Of course, the future of our nation is directly associated with our education system.
This will be the only production which can hold the hand of our drowning ship. Our education system could be only responsible for all this mess and abhorrence. Once a poet said,
Tingle mingle piece of brick
Nation’s certain Thin and thick
Nations built by systems’ bar
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Kids are nation’s future’s bond
Single droplets building pond
Today I am going to illustrate and highlight the main and only bone of contention for our future’s structure and it’s the education system of our dearest homeland.
 We have 3 different education systems running parallel at the same time in our country.
* Number one, Government Schools’ System of Education
* Number two, Private System of Education
* Number three, Religious System of Education
And all of them are badly damaging the construction blocks of our nation and atonality. First of all the governmental administration is just a bunch of idle crooks that simply don’t do their job at all. It’s been a long time when we heard around the anthem of Pakistan.
“Pak sar zameen shaad baad.”
The other one, the private school system is merely no system indeed and at all. You have 11 schools in one street running different syllabuses. What they will make of? What we can expect from them? If one is teaching Australian schooling and the other is impressed by the British Council? What if one is showing its affiliation with Oxford and the other with American Education System? How can we justify our position? How our children will know who they really are? How can we stand as a nation? If we are doing so? Han!!!
The only religious system of education is still firmly established but with sorrow and a lot of sorrow, I would like to affirm that they still don’t believe in the evolution of life, in the reach to the moon, in the advancement of science and even in the round shape of planet earth. They don’t have fresh knowledge with them and thus we can’t equip our kids with latest science and technology and progress in knowledge.
I am sure all of us know what I am saying. I am saying that in past 40 years we produced the generation that never had a direction as a whole nation. They never brought up as a family rather they’ve been jumping like toads from one fatherly entity to the other. And now where we are? We can see!! Han!!
Where we are? We are a mock mob of people and bushes of Iron-grass. Our past was once our present in past. Yess!! If we did realize our faults and errors that time, we were as honorable as modern nations are. We didn’t really realize the situation 40 years before. And we are not trying to realize it till now. We aren’t ready for. Still, our education systems are the same. Still, we don’t have any change in our minds. No prescription. No planning, no way, no path, no direction. Oh God!!! What are we doing here?
Once a poet said,
If you want to breathe like a freeman on the earth
Live like a point on the line of the birth
Think like a brain full of wisdom of the time
Bread like a bird, make broods like a rhythm
Our generations are poor in their recognition. They can’t yet identify them at all. Our future is in the hands of our children. If our children are losers or sort of strangers to their home, how will they survive in future? There is no future without a perfect education which meets our present day needs. We ethics to be taught, the ethics of the modern age, it’s very simple, “live and let’s live”.
History is the witness of the dark ages of European countries. Today’s Netherland is an example and ideal state for the rest of the world. Not only European Countries but our own Asia, the far eastern countries especially Japan was the worst on the earth, but today… Japan is number one in the world for its ethics and moral values. How? The question is …..How?
And the answer is very simple. They gave a perfect education system to a few of their past generations and now their present is established very well with good peace and calmness. The average age of Japanese is above than 70 years, yes above than 70 years in this modern world of today. It’s strange and unbelievable. And we Pakistanis have only 45 years the average age of a citizen. Can anyone justify this difference with only religious tools? Never! The acceptance of modern changes in human thoughts has to be adopted. Sunlight is inevitable at all.
The time of dark ages on planet earth has gone forever. We, humans, are surviving even in the 21st century and we are more equipped and more developed than ever before.
At the end, I would like to add that it’s only education system that can make us a nation, otherwise we’ll be just a mess of masses, a mere crowd like sheep in a herd.
Bilal Yasin on The Educational System of Pakistan

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