Realistic Roughness

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Artsy Poems, Blog Posts, Pictures
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Tete d’une Femme Lisant By Pablo Picasso

Do you know why its really difficult to surrender yourself against the norms? Because we are too strangled between our wishes and the acceptance of the circumstances. Whenever we find a situation suffocating us, we run towards many obstacles that are actually helpless in providing any cure or solution. We always forget why patience is the key. It plays a major role; either helps you slow down with your hypertension about any issue you are facing or teaches to just accept things at whatever pace they are running at. No matter how much we control that discussing your problems with anyone isn’t going to help; we still want to talk to someone who can just listen to us without blaming us for anything. And sometimes the thought “may be this was meant to happen” forces the discussion especially when the other person comes up with an idea whether or not it will work. Sometimes the hypertension of the situation takes control over everything that we start believing in every ideology or every experiment to get rid of the current situation. This definitely does not mean one can just simply give up without putting any effort into the situation and start thinking as if they have initiated the patience gear. Everyone must give their best and take everything light with a positive mind set of an excellent outcome. As we all know the more sweetened it will be, the better results will come. Above all, when someone is suffering from the toughest of reality, a little bit of hallucination of being successful in future isn’t so bad. In fact, it makes us a true believer and a leader. It opens up doors of opportunities where you can stand as someone with perhaps the worst of all experiences and still achieved what you had desired. This clearly means you did not give up, you patiently waited while putting your best. You can actually stand as a inspiring figure for someone who might be suffering today from the same what you went through yesterday. You can be the candle in their lives to show the difficult past easy with the light of your experiences. That feels really good. Give it a try. 

Marvi Rajput for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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