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Do me wrong, do me right. Tell me lies but hold me tight.
Save your good-byes for the morning light, but don’t let me be lonely tonight.

Say goodbye and say hello. Sure enough good to see you, but it’s time to go.
Don’t say yes but please don’t say no, I don’t want to be lonely tonight.

Go away then, damn you, go on and do as you please,
You ain’t gonna see me getting down on my knees.
I’m undecided, and your heart’s been divided, you’ve been turning my world upside down.

Do me wrong, do me right, right now, baby. Go on and tell me lies but hold me tight.
Save your good-byes for the morning light, morning light,
but don’t let me be lonely tonight.
I don’t want to be lonely tonight, no, no, I don’t want to be lonely tonight.

I don’t want to be lonely tonight.

James Taylor, 1972

Don’t let your loved one’s feel alone, sad or cold this New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year!


In dreams I dreamed on the shores of tomorrow,
I dreamt where the suns stood sentinel
in negligence watching the innocence burn
sentinels perfectly content and sane

In trellis of the hot kinned blood, stood,
a bridge made of blackness being crushed from all sides

A bridge that cradled
a set of twins, two boys separated by a year so near twins, almost brothers

Sons of the same planet
Earth of the Earth their father
In a past dry as tinder, stacked ready to go, something new ready rise up, aglow

A stone bridge stuck in medieval Europe amidst the forested hills and the green knolls ;
distasteful like when the years become sacred

Two boys one five the other six, or the other six and one five or nothing both

One droll and the other grim on this papery bridge

Two little boys, one on a bike the other afoot, chasing each other’s colors and shine
their mingling shadows chasing them
fording, the cobblestones trodden by their pitter-pattering feet, crossing this Bridge of Fear their voices prattling and warm
promise of everything lies at the other end, waiting for them. The other side promising them sanctuary a safe refuge from the hands of men

This bridge span for centuries reaching everywhere and we ran and ran and we ran some more. There are no dour trolls under the bridge soured by our presence. Only time stretching our lives, our indelible bodies taut taunting us their fare for our passage of time

In the cave of our youth, we hear the song again for the first time. It’s time to step out
it’s only a bridge, time we don’t need you anymore, we are taking back our names

The flintlock charges go off, we are scrambling running across the stones, we are getting off this, we are ditching this bridge of pestilence

You are on the bike, I am on foot, running after you I see you
You rode I run trying to catch up
I keep you within my sight the distance between us grinning at me and we are furlonged by Age.
But I muster on, pushing myself. I must. Not. Fall. Behind. You blurred in front of me. I let the bond flood me, the blood of my own pounding in my head. I panic. I feel the same pounding headache the fish felt seeing the wolf get slaughtered in front of it.

I gain purchase. I gain I gain I gain. Again. I lost. There are no surprises here. There are no songs .

You are my reflection, only better. You are the charcoal sketch of myself, only vibrant and defined in a world that is drab
the world around us is crumbing, our world is crashing around us.

we are hithering and thithering , we are hightailing outta here. One after the other. One running. One following. None getting none the wiser
childhood felling as we sweep by, passing the felled boyhood

you are pedaling so fast, too fast
I can’t catch up out of breath already
on this derelict bridge
you pedal on and on
not looking back
toward a devastated future

In the dreams I dreamed on the ashes of yesterday, on the birth of the night

I am always surrounded by knaves on all sides corned, and you are always coming in to rescue me from the left
Now I can’t rescue you
Not sure if you really want me to

Why is the shiny new bike not enough for you
Why are you always saddled on the need for want, always wanting more
farther and farther away from me

In those dreams I dreamed I dreamt
you are on a bike as solid as lies pedaling away face upturned, eyes skyward and I am on the bridge made of clouds

You are forever chasing the shine of balloons
I am forever chasing you.

Asghar Abbas For Beyond Sanity Publishing

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