Launch Of Psychaotic In Islamabad College for girls, Islamabad,Pakistan

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Blog Posts

Beyond Sanity Publishing

Launch and Book Signing of Psychaotic

If I could rewind time and go back to the whole event, and relive every second of it, I would, In a heartbeat.

I was awestruck by everything there was and everything there is. Event took place in ICG F-6/2 Islamabad, Pakistan on 28th Feb,2015.

Event started on 10:30 Sharp with a welcome note by my English Teacher, Mrs. Sadia Malik and the continued to Ms. Sumbal for author introduction.

After that, I was invited to give a speech. It turned out to be funny and a bit emotional at the end. I had nothing written down and I just started speaking words that came into my head.

I read three of my most Favorite poems, *The Cross Roads*, *Crave* and *Dear Ariel*.

I was asked a series of very interesting questions regarding my book and my career.

I will post the whole…

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