Every year on 14th June,countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day(WBDD).The event,established in 2004,serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products,and to thank blood donors for their voluntary,life saving gifts of blood.World Blood Donor Day is one of eight official global public health campaigns marked by The World Health Organization (WHO),along with World Health Day,World Tuberculosis Day,World Immunization Week,World Malaria Day,World No Tobacco Day,World Hepatitis Day and World AIDS Day.
The word ‘DONOR’ origins from the Latin word “Donare”,which means “to give”.Here I will describe the World Blood Donor Day,which will take place on 14th of June.It was first established in May 2005,at the 58th session of World Health Association in Geneva.The event directly relates to the Human Services and social work.This day will be celebrated across the world to raise the public awareness about the need for safe blood donation including its products voluntarily and unpaid by the healthy person.
It’s the day we celebrate and honor blood donors from around the world who give up a little of their time(and blood) to help someone in need.Most blood donors will never know who their blood eventually helps,but they donate for no other reason but just to do something altruistic to benefit someone else.That’s why we say that “BLOOD CONNECTS US ALL”.Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society.It is not harmful for adult person to donate blood.The body of donor can regenerate the blood within few days.so it poses no threats to the metabolism of the body.
       “You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives.Just donate blood.It’s safe.It’s simple and it save lives.”
Now a days public awareness is noticed to donate blood.Many colleges,societies,offices etc organize blood donation camps on different occasions.It is a healthy gesture,we must keep this aptitude up at any cost.Blood can be stored for a limited period of time that is why blood banks need a steady and constant collection.In many countries there is an inadequate supply of safe blood,and blood services face the challenge of making sufficient blood available while also ensuring its quality and safety.There is no substitute for blood,so the only way to get blood is through unpaid donations from donors.
     “Blood donors bring a ray of hope”
Despite about 92 million yearly blood donations world wide,safe blood is constantly on high demand.In Pakistan specially because whenever there is a bomb blast,hospitals need blood in large quantity and they ensure that it is safe because that’s the matter of saving lives.Malnutrition,Thalassemia and severe Anemia are the major diseases prevailing in children.Up to 70% of all blood collection in Pakistan is given to children with Thalassemia,which accounts for about one in ten of all childhood deaths in Pakistan.
Imagine how many lives of innocent children you could better by donating blood.
To promote the idea of blood donation in Pakistan,the government health department itself,with the help of WHO and Pakistan Red Crescent Society must start awareness campaigns.Despite the fact that we Pakistanis are very active in charity,we have a very low ratio of blood donors.There are few volunteers that donate blood frequently.The main factor behind this isn’t no proper education regarding blood donation at the school level.In our country people only donate blood when a friend or relative is in need.I don’t say that people here don’t donate blood,they do but not many people are interested in blood donation campaigns.According to annual WHO report,65% of blood is donated by the Pacific countries.Some countries including Pakistan are donating less than 10% of their population.
So on this day healthy people should go and donate blood.Actually not only on this day but at least once in a month.On this day let’s promise with ourselves that we will take part in saving lives by donating blood.Last but not the least I challenge each of you to go out and find out about what a difference you can make by saving a life.

Yousra Naeem for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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