We live in the present, where at the very moment the future does not exist, but its formation is continuously waved on by everyone. An individual weaves his own future by the choices he makes and the action he takes, whereas the future of the nation is made by all the individuals’ efforts combined together.As the famous proverb goes “what you sow, shall you reap.”
Looking at the present, we can catch the glimpse of what the future will look like. As we keep looking at the vision in our head, we continue to see more of what we’re already perceiving, up to the point that the vision becomes so clear that we can be almost sure that this is how the future will actually turn out, one way or another.
Now, let’s look at Pakistan and try to determine what the future will look like and let’s perceive what the role of education in that future will be.
Education is a very simple thing, you learn, you take tests, you pass and yet, the outcome is so very diverse. As you graduate, the degree you hold in your hand and the effort that went into it gives you the power to affect everything around you on a very big a level. You can be a lawyer and protect people’s rights, you can be a doctor and save their lives, be a soldier and protect the state and everyone in it, you can be the voice of reason, the epitome of freedom and creativity. You can be anything you want to be and that’s exactly what education teaches and enables you to do. No matter what you choose to become, in a way, you would be deciding not only your future but also the future of the entire state.
This is how education plays a part in the future of a state. It is quite simply a system in which efforts are made to make individuals realize the importance of morality, justice, freedom of choice and freedom of expression, of humanity and of all the things that truly and immensely matter and the outcome is the same. Individuals now return the favor of what has been sowed in them. They make use of everything they are taught and stand up for what they are made to believe in. They have the power and choice to work for the betterment of the country and humanity.
Now, let’s look at the current educational status of Pakistan, the current adult literacy rate in Pakistan is around 58℅. In some areas like Islamabad, the rate goes much higher while some areas might not even have heard that a thing called education even exists in this world. At least to them, it doesn’t. The male literacy rate is higher than the female one because of the ignorant behavior of the individuals and authorities combined. There are people who have no desire of getting women educated while a lot of institutions only run for men and continue to disregard women as an equal part of society. So, from where we stand today, the future of Pakistan does not look very bright and this is all because of the very obvious lack of education. With none to teach the people the importance of their own being and of the resources around them, they fail to grasp the power that God has put into their hands the moment they were born. With no degree in their hands, they work continuously and under all circumstances but without actually getting anywhere. The tradition of illiteracy continues on, a ‘chai wall’s’  son becomes the next chai walla. While the ‘tandoor’ owner at the corner proudly presents his son as the new owner. A laborer’s family continues to be a laborer’s family generations after generations. Things continue the way they are.Among the illiterate,  people are killed upon petty matters. Human lives matter as little as grains of sand in a desert. Women oppression is the norm, child abuse becomes a right you’re born with. The poverty, starvation, and ignorance are passed on like genetic traits.  The present becomes the future and the resemblance is so uncanny that one thinks that entire thing had been videotaped and put endlessly on rewind, with no stop button at all. The only change that might occur is that film gets hazier and hence the conditions become worsened by time. I wonder, what the stop button to these conditions could be? Yes, exactly, it’s education. That’s the button. Press it and change the destiny of all the chai wallas and tandoor was, of all those who are killed in the name of honor, of all the areas that are under the control of someone wiping out everyone and everything that offends their ego and their rigid opinions. Today’s education is the only thing that can bring the necessary change. It is the only thing that can take it out if the storm it’s in and shower it with rays of sunshine.
All lives are both innocent, they act what they learn. Education is a continuous process that shapes the mind of people as they grow up and face life. Everyone has a brain, yes, but without the right education, it can go to waste. Consider a plant, if u give it water but keep it in the dark, it cannot photosynthesise. It needs light to complete the crucial process. Likewise, keep a child in the dark and he will fail to perceive what’s right. And what one cannot perceive, one cannot act upon.
Education is the only thing that can break all borders and bring the revolution we’re in dire need of. Today’s education can bring peace and enlightenment in the future of Pakistan. As a Latin, proverb goes,

‘Nonscholae, sed vitae discimus’
(Translation: We do not learn for school, but for life)

 By Rohma Sohaib


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