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  • Tell us about yourself?

I think it’s the most difficult question as still, I need to know a lot about myself. I belong to a middle-class family brought up by decent parents and I am grateful to them. I completed my primary from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At a young age left for Pakistan and completed my Medical training as a doctor.  My first write-up was rather an opinion for how to keep city clean which came out in Dawn’s Young World. After that was busy in studies. I started writing again though with fits and starts from 2013

  • Why did you choose to write poetry?

I think it’s like poetry chose me, this genre of writing was new for me too and u will be surprised to know that I have lots of books which adorn my shelf and borrowed from friends too but none is the book of poetry. Though if I was reading poetry as part of my grade course I would be mesmerized with words.

  • When did you start working on your book?

I was writing mainly for relaxation just to vent out my feelings but credit for it goes to some of my colleagues who after reading my poems so much liked it that they encouraged me to go for a compilation of my writings and that’s how it came in my mind. I submitted poems in two competitions for one I was selected among commendable writers. I then compiled and sent a rough draft around April 2016 and there was no looking back.

  • Who are you currently reading?

I am currently reading the book version of  “Miss Peregrine’s Home for The Peculiar Children” penned by Ransom Riggs. It’s a light fantasy read.

  • How do you manage to write with your profession keeping you busy?

I think it’s a lot about prioritising. As my profession takes up a lot of my time. I feel for some poetry is practiced and learned but for me, its borne out of situations I see, feel or experience so I cannot particularly slot time that this time is for writing poetry. It depends on my mood.

  • Tell us about your upcoming book?

My upcoming book is “Reneging Quiescence”, the concoction of different experiences and common message in one way or other and that is a refusal to be silenced by wrong things. Sometimes we are aggressive in certain situations to criticise but where we can really help we just turn a blind eye.

  • What are your plans for this book?

I hope this book is able to reach out to maximum readers out there and also help those who are not voracious readers but can read it to get an inspiration. It will be released on Amazon and Kindle first, and then as a paperback.

  • Why do you think the culture of book reading declining in Pakistan?

There are obvious reasons like education being too much expensive so increase in illiteracy, from childhood not encouraged to read books, different aspects of social media like the net ,- television to keep families occupied so no one interested. Book fairs are being arranged in Karachi where a lot of old books exchanged but usually fewer crowds are willing to stand beneath the sun to buy books.

  • Do you prefer E-book or Paperback?

For me, the magic of Paper book cannot be compared with an Ebook ever. At Least for now and maybe in the future. Sitting on the computer for a long time is also damaging for eyes, your posture also.

  • As a writer and a poet, what is your message to the world?

My message to the world is happy it’s your right as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Don’t stop dreaming. Be good where every where there seems to be so much rush its like time has bought us.

N remember as I said before AS WE LABEL THE SKY SO WE SET ITS LIMITS.

I want to thank Irum CEO of the publishing house and an  author in her right for asking me for her blog interview.

You can buy her book by placing an order here:

Know more about her Here.

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Hello there! Long time no book? We have got you covered!

Every story brings us something to learn, something to absorb and something to deliver to the world. I started a project which aimed to bring together hundreds of writers across the globe through literature. A paperback anthology where hundred writers will present their work to the world. I am proud to tell you all that I got over 1000 entries for the collection and we have chosen the final 100. Every writer will be getting an email from us shortly with the details.


We have planned series of Reading Sessions and Book launches across Pakistan. First in Islamabad then in Lahore and Karachi. You can suggest the venues and things you would want to see here:

See details about our events here.

Beyond Sanity Publishing held a book launch of Eliminating Riba-A Way Forward by Summan Waseem. The event took place in July, 2016 at Islamabad Hotel.The book highlights the predetermined return on the use of money.This book is a great effort by the writer to eliminate the usury or interest from our banking system. 
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We had honorable guests invited at the event and we are pleased to had them on the spot..They all made speeches on the topic under discussion *Elimination of Riba* and also appreciated the work Beyond Sanity Publishing is doing to promote literature in Pakistan. 
Pre-order your copy now to get a signed copy for just Rs. 1000 Pak Rupee. We are launching it in our office this FRIDAY! 
Find the event details Here.
Event will start at 4 p.m sharp and will have author reader talks, book signing and a giveaway from Beyond Sanity Publishing.
You can always order books by us through our email. Or drop a message Here.
Send us your poetry, artwork and articles too! We love reading.

It is exciting to see people with talent and the will to write joining hands to create beautiful art and literature.

That being said, I announced last year that Beyond Sanity Publishing is accepting submissions for a paperback anthology of the best work submitted. Last date to submit was May 31st. So right now I am going through hundreds of different poems and stories to see what comes where. I will announce the final list on In July!

So that leaves us with little over a week. way too much to do, so little time. Beyond Sanity Publishing is currently working on the following projects:

  • The Youth Of Pakistan by Hafiza Noor.ul.Ain
  • Psychaotic by Irum Zahra (2nd Edition)
  • The Tales of Crucified Blunt by Areesh Fatmee
  • Five Wishes and the prophecy of the prince by Faran Kiani
  • Out of the labyrinth by Zoha Hidayat and Saja Ali
  • Reneging Quiescence by Dr. Samiha Zubair
  • Eliminating Riba- A Way Forward by Summan Waseem

Many other projects are in pipeline as well, including my personal favorite, Humans of ICG. I studied in Islamabad College for girls for 12 years and it was a long long time. I learnt so much and I went through so many emotional changes during that time. ICG was and is a place where we made friends, had endless gossip sessions, motivational pep talks sessions, Oh and the students week was the best of all. Funfairs, concerts, book fairs. What was not there?

Sadly, not me anymore. Everyone graduated and then their sisters are there and their cousins and the cycle goes on. The story goes on. So I decided to make a Facebook platform where everyone who has attended ICG can submit a story of their time in ICG and other students can read and share and relate to the same things. This project is lead by Maham Fatima, an excellent student of ICG and a very important member of Team Beyond Sanity.

We have also started a giveawayEnter Here! winner will get a free BOOK from us and an Eid gift! How cool is that. 

Then, we are currently taking submissions for book reviews ans marketing. If you’re already a published writer, let us help you in promoting your work to our audience.

Highlight of this week is Noor.ul.ain’s National Television Interview, that you can watch Here.  We are so proud of her. To order her book, please drop an email at

SUMMERS! Send us your summer book collection. we want to know what you’e reading.

Have fun!



Are books your favorite thing? Do you absolutely adore bookshops? Is hanging out with literary people discussing their work your favorite way to spend your evenings? If you answered yes to all these questions then I can bet you rushed eagerly to the Book Launch and Reading Session by Beyond Sanity Publishing on the 9th of May, 2016, at London Book Company, Kohsar Market.

The turnout at this event was delightful. London Book Company was filled to the brim and people who came a bit later faced difficulty in finding a place to sit. The ambiance was perfect for all bookworms and lovers of literature – bookshelves on either side, dimmed lights and glittering stars amid a darkening evening sky outside.

The CEO of Beyond Sanity Publishing, Irum Zahra, came up with this event to ensure that the love of reading remains alive and thriving in Pakistan. Those who are linked with these events know that people love coming to such gatherings and there are so many writers, poets and artists in our midst who jump at the chance to share their creativity with others.

The Youth of Pakistan, a book by Noor ul Ain was launched at this event, with people eagerly buying copies and having them signed by her. It was the first book launched by Beyond Sanity Publishing. Irum Zahra, writer and Goodreads Award Semifinalist, read a few poems from her upcoming book, Invictus, full of full of thought provoking words. Saja Ali and Zoha Hidayat, coauthors of the mesmerizing book Out of the Labyrinth, read a chapter from it. Faran Kiani read some parts from his book Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince, a novel which will take you down the road of magic and fantasy. Taqdees Alam read his poetry and also showcased his fabulous artwork. Hadiya Rehman, social activist and writer shared her views on women’s rights. Kamil Khan illuminated the audience with his stand up poetry on how technology has slowly managed to ruin our lives. Last but not the least, the special guest at this event was none other than Taimur Rehman, poet and storyteller, who captivated the audience with his beautifully spoken words in Urdu and created quite a magical atmosphere! After the conclusion of the reading session, there were enthralling musical performances by Sherry Bakshi, Abeer Ali Ikram, Uzair Idrees and 360 Degrees. All in all, it was the perfect combination of reading and music and definitely worth going to.

Anyone and everyone who came to this event must have gone home spared from the usual Monday blues. It was a refreshing event because everyone needs a good dose of reading every now and then. In an era where technology seems to have taken over everything else, there is nothing better than being in the midst of books and hearing people talk about their love of literature in all its forms. Being able to express feelings in words is fascinating, and anyone who can channel his emotions through this medium is indeed a lucky person. We look forward to more events like this one in the future.

Article written by Maria Mansoor for

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Coming from Karachi, today we bring you one of the most talked about musicians in Pakistan, Sherry Khattak. From covers of famous songs to Nescafe Basement star, Sherry has made a place for himself in this world filled with music and poetry.


Here are his thoughts on Music, Life and More Music!

Tell us about your beginnings as an artist?

Well to be honest I never knew exactly when it all started for me, I remember being a music freak back in my school days, so much that I made a deal with my parents to buy me a guitar if I get good grades, and it all started from there.

What lead you to create your own band and work in the music industry?

Unlike others i was lucky to work in a studio right after i started music, So I was well aware of how to work in a studio, sooner I was fortunate enough to own my own studio and make music for myself.


Tell us more about your band?

Overdose has been a bit off the map these days, Since we all are now busy in Nescafe Basement 4, We have an English original in the pipeline that we’ll be releasing right after the season ends.

Tell us more about the type of music you make, what inspires you?

I never tend to isolate myself under one specific genre or type of music, I love experimenting and Nescafe Basement has groomed me a lot in making music, If you see the original song I did in last season and the song I did this season you’ll clearly see how I have improved in song writing and experimenting.


Have you worked with any other artists?

I have worked with alot of great names whom I always look up to, artists like Xulfi, Gumby, Omran Shafique, Meesha Shafi, Adeel Khurram and many others.

You also work as a producer, could you tell us more about that experience?

I love being in the studio, when I’m back in Karachi, I’m busy in my studio and when I’m here in Lahore I work as an assistant producer for Nescafe Basement, in short my whole year is spent in studio working and doing what I love.


Would you say that you are closer to fulfilling your dreams?

Well I guess I’m pretty close.

What are your thoughts on the kind of music playing today, in this day and age?

It’s great! I have seen such great talent in the past few years, all we need now is a boost in the industry and I think music shows like Nescafe Basement and Coke Studio are playing a huge part in it.

What would you do or say to improve peoples’ perception of music?

I would listen more, and like we musicians experiment in music people should change there listening often, Try finding new bands and singers once in a while.


How has it been like to work on Nescafe Basement?

It has been life changing for me, this is my second season and every day I feel like I have improved, watching everyone and learning from them every year what more would anyone want.

Do you have any advice to give for the kids starting out and for those who are trying to make it in this industry?

I would say never give up, keeping at it is the key making good choices will always make you sustain in what you do.

There you go guys. Another great week for Beyond Sanity Publishing. Reach the artist here:

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Ever since I started working, I always pictures Hira Ali, the  CEO of Revelations Event Management and Decorators to be a mentor and inspiration for every young girl wanting to make their place in the world. She is very professional and very friendly at the same time, she motivates and encourages so many people in Pakistan and even around the globe.

Revelations has created so many beautiful events together, exquisite photography, delicious catering, decor that would make you say ‘O Dear God, I want this on my birthday’

So Beauty? Check.

Confidence? Check.

Success? Check.

Be  Inspired.

Define yourself?

I’m a workaholic and I strive for perfection.


What is it like being a woman who work as an equal to men and pulling off events better than them?

It feels great hahaha. Being able to stand proud and happy at the end of every event makes me feel great.


Is Pakistan supportive of working women?

At first they weren’t but now the trend s changing and are yes very much supportive.

What was the most exciting event of your career?

Everyday is a new day, with new people, new places so I think that day is its yet to come.


Where is Revelations headed in the next 5 years?

It started between friends and now, it had become Islamabad’s most sought after event management company. In the next 5 years, I see it very ahead of its game.

What makes Revelation exceptional?

We’re the pioneers in the field of thematic birthdays that makes the magic happen. Till now, we have organized more thematic birthdays and weddings planned than any other event management company in Islamabad.


Name some of the achievements Rev scored.

Making magic happen and being the reason behind people’s happiness is the biggest achievement anyone can ask for.

What is reason behind women not adjusting in this men’s world?

Who said it’s a men’s world? (Smiles)


What was the biggest career decision you made other than Revelations?

This is what I wanted all the way. Revelations is who I am.


What kind of people do you hate to work with?

Over confident, Nosy & Fake. Might sound rude,but trust me, when you are in this line of work, you get to meet all sorts of people.

How do you see event management in Pakistan?

Event management has created a huge industry for itself in the past few years in Pakistan and no doubt that it is one of the most successful businesses in Pakistan.

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What would you like to say to all young girls wanting to follow your footsteps?

I would like them to always be original, and that they should never forget their roots.


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Born in Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi, Rohail Khan tells us about his aims and goals in life. He has worked with so many brands and kept us stalking our social media to look for a Luke Evans look-alike, guy with curly hair.(I did that too!) Getting to know him was a great deal of fun. He is such a down to earth fun lovin’ person.

Here are some of the questions I asked him, to get to know more about his journey in life and entertainment industry.



When did you decide that this field needs you?

Its not about needs, I have always been into performing arts since an early age. I always wanted to flaunt my talent on a bigger screen and got a break through a couple of years back.

How did you manage to keep your feet stable in this ever changing industry?

Now that’s a tricky question, it depends on your learning process. I always make sure whatever the trend is going on, I have to make my moves according to it.




What are your three favorite things about what you do?

The feedback from my friends and followers, the inner happiness and the professionalism.



Do you believe media is positive towards Pakistan?

It’s a paid world, money talks. But some of the brands and faces are doing a fantastic job to make Pakistan proud.

What projects are you working on these days?

I am in talks with some brands, looking to step in drama industry and make my exposure games stronger.



What was the best thing that ever happened to you?

My family and rest is yet to happen I guess.



What kind of a friend circle do you have?

I am very limited and I hardly have 4 to 5 friends and we are just like the James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill of the film ‘This is the End’.




Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Somewhere better where I am today with some more achievements in my bucket.

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Good Luck Rohail! Wish you all the best for your future!

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