Imagination jolts who want to measure the magnitude of intelligence this nation has, a nation that is already talented due to its forefather’s brilliant legacy. Aptitude this nation possesses can lead it to beyond the versatility.

It’s not a large shoe to fill to resurrect the felicity, because the wait for the knight in shining armor is over. Aspirants burns midnight oil to take this country to the next level of docility and demureness by getting rid of simulated fantasy and dead sleep.

The youth brighten up the way diligently by kick out the illiteracy and demonstrating its out of box potential globally. The generation now rushed to catch the level of versatility by introducing mind blowing efforts in the arena of science and technology. Innovation takes over the conventional learning system to build up a smart and sophisticated insight. Institution boost up the acumen and mentors are focused to deduce a creative mindset in order to live better tomorrow.

An unstoppable passion of being educated is prevailing under the roof of poverty, and destitution has been defeated by the assurgent intentions of generation. They step forwarded to setup new goals and destinations to blot out the night mares. The desire and dedication young one has inside, can be explicitly seen in his eyes. The young one has neglect the social hindrance and set off to embellish the destiny of this nation by saying good bye to despair. This is the era of generation fraught by the enthusiasm that is fully directed towards the accomplishment of what they dreamt.

Whenever and whatever obstacle will it be the quest of knowledge never dies.

People live pacific life under the shield of mighty custodians. No doubt, the armed forces of this country ruined the every evil eye intended to erode this land. Nasty conspiracies of foe inside and outside the country have always been futile.

The way our dauntless forces crippled the hostile, explicitly shows their valor and commitment to this nation.

 They are ready to shatter the every inch of malicious intentions of each and every extremist. The nation is contented to have a paragon force of the universe.

These invincible and immensely devoted forces of Pakistan took an oath to the loyalty and grace the dignity of this country by omitting their lives, personal priorities and families. The day is no longer when fiendish enemies will have no chance of redemption except extinction.

Today, every kid feels lively when he salutes to the sentinel of this nation and country as well.

With the passage of time, people have batter recognition about the leader who can sincerely interpret and preserve their rights in an optimum manner. Now the public don’t believe in traditional slogans and commitments and seeking for those who can take their voice and stance emphatically to the dukes of state.Public departed for the revival of the country, where the preaching and beliefs of Jinnah and Iqbal would bring in to enactment, where the priority is justice and serving the folks.

Nation knockout the system of capitalism and now every aristocrat must go through the phase of accountability. Leader who exploit the throne and botch the future of this country become a sign of admonition for the entire dynasty. Public needs a faithful and dynamic captain to raise the glory and demands nothing except service.

People of Pakistan are immensely blessed by the grace of Allah Almighty. They always eagerly ready to help the underprivileged people and leaves no stone unturned to impart good living standards and joys among down trodden class of society. Generous people of Pakistan feel spiritual satisfaction by having a smile on needy cheeks.

These affluent people devoted their lives to serve those who lives hand to mouth. Deserving and deprived people being cared in their lives and even after the death as well by these seraphic and big hearted humanitarian.

These caring and loving people never find any scarcity in their treasure. They have no motive behind this philanthropy, although it is a source of sheer bliss for them.

Each and every champ who came to adjure this nation was full of sincerity and determination. They could feel the agony the nation was going through. Their mission was not confined to the acquisition of land only, it was a strive for autonomy and empowerment as well to make the nation realize its actual worth and dexterity. These freedom fighters ignited the glim among the folks to live the life of fraternity and self-esteem. The role of each and every warrior who engaged in the battle of freedom and verity will always be indelible and exceptional in history.

This land keeps on producing the legendry icons who startled the world by their competency and majesty. This orientation by the pioneers of nation causes every today batter than the yesterday.

People are evoking the modules taught by the prestigious personalities to live a breezy and delightful life. They love to cheer and set to root out all the hostilities among themselves. In spite of many social glitches, the nation squeezing the dismay and welcome the optimistic attitude of society to greet the future full of golden celebrations. The perception of an individual is getting closer to rationality. Now people are eschewing from orthodox approaches and solutions to live a fruitful life and ready to stimulate innovative way of living.

This steady but immaculate transformation of this nation can be disparaging for the forlorn and downcast people but as a matter of fact nation has moved on, to reach the sky and no one will retreat now.

No doubt, the nation vowed to assuage the darkness and future is going to be Green. 

Article by Anas Alvi for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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