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I heard those unheard stories

I saw on those faces

Toils of their life

Full of hardships

All put aside as if they never existed

Their questioning eyes

Asking aloud all the questions which were prohibited on their tongues

Enough of the rhetoric

Enough of the sacrificed lives

Enough of shattered dreams and souls

All in the name of honour

How many more daughters and sisters and wives do you need?

To fill those graves of honour

Emasculated identities and faces

Torn souls

Creases of face skin


Their eyes

Their faces

Their hands

Their numb bodies

And dashed down minds

Sighing out loud

Isn’t the number enough

In the name of honor?

Bina Awan for Beyond Sanity Publishing Registered & Protected  QNN9-ER00-NRUA-NCM0


I attended Fast University’s NaSCon’16 and I promised that every participant will get their poetry published on my blog and get a chance to enter the anthology I will be publishing later this year. Last date of submission is 31st May, 2016 FYI.

So here is the first of many ahead. I will also be posting poetry from Bahria University’s students who participated in BYTE’16.

Here is Asma Rashid, with a poem on WOMEN. Yes, US!


Being a grownup poetess,
My mind was just roaming.
What should be the motif,
Of the poem I am writing.
The words and thoughts,
In the head were floating.
‘A girl with the quiet tongue’
I imprinted at the beginning.
Possession of a delicate nature,
Yet neither bending,nor unyielding.
With remarkable energetic strength,
A potency not giving in.
The looks,the charms,those eyes,
With high aims she is gazing.
her expressions and gestures,
Are so tremendously magnifying.
Her mind is full of galaxies,
The way her ideas are phrasing.
True feelings of affection and care,
The soul that is extremely impressing.
When she opens her mouth to speak,
The talk is scrupulous and gratifying.
Maybe her brain speaks loud,
And the thoughts may also be terrifying.
She forgives all the grieves,
Her strong nature is intensifying.
She faces the storms so quietly,
The fight that is much petrifying.
Women is a selfless humankind,
The sure rebellious and defying
She is the one present among us
NaSCon Collaboration with Beyond Sanity Publishing Registered & Protected 

As the sun set upon their house,

And the chores came to an end,

She sat beside her mother,

Looked intently at her with beady eyes,

Brows stitched together

And asked,

“Ma, your lineaments

Speak of a story.”

And she softly replied:

“I’m the earth, my darling.

An onrush of greenery

Withered by dust and rain;

Hollowed by shovels of pain.

These lines speak of how

I’ve fallen a multitude of times;

let wind carry dirt into my saline eyes;

Yet stood up all on my own.

I wear them with pride.”

Sarrah Hussain

Being a writer is amazing, as much you runaway from it, it comes back to you with the equal amount of thrust that you used to plunge it down. You can be anything, your ideas are formless they’ll come to you uninvited and you’d have to mop them up to relieve your mind to a solitary state.
It’s unbelievable when everything you write, every word you utter retires back your muse. You may not intend to do it but it captures everything into a strangely small infinity of your inspiration, your muse. Those of us that have this privilege, I think it’s our duty to let it gush like blood from open wound, otherwise the world may not be as it has to. Your every action contributes to your future, a small alteration and your future might not be the same, as scary as it sounds. The world may not be affected by what you do, despite its ignorance you, you have to believe, you have to know that you’re running into a complexity, to a path where you can be you, if you follow your heart. With everything you do, the world is a better place, things for you will merge to a circle which has boundaries as unchallenged as horizon, you are the center of universe and everything around you conspires in a momentum you set.

Atta Kashmiri for Beyond Sanity Publishing


NaSCon is one of the biggest events  organised by FAST National University Islamabad that invites students from all across Pakistan to compete in extraordinary activities. This year, NaSCon is expecting an audience of over 3000 to participate in 50 different competitions relates to business, technology and engineering.

This year, NaSCon has invited me to be a speaker and Judge at their poetry competition.I think  that it is a great chance for students to present their ideas and their love for extra curricular activities.


Here are the details:

“Takhaeyul ki Uraan – Flight of Fancy” is a poetry writing competition for registered students of colleges and universities all over Pakistan! Its the second time this competition is being held in FAST-NU Islamabad’s NaSCon! So join us and show us your skills in writing Poems and Ghazals!

Register here

Rules and Regulations:
• You can write either in Urdu or English
• There shall be a winner for English and one for Urdu.
• There will be only 1 round of 120 minutes. No extra time will be given.
• Your poem/ghazal must not be any more than 30 verses!
• The required stationery will be provided to the participants.
• The participants will be given a scenario, or a theme to write on.
• The participants will be awarded points based on relevance to the theme, style of delivery, poem structure and uniqueness of their material.


For detail and further information contact :
Gulraiz Niazi : 03055121719

Venue: A.K. Brohi Road H-11 Islamabad


Startup Expo is a country-wide platform that brings forward brilliant, young, entrepreneurial minds to put on display their products and market their ventures.

The various features of the event include:

Startups Exhibition

The hub of all entrepreneurial activity that invites the 100 startups emerging in the market that qualify to exhibit ideas, demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and promote innovation.

Corporate Exhibition

A platform for all the corporate entities where they showcase their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers and examine market trends and opportunities.

Startup Conference

Engaging panel discussions and inspirational keynote speakers touching various aspects of the revival of the economy to encourage and promote local startups. Startups will not only be encouraged to present new ideas and innovation but their efforts will also be recognized and rewarded in the set categories identified to promote positive competition in the Award Ceremony.


Learning workshops on the art of social media strategies for the startups with the ideas that inspire will be extended this opportunity so they can take back useful knowledge and hone their skills.

Investor Pitches

Startups hand-picked by Startup Expo can pitch ideas to the jury. Doing so will allow them to get acquainted with this exercise and prep them for the future.


An opportunity for all the freelancers out there to meet and network with the IT industry and a forum for them to learn and gain useful knowledge in the respective field.

Press Conference

Prominent and distinguished guests from the government will highlight the significance of entrepreneurship for the economy of Pakistan and the role that government plays in this development.

Food Festival

Food stalls selling a wide assortment of food delicacies will be present for the attendees to take a break throughout the day. For the kids, several games and activities will be organized including soap soccer, magic show, costume characters, etc.


To unwind at the end of the day, all participants and attendees will be invited to a live performance by Mustafa Zahid and Roxen.

For more details, visit: Startup Expo

Written by Hadiya Rahman



Coming from Karachi, today we bring you one of the most talked about musicians in Pakistan, Sherry Khattak. From covers of famous songs to Nescafe Basement star, Sherry has made a place for himself in this world filled with music and poetry.


Here are his thoughts on Music, Life and More Music!

Tell us about your beginnings as an artist?

Well to be honest I never knew exactly when it all started for me, I remember being a music freak back in my school days, so much that I made a deal with my parents to buy me a guitar if I get good grades, and it all started from there.

What lead you to create your own band and work in the music industry?

Unlike others i was lucky to work in a studio right after i started music, So I was well aware of how to work in a studio, sooner I was fortunate enough to own my own studio and make music for myself.


Tell us more about your band?

Overdose has been a bit off the map these days, Since we all are now busy in Nescafe Basement 4, We have an English original in the pipeline that we’ll be releasing right after the season ends.

Tell us more about the type of music you make, what inspires you?

I never tend to isolate myself under one specific genre or type of music, I love experimenting and Nescafe Basement has groomed me a lot in making music, If you see the original song I did in last season and the song I did this season you’ll clearly see how I have improved in song writing and experimenting.


Have you worked with any other artists?

I have worked with alot of great names whom I always look up to, artists like Xulfi, Gumby, Omran Shafique, Meesha Shafi, Adeel Khurram and many others.

You also work as a producer, could you tell us more about that experience?

I love being in the studio, when I’m back in Karachi, I’m busy in my studio and when I’m here in Lahore I work as an assistant producer for Nescafe Basement, in short my whole year is spent in studio working and doing what I love.


Would you say that you are closer to fulfilling your dreams?

Well I guess I’m pretty close.

What are your thoughts on the kind of music playing today, in this day and age?

It’s great! I have seen such great talent in the past few years, all we need now is a boost in the industry and I think music shows like Nescafe Basement and Coke Studio are playing a huge part in it.

What would you do or say to improve peoples’ perception of music?

I would listen more, and like we musicians experiment in music people should change there listening often, Try finding new bands and singers once in a while.


How has it been like to work on Nescafe Basement?

It has been life changing for me, this is my second season and every day I feel like I have improved, watching everyone and learning from them every year what more would anyone want.

Do you have any advice to give for the kids starting out and for those who are trying to make it in this industry?

I would say never give up, keeping at it is the key making good choices will always make you sustain in what you do.

There you go guys. Another great week for Beyond Sanity Publishing. Reach the artist here:

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