They tell us,
To follow our dreams,
But whose dreams really?
Do we follow?
This society,
With its pleasure centered mind,
Making us believe,
That we will have,
The ideal life,
The perfect one,
Telling us the ingredients,
Of a happy life,
So I ask you,
Now all grown up,
Are you happy?
Are you really fucking happy?
Maybe we should have focused,
Less on the definition of happiness,
Handed to us,
And focused more,
On being content,
With what we have,
In defining,
Our own values,
Using our own damn mind,
Just once,
So we don’t become,
Mindless imbeciles,
Following trends,
Seeking pleasures,
Things out of our reach,
But it’s never too late,
To get up from your ass,
Use that rusty head,
And change your life,
Enlightenment is a blessing,
For us cursed souls,
Look deep within,
And find what inspires,
Your pathetic self,
Let it consume you,
Take control over you,
And for once,
Make an effort,
To change,
And I promise,
If you have,
Just a fragment,
Of your soul left,
You will find happiness,
Not in the brothels,
Not in the beer,
Certainly not in this,
Fricking materialistic life,
But in the service,
Of one another,
In the smile of a child,
In the rain,
In the kisses of your love,
In this imperfect world,
Embrace the little things,
These Small moments,
Will make up,
For the void,
There is no perfect time,
No perfect place,
That will bring you joy,
The time is now,
The place is here,
Find it,
Cherish it,
Love it,
Be content with it,
Or keep complaining,
The choice is yours.

Sheharyar Azeem For Beyond Sanity Publishing Registered & Protected  QNN9-ER00-NRUA-NCM0


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