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On our identity as Muslims, this world has forcefully put a stamp of being terrorists as well. But are we terrorists? We normally answer to this question in the simple negative as we are Muslims but not extremists or terrorists. But oppressively though, the whole world calls us so! Moreover, the Islamic countries seem unhappy at our ‘most allied’ alliance with the west, particularly the USA while all the western countries openly call us a terrorist nation. As the youth of this country, we are going to be the ones to whom the steering wheel of this country would be soon handed over and hence, it is our responsibility to tackle with the terrorism problem.

Sadly, the meaning of the term terrorism has always been misused by our enemies and totally misunderstood by us. This is just because of the American influence on our thoughts. So when the US calls a person a national hero the whole Pakistani nation admires him and when they start calling the same person a terrorist after some time, our nation responds by doing the same. This is exactly what was done to Usama bin Ladin. After 1985, it was Usama who resisted and saved his homeland from Russian invasion and we were there at the top of the list in supporting the Taliban backed up by the USA. Then a time came when the USA itself caught an eye upon Afghanistan and all of a sudden, the whole strategy was reversed. This is not supposed to imply that Usama was a good man but what I mean to say is that our opinions should be based upon what we believe and observe, not what someone like the USA tells us.

Hafiza Noor.ul.Ain, The Youth Of Pakistan


Every sunset defines a story. Every cloud blurs and dies tells a way of life. It shows us how unusual life is. How unpredictable reality is. And exactly how stubborn we are to its changes.
It shows us how we keep thinking that sunset is the same when it isn’t and it is actually screaming at us. Yelling that another day has passed and we haven’t lived. We haven’t loved and we haven’t dreamt.
If we have, then not enough.

Sunsets and other regrets, Invictus
Copyright @ 2015, Irum Zahra


Photo by: Khurram Shahbaz