mutual core.jpg

Björk, “Mutual Core” video still, 2012. Credit: Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, Image courtesy of Wellhart Ltd & One Little Indian

When I was light and insufficient,
My ears were fond of hearing.
That women are fine and elegant,
While men are arrogant *domineering*
Attains the nature that persecute,
Turns world into his enemies through combating
His style..converse and expatiate,
Depicts constrain and tormenting.
He walks arrogantly *belligerent*
Cares for none,such egotistic.
He is caged between his own thoughts,
Ignores others,Oh!the creature overweening.
“But ,oh!You women,much delicate,
“not every men is bossy and subjugating”
As I grew up and became adolescent,
i stumbled upon a Man, relying
He changed my view on men entirely,
revealed the qualities not obviously manifesting
my time spent with him benignly
Such voice which was soul-soothing
I came across his tender and warmth,
My God!emotions full of nurturing.
The way he looked upon women,
The stare of his eyes is embellishing
“Men has those feelings that tear him down”
Yet he is strong not unconvincing.
The reason he hides so often his screech,
The world demands him to be fiercing
Is he tha man i was told to restrict?
Nay!he must be the angel sparkling.
“Not every man that gaze on woman,
Is meant to be unbefitting
Stop labeling traits of men as brutal,
Not every man is callous and unfeeling.
Asma Rashid for Beyond Sanity Publishing

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