‘Being a writer’

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Artsy Poems, Blog Posts, Reviews
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Being a writer is amazing, as much you runaway from it, it comes back to you with the equal amount of thrust that you used to plunge it down. You can be anything, your ideas are formless they’ll come to you uninvited and you’d have to mop them up to relieve your mind to a solitary state.
It’s unbelievable when everything you write, every word you utter retires back your muse. You may not intend to do it but it captures everything into a strangely small infinity of your inspiration, your muse. Those of us that have this privilege, I think it’s our duty to let it gush like blood from open wound, otherwise the world may not be as it has to. Your every action contributes to your future, a small alteration and your future might not be the same, as scary as it sounds. The world may not be affected by what you do, despite its ignorance you, you have to believe, you have to know that you’re running into a complexity, to a path where you can be you, if you follow your heart. With everything you do, the world is a better place, things for you will merge to a circle which has boundaries as unchallenged as horizon, you are the center of universe and everything around you conspires in a momentum you set.

Atta Kashmiri for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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