I heard those unheard stories

I saw on those faces

Toils of their life

Full of hardships

All put aside as if they never existed

Their questioning eyes

Asking aloud all the questions which were prohibited on their tongues

Enough of the rhetoric

Enough of the sacrificed lives

Enough of shattered dreams and souls

All in the name of honour

How many more daughters and sisters and wives do you need?

To fill those graves of honour

Emasculated identities and faces

Torn souls

Creases of face skin


Their eyes

Their faces

Their hands

Their numb bodies

And dashed down minds

Sighing out loud

Isn’t the number enough

In the name of honor?

Bina Awan for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected  QNN9-ER00-NRUA-NCM0


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