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Santa’s Reading List

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Blog Posts

Purvi's Purple Petals


You were so desperate to read to your heart’s fill that you even participated in the Book-Bucket-List-Contest, better known as the Book-Bucket-Challenge* at Facebook that went viral or the sophisticated ‘The Brunch book challenge: read 24 books in 2014**’. You quoted your favourites over the years and were itching to show off your latest picks too. But you still missed out on a few, didn’t you? I have listed here the names & lists of the best of the best ones, as much for you as for myself, a summarization of those books whose names did rounds from mouth to mouth, from status to status and from mags to newspapers. Have your pick from this gist of this gift ~ Santa’s suggested reading-list for the best-seller cum most popular books of 2014 that you should have read but couldn’t! 😛 Never mind, its holiday time, use your debit card, go shopping…

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Beyond Sanity Publishing

Launch and Book Signing of Psychaotic

If I could rewind time and go back to the whole event, and relive every second of it, I would, In a heartbeat.

I was awestruck by everything there was and everything there is. Event took place in ICG F-6/2 Islamabad, Pakistan on 28th Feb,2015.

Event started on 10:30 Sharp with a welcome note by my English Teacher, Mrs. Sadia Malik and the continued to Ms. Sumbal for author introduction.

After that, I was invited to give a speech. It turned out to be funny and a bit emotional at the end. I had nothing written down and I just started speaking words that came into my head.

I read three of my most Favorite poems, *The Cross Roads*, *Crave* and *Dear Ariel*.

I was asked a series of very interesting questions regarding my book and my career.

I will post the whole…

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mehreen5 out of 5 Stars.

I’m a huge fan of details in any novels. They make or break the characters.
Mehreen has described every character, every weather, every motion of the image in such a beautiful way that I had the picture of the whole book in my head like a movie.

It was dark and real, just the way I like my books. There was no false hope, no fake promises. Just truth and reality. That is why I loved reading the book.

I cannot imagine how she poured out all these words and I kept wanting more and more. Pages turned, It was an emotional ride indeed.

Well done, Mehreen.

I can’t wait to read your next novel.

You’re amazing.

Happy Reading!

Psychaotic: See The World In Red and Black is a beautifully written volume of poetry. Heart-wrenching and evocative, it made me think deeply about how the author must have felt when she penned those words. My personal favorites are her poems Perceptions and Vendetta. Her language is simple and her emotions are certainly relatable. Her work reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s poetry.
I received a copy of this book from the author for reviewing.

“I wonder
If those talks matter
Few done in the clarity of day
Or the many
Done at 3 a.m. in the morning”

It’s not often that I find someone who can express in words exactly what I’ve felt at some points of my life. “Psychaotic” isn’t just a collection of poems – it’s a collection of feelings, thoughts, emotions, illusions, and realities. It’s complex and at the same time clear, and I believe, anyone could see their reflection between the lines of these poems. It didn’t matter to me that they were dark; I like realism, and I like reading about raw feelings and see vulnerability mix with strength. If you like poetry, if you have ever been depressed and felt something so deep and dark you had trouble defining it – I think you’ll find this book thought-provoking and refreshing. Recommended to all poetry readers.
Psychaotic is a collection of beautiful poems, which, although many of them are dark, they make you feel optimistic after you’ve read them (possibly with the exception of “Adept of A murder” – which was more scary than dark). Reason for that, I think, is that the poems manage to put words on feelings which all of us have felt at least one time. It puts shows us the feelings we have about facing the world with words. There’s obviously a lot of giving from the author’s side and I don’t think these poems could have been written without some personal sacrifice – something that I as a reader appreciates. Even if you don’t like dark poetry, my three favorite poems in the collection; “Peace to my storm”, “A violin’s love”, and “Turn back time”, will surely make you glad you took the time to read this book