our education system which has not only created the class system in the society but has also been a cause of the wide gap between different classes of the society.

 A strong nation can be built if we have a strong education system.  If the education system of the country is weak, a country cannot be expected to progress. It is a dilemma as well that Education lies very low in the priorities of the State. In Pakistan, the education system has been hi-jacked with 3 different class systems running parallel at the same time in every city. These are,

  • Government Schools
  • Private Schools.
  • Religious Schools (Madaris).

Firstly we put a spotlight on the Government schools, which are under the supervision of government authorities.  The system applied in the government schools of the country is not up to the mark which is the very reason that results are not delivered. Teachers do not have any concern and lack a sense of responsibility. There are many schools in Pakistan which are deprived of furniture and building. Kids don’t have proper classrooms. Moreover, Teachers are not regular to classes. There should be check and balance over schools, Principal, and teachers. There should be a separate government department for the betterment of government schools. Strictness is quite necessary to bring change in the education system, Else the system can cripple into a lot worst.

On the other side, there are plenty of Private schools. Generally, if we hear about private schools one thing that clicks our mind is heavy fees, which should lead to a quality education. It also gives birth to a thought of the difference between government schools and private schools. Underprivileged children are sent to government schools by their parents whereas Elite class of the society send their children to Private schools.

There should be one system and standard of education for schools. All the schools should follow same syllabus and fee structure. Another bad thing which is also a cause of chaos in our country’s education system is different syllabus taught in schools. There are a number of schools in one area and all of them have a different syllabus. Some of them prefer British education system while others prefer American. It is the responsibility of the Education departments that they should plan a similar syllabus for all the schools in Pakistan. There should be no other syllabus except the one government, has planned. Such kind of efforts will be fruitful for Pakistan and our future could be safe and sound.

Apart from Government & Private schools, Religious schools or Madaris are totally exempted from the needs of today’s education. They are hundred years away from today’s world. Madaris teachers consider that Science does not have a concern with religion because it comes under the category of disobedience of Islamic injunctions. But this concept is totally wrong because our religion teaches us to explore. Our Holy book (Quran) is itself a treasure which throws light on each and every aspect of Life.  Religious study is also very necessary because we are Muslims and should follow the rules and regulations and fall under the jurisdiction of Islam, we should know about the world and its necessities. Our future can be secured if we can be sincere with our duties.

 Education is to recognize what we are and what we should be. Education shows us the right way or wrong way. But children have been forced to become bookworms. Education should not be limited to books only. It should also be related to ethics. SO only perfect education plan can give the sense that how we should live and how we can give space to other to live.

Our youth could be a revolutionary face. Consequently, there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of youth towards the building of Nation. Youth has to bring back state on its lost track. We should keep in mind the teaching of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it is compulsory for every man and woman to get an education. Through proper planning and strict administration of education system, we can change future of Pakistan. This dream can be fulfilled only through Education.

By M. Salman Rauf


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