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Beyond Sanity Publishing is a literature reviving initiative by Irum Zahra, an International award nominated writer which focuses on bringing the young and talented writers, poets, story tellers and artists to exhibit their world across the globe.
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Book launch of ‘The Youth Of Pakistan’, written by Ms. Noor.ul.Ain
Reading sessions by:
Our special Guest, Taimur Rehman
Irum Zahra from ‘Psychaotic’ and ‘Invictus’
Zoha Hidayat and Saja Ali from ‘Out of the Labyrinth’
Faran Kiani from ‘Five Wishes and Prophecy of the prince’
Taqdees Alam
Hadiya Rahman, social activist and writer
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Walking under the starry night

I behold the heavens twinkling above me

A full moon shines, and yet

I think of you.

You. Yes you.

Did you think it was someone else?

That I didn’t hold you dear?

Or did you think I could,

In all my years

Desire another besides you?

That I could dare?


I look up, a cloudy sky

Dark purple and black

Thunder rolls.

A flash, bright blue

And I am besides you

You. Yes you

Both of us are soaking wet

But what do we care?

I brush aside your dripping locks,

As you wipe away my tears.

I smile and blink,

And I stand alone, hands outstretched



Trees sway in the tempest wild

Boughs creaking

Leaves scattered about

And I see you.

You. Yes you.

Standing with the wind in your hair,

Whipping those locks of lovely brown,

About and around.

You stand there like a deity of a culture lost,

Shrouded in leaves and floating dust.

And then

I see you for what you really are,

A figment of my imagination,

A cooked up dream.


A dawn, crisp and clear

Life anew

A zephyr blows, cool and fresh.

And I feel you.

You. Yes you.

Your presence lingers in the air,

And the slowly filtering light

Your touch is in the morning dew.

Your voice, in the murmuring stream

The birds call out your name,

Soft and sweet, like summertime rain.

You blow around me,

Like a stray gust of wind in sweltering heat.

Standing still,

I look around.

My heart asks

What is lost and cannot be found?

And a whisper,


Muhammad Taqdees Alam For Beyond Sanity Publishing


Sky Lights by Maham Batool Registered & Protected 

What monstrosity has befallen you that your eyes mourn even as your lips crease into one of the most surreal smiles I have ever set eyes on. You are utterly beautiful, lost so deep in the abyss of your agony that its almost artistic, you and your pain, like a modern piece of art weaved together as one. You see you stay in gloom so oft that it has now become impossible to picture you without its shadow looming over you, like an old friend that sticks by like an uninviting shadow. A fire within your soul, your body is nothing but a shell to the explosive grenade that you are, a time bomb that is ticking away for an undefined number of years but trust me when you go off, you will blow up everyone around you with the shrapnel of your undeniable pain; a pain that dwelt on you for so long that separating you from it will be fatal to you. Life; you see is like a mischievous child, who plays hide and seek with you until we give up and when we do, it comes out, to our surprise, from none other than inside us. Life, never hides, it just seeps into your bones and slips under your skin and pretends to lay dead there as you search about in a frenzy for it, never looking into your own self. Hear me out loud and clear, do not play this deadly game with life for it never goes back defeated. Sadly, its too late isn’t it, you have already lost haven’t you. You know what, you are the perfect ruin,you remind me of me!

Hadiya Rahman For Beyond Sanity Publishing


Life Decisions: Photo by Maham Batool Registered & Protected 

There are shelves full of books concerned about the diseases the humans suffer from but what astounds me is that only a meager portion is served to content related to those who suffer on the inside; those whose bruised souls lay restless in the presumably ‘healthy’ bodies. Medical facilities teach how to deal with those whose bodies have been hurt whilst those whose souls have gaping holes in them are left untreated.

I believe, each and every one of us suffers, some from a heart that is shattered while others from hopes that are battered. Suffering is the most exclusive kind of agony that one can be faced with. It is an pool of boiling lava that dwells only within the head of the sufferer, something that no one but they themselves can feel. No one can feel the excruciating pain with the same intensity that you feel, it is something that if different for everyone, like no two finger prints can match, neither can the suffering of two people be entirely the same It is sad how any ailment to the body shows up as signs and symptoms that can be seen and then treated in accord to that yet wounds to the soul remain bloodless and thus veiled. Ironically, this does not make the illness of the soul any let painful, in fact it holds in its fiery belly an array of venomous symptoms, that are concealed to anyone but one on whom this agony is unleashed. As a faux smile plays on their lips, many of these sufferers are dying away on the inside while their exterior plays a façade of joy.Most of these people , they are like a firecracker ; ashes on the inside and flames on the outside.

Hadiya  Rahman for Beyond Sanity Publishing

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The Youth Of Pakistan

The Tales of crucified blunt.jpg

The Tales Of Crucified Blunt

Mirrored Voices2.jpg

Mirrored Voices: Emerging Poets Anthology

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Mirrored Voices: Best New Poets

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Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry

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Okay, So, since the dawn of time, we have been mesmerized by visual arts and cultural aspects of entertainment, I wanted to interview someone who knows more about photography, entertainment, media and socially enthralling events than me. (I am a lazy person who thinks about ten million things about taking a picture.)

Since the dawn of mankind, surfaces have been drawn upon. Visual depictions of human interactions, emotions and visions have been imprinted on mediums as unconventional as cave walls to Florentine canvasses.

Asim is from Lahore and he is currently residing in New York. He is one of the best photographers I have known and I wanted to let people know how people from Pakistan are making their way up the ‘Fame’ and ‘Creativity’ ladder.

Here we go.

When did you first hold a camera? What did It feel like?

Looking back, probably I was 8-9 years old when I started playing and using a camera. Obviously, the days of the film it was a different genre, a different life. People back then were doing photography for the passion and art. There was no digital or instant images. People today have easy accessibility to DSLR and imaging softwares, and pick it up and consider themselves photographers.  It truly has saturated the market and the art of photography is losing its value.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.30.59 AM

What is photography to you?

Photography to me personally is not simply a framed capture of a moment in time but in fact taking that moment in time and making it last a LIFETIME…! We live in a world where patience and value of time has lost all means. Be it food, shopping, anything for that matter, most people seek solely instant gratification. In this rush, we often look for the big picture and lose the details and the simplest things because we take them for granted. To me, I want to highlight the beauty in everything, simply because BEAUTY EXISTS in everything surrounding us…


Explain yourself if you were a photograph.

I’d make a horrible photograph haha… on a serious note, my journey, life has countless downs and a few ups… therefore, my photograph would be proof of far-fetched dreams can be achieved, an inspiring photograph of sorts, I suppose.


How many categories of photography have you conquered? Name your best.

There is no such thing as conquering anything. One is never a master of anything because that’s when EGO sets in and one can never fully stop from learning. Firstly, photography is a continuously evolving field, be it the equipment, style, photo editing software, or even the physical end result, for someone to say I am the leader of this type of photography is simply bullshitting you. Yes, people have their specialties or preferences of what they may want to shoot, that’s it, simply a preference, not a conquered niche.


How is photography growing in Pakistan?

I haven’t visited in Pakistan in about 6 years but from social media platforms and shared images, photography has come a long way. There are many incredibly talented photographers that have not only made a name for themselves but are continuing to be unique and special in their own way. The one thing absolutely disappointing watching from afar and from my talks with many and firsthand seeing is the dominance of 2-4 names that literally are trying to monopolize the market. As other careers and the way things run, its apparent that many incredibly talented photographers are not given the same opportunities because the same mindset continues “don’t change something till it’s broken”.  This kills inspiration and positive in the long run and the only true suffering is faced by the art of photography.


Are you planning to come to Pakistan?

Being born in Pakistan, I feel I have strong roots there and no matter how much time spent anywhere in the world, there is a sense of belonging on some subconscious level. The better question is when and that does depend on any good and respectable projects. Thus far, its been a lukewarm reception and do not have any plans.

mawra new edit

How does photography tutoring or classes or workshops work?

So many people reach out and ask where did I learn or what books I used. I always answer the same thing practice, practice, practice. Via tutoring, classes or workshops, I believe it allows a personal experience of learning from mistakes and applying concepts on the spot with immediate feedback to see not only the results but what works or what may not. On that note, I do teach with private lessons and workshops.


If they do, would you work with them to teach young artists?

Of course, anytime anyone has reached out in any way, I have always tried and given my 110% in helping be it the technical aspects, editing, or framing. I truly believe anyone can learn from any level of photography experience, for it’s the art and passion that brought us together sharing something in common.



What was your most exciting shoot?

For someone living their dream, every shoot is nerve-wracking, yet exciting.  It is the anxiety of perfect execution that kicks adrenaline in, thus the excitement does exist in almost every shoot. Oh wait, for me weddings are the only shoots that do not excite me…. If I had to pick my MOST EXCITING shoot, the AIBA awards in DUBAI, simply, meeting and hanging out with SALMAN KHAN…!



Who did you love to work with?

I truly am blessed to have worked with some of the biggest names in the world. I could never narrow down this question. Be it Bollywood celebs, American figures or others, every interaction has left me with some special feeling I walked away with.  More than working with some amazing people, I’ve been blessed to have rubbed elbows, assisted and learned from the best photographers in the world, such as Lindsay Adler, Jay Dickman, Craig Lamere, Michael Thompson, Jennifer Rozenbaum, Peter Hurley, etc.  On a working level, I’ve been very for the people that have believed in me and given me such big platforms to not only pursue my dreams but make them a reality, such as Mohomed Morani (Cineyug), Jimmy Rizvi (ARIZ), Raju Sethi (AVS TV), Manny Singh and Ali Dalvi.


Name some of the people you have worked with?

Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika P., Priyanka C. Sonu Sood, Abhishek B. Malaika Arora, Jacqualine F., Varun D., Anil Kapoor, Ranvir Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Ankit Tiwari, Akriti Kakar, Sukrati Kakar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Vishal and Shekhar, Neeti Mohan, Mika Singh, Imran Khan (actor), Imran Khan (singer), DJ Aqeel, Farhad Humayun, Strings, Noori, Mawra Hocane, Ali Xeeshan, Nauman Ijaz, Aamina Sheikh, Ali Kazmi, many many more…




What do you do other than photography?

Live life? Just kidding… I went to Med School and work in Radiation Oncology and also have a Masters in Health Administration. At the end of the day, my passion is solely for Photography.



How are you helping Pakistan’s image?

Whatever free time I do have, I give it to charity or community service. This is not about helping the Pakistani image but more importantly for giving humanity another chance.  I believe in Humanity before anything and truly life is too short, yet we get wrapped up in our egos and goals set forth by us and our families. I try to give back in any capacity, it doesn’t have to be money, give your time, donate your services, do something to put a smile on a stranger’s face…



Your aim of life?

Aim to better myself for myself. I am not in competition with anyone nor am I out to aim and achieve certain goals. Life is a blessing, take it and appreciate it.!



In today’s increasingly technologically progressive era, digital formats are all the craze. From DSLR cameras to mirror-less point-and-shoots, everybody with an eye has the means to materialize their abstract dreams.

Asim has made his dream come true. When will you make them true?


I am so honored to call him my friend. To know more about him, visit his website or social media pages:


Official Website

Asim Farooki For Beyond Sanity Publishing

Interpreting art depends on a person experiences, their visionary thoughts and culture. Art is not perfection; art is something that continues to develop as it is seen, meaning to open all human capacities, thoughts and emotions. Art is a creation that represents liberty to whatever the viewer wants art to be.


Don Vito Corleone, the head of a New York Mafia family 

Size: 3.5’x2′ 

Puzo does everything in this book; action, drama, romance, epic, humanity, pulp, and he does it all effortlessly. One second you’re reading about a fictional mafia  and the next second  you realize you’ve stumbled on one of the great literary achievements of the century.

Starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in Corleone New York crime family, this story is built in the years 1945–55, focusing  on the transformation of Michael Corleone into Mafia boss. Sheharyar Painted this master piece to give tribute to this amazing movie and novel.

Here is the artist for you!

My name is Sheharyar Fakeha. I am 22 years old from Karachi, Pakistan

I am neither into social activities nor working out on huge scale, I just do it for myself.
a piece of advice for everyone out there from me is that take chances. tell the truth. Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no. Spend all your cash. Get to know someone random. Be random. Say I love you. sing out loud. Laugh at stupid jokes. Cry. Apologize. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell a jerk what you think. Laugh yourself out till your stomach hurts.

Live life. Regret nothing.

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Sheharyar Fakeha For Beyond Sanity Publishing