60 Second International Film Festival and Lahore Consulate celebrate the art of filmmaking

Posted: March 29, 2016 in 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, Blog Posts, Events, Pictures, Reviews
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Lahore – March 24th, 2016: Lahore witnessed creativity and film enthusiasts come together this Thursday for the annual screening of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival. The festival was held at the School of Creative Arts, in collaboration with the University of Lahore. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, the event featured a workshop on filmmaking and photography, enlightening discussions and film screenings.

60 Second Intl. Film Festival is an initiative that provides a platform for young filmmakers from around the world to present their ideas and perceptions visually in front of diverse audiences. The initiative believes in empowering the youth to raise their voice, and create awareness regarding social issues that matter.

Children’s creativity was honed during the workshop on filmmaking and photography, followed by a screening of films created by children from previous workshops held in collaboration with US Embassy and WWF respectively. To conclude the screening for kids, an episode of the animated series, Burka Avengers was also shown.

The evening session entailed a panel discussion, an open house session and the screening of the best 60 Second Intl. Film Festival films. The third place for best film went to “Toofani Kiddo” by Ramaisa Shahid from Pakistan, second place to “Shaitan” by Sourabh Bali from India, and “Vision” by Farzad Samimi and Vahid Omidi from Afghanistan bagged the first place.

The guests present at the event appreciated the unique program and said such events should take place more often. Abrar ul Hassan, the Festival Director, stated that “60 Second Intl. Film Festival is more than a festival; it is a union of art and media from all around the globe with the purpose of inspiring many.”  Rachael Chen, Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Consulate General in Lahore praised the festival, saying that “the festival provides young filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their talents, and initiate discussions about key issues facing youth today.”

The festival will travel to more cities in coming weeks.


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