“Education is not the filling of pail, but the lighting of fire”

                                        -William Butler

There is a conflict between literacy and education. Every educated person is a literate but every literate is not an educated person. Literacy merely means; capable of reading and writing. On other hand Education gives a vision, it plays a vital role in the development of human personality and serves as a substructure for critical thinking. Unfortunately, Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates according to United Nations. Despite being densely populated state Pakistan is bereft of Education. To vanquish this problem Education Itself is the solution. The biggest obstacles to education in Pakistan are cultural constraints, conservative beliefs, classism and illiteracy of parents.

A nation without education is merely a herd of cattle which is unaware of its directions and destinations. Particularly for the developing countries like Pakistan education is the most powerful tool, it’s an instrument for the transformation of society. It develops directed behavior among individuals. The population of Pakistan is largely composed of youngsters, by refining young minds into productivity Pakistan can become a superpower like the USA whose population is considered as man power, unlike Pakistan in which the growing population is a burden on the state.

Social Development is the product of deeply rooted moral values. Japan was once an abandoned state is now considered as one of the most economically and socially developed countries. Teaching moral values and etiquettes are part of their curriculum. They bring productivity and positivity in their students by shaping their mind to do something substantial for their country. Pakistan should also follow the footsteps of Japan in order to bring change.

For the better future of Pakistan, we should never ignore the importance of women education. Despite it being the right of every human to gain an education. Women in Pakistan are still facing hurdles in getting an education, especially the women of rural areas. Noble peace prize holder Malala Yousafzai depicts this reality by saying

“ We cannot succeed when half of us are held back”. More than 60% of the population of Pakistan is comprised of females. Only if we educate our females we would educate the whole nation.

“ One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world “

Some Institutes of higher education like NUST, LUMS, QUI… etc are already on their way in building an educated Pakistan. Doctors, Engineers, and teachers of today will change the outcome of tomorrow’s Pakistan. People will be able to choose between right and wrong, they would be independent and the society would be free of ills like inflation and terrorism. Currently, Pakistan is facing many challenges as a nations-state like honor killing, gender discrimination, the war on terror and political instability. By digging a seed of education Pakistan can overcome all the challenges. Only and Educated individual would know which leader is right for his/her country, which policies are right for his state and what projects will bring prosperity to its nation. Long live Pakistan!

Arshia Nazakat

Bs Psychology, IIUI



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