Looking back at the history of Pakistan, the nation is well aware of the sacrifices made in order to achieve freedom from the cruelties of British Government. All these generations since 1947 have had people trying to reawaken the people to work towards prosperity and success. The only tunnel to a better future for Pakistan is education.

Education will not only provide the generation with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities,  it will provide them with ways to free the country from corruption, extremism, terrorism, partiality and unjustified social norms. The so-called democratic system of Pakistan will be altered to avoid vote rigging during elections.  Educated candidates would stand for the country and would be able to tackle political issues better than the government prevailing in the country. Pakistan has been set back mainly due to the stereotypes in the society. Education has and will make our youth confident enough to fight for their rights, it will demolish the concept of early marriages and quite a number of children from our society. It is said that when the youth of a generation starts the action,  none can stop it. Education will free the society from the concept of women staying at home and will help them to work side by side with men towards the betterment of Pakistan. The rights and wrongs will be justified and the judicial system will be cleared of all sorts of bribery as highly educated judges who understand the laws take control. Education is not required for degrees and respectable jobs, it is needed to change the mindset of our people,  to make them understand the importance of being able to write and to make them realize how important is the country that has raised them. Pakistan has been formed on the Islam; the differentiation between Islam laws and social misconceptions will be created through education. People will soon be aware that it is not a sin for a woman to work and earn or pursue a career she wishes to.

Pakistan needs to be made independent of all foreign aid that it is currently dependent on. In order to achieve this goal, our country needs a stable education system that will raise entrepreneurs and traders who could bring money to the country. The main reason for backwardness in trade is the lack of security in our country. It will be overcome once loyal and brave military officers are raised in a literate environment and are trained accordingly. It is not the lack of talent that has deprived our country of a better standing but the unavailability of resources to train and Polish the skills of our youth which would turn them into gems that are highly needed by our country. We have all dreamt about a peaceful and successful Pakistan but only a few work towards it, its high time that we raise our pens for the honor of our country, we shall read and write and make sure we do it with patriotism in our veins and sacrifice in our blood. Let’s take an oath today that in a few years , we will leave not a single child that is unable to write his name properly. We will stand for education and literacy to become our swords in the war of freedom against crime, ferocity, cruelty, backwardness and illiteracy.

 By Maham Javaid


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