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Hello there! Long time no book? We have got you covered!

Every story brings us something to learn, something to absorb and something to deliver to the world. I started a project which aimed to bring together hundreds of writers across the globe through literature. A paperback anthology where hundred writers will present their work to the world. I am proud to tell you all that I got over 1000 entries for the collection and we have chosen the final 100. Every writer will be getting an email from us shortly with the details.


We have planned series of Reading Sessions and Book launches across Pakistan. First in Islamabad then in Lahore and Karachi. You can suggest the venues and things you would want to see here:

See details about our events here.

Beyond Sanity Publishing held a book launch of Eliminating Riba-A Way Forward by Summan Waseem. The event took place in July, 2016 at Islamabad Hotel.The book highlights the predetermined return on the use of money.This book is a great effort by the writer to eliminate the usury or interest from our banking system. 
book cover 4
We had honorable guests invited at the event and we are pleased to had them on the spot..They all made speeches on the topic under discussion *Elimination of Riba* and also appreciated the work Beyond Sanity Publishing is doing to promote literature in Pakistan. 
Pre-order your copy now to get a signed copy for just Rs. 1000 Pak Rupee. We are launching it in our office this FRIDAY! 
Find the event details Here.
Event will start at 4 p.m sharp and will have author reader talks, book signing and a giveaway from Beyond Sanity Publishing.
You can always order books by us through our email. Or drop a message Here.
Send us your poetry, artwork and articles too! We love reading.

It is exciting to see people with talent and the will to write joining hands to create beautiful art and literature.

That being said, I announced last year that Beyond Sanity Publishing is accepting submissions for a paperback anthology of the best work submitted. Last date to submit was May 31st. So right now I am going through hundreds of different poems and stories to see what comes where. I will announce the final list on In July!

So that leaves us with little over a week. way too much to do, so little time. Beyond Sanity Publishing is currently working on the following projects:

  • The Youth Of Pakistan by Hafiza Noor.ul.Ain
  • Psychaotic by Irum Zahra (2nd Edition)
  • The Tales of Crucified Blunt by Areesh Fatmee
  • Five Wishes and the prophecy of the prince by Faran Kiani
  • Out of the labyrinth by Zoha Hidayat and Saja Ali
  • Reneging Quiescence by Dr. Samiha Zubair
  • Eliminating Riba- A Way Forward by Summan Waseem

Many other projects are in pipeline as well, including my personal favorite, Humans of ICG. I studied in Islamabad College for girls for 12 years and it was a long long time. I learnt so much and I went through so many emotional changes during that time. ICG was and is a place where we made friends, had endless gossip sessions, motivational pep talks sessions, Oh and the students week was the best of all. Funfairs, concerts, book fairs. What was not there?

Sadly, not me anymore. Everyone graduated and then their sisters are there and their cousins and the cycle goes on. The story goes on. So I decided to make a Facebook platform where everyone who has attended ICG can submit a story of their time in ICG and other students can read and share and relate to the same things. This project is lead by Maham Fatima, an excellent student of ICG and a very important member of Team Beyond Sanity.

We have also started a giveawayEnter Here! winner will get a free BOOK from us and an Eid gift! How cool is that. 

Then, we are currently taking submissions for book reviews ans marketing. If you’re already a published writer, let us help you in promoting your work to our audience.

Highlight of this week is Noor.ul.ain’s National Television Interview, that you can watch Here.  We are so proud of her. To order her book, please drop an email at

SUMMERS! Send us your summer book collection. we want to know what you’e reading.

Have fun!



Beyond Sanity Publishing is a literature reviving initiative by Irum Zahra, an International award nominated writer which focuses on bringing the young and talented writers, poets, story tellers and artists to exhibit their world across the globe.
This event will have:

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Book launch of ‘The Youth Of Pakistan’, written by Ms. Noor.ul.Ain
Reading sessions by:
Our special Guest, Taimur Rehman
Irum Zahra from ‘Psychaotic’ and ‘Invictus’
Zoha Hidayat and Saja Ali from ‘Out of the Labyrinth’
Faran Kiani from ‘Five Wishes and Prophecy of the prince’
Taqdees Alam
Hadiya Rahman, social activist and writer
And many more! is our official promotional partner! See the details here:
We have so many surprises in store for you. For more details, See:

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The Youth Of Pakistan

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The Tales Of Crucified Blunt

Mirrored Voices2.jpg

Mirrored Voices: Emerging Poets Anthology

Mirrored Voices3.jpg

Mirrored Voices: Best New Poets

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Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry

To order signed copies, Please drop an email at:

Or see:

Official Facebook Page




Pakistan, at its inception, was a beautiful reality to millions of dreams. It was a heaven or in the very least a refuge from hell. It lived in the imagination of its founders: this breathtaking example of perfection where peace would prevail and love would be bountiful. Unfortunately, the Pakistan sixty seven years after the death of Quaid e Azam is not what his Pakistan was supposed to be.

The first national quality Quaid kept advocating for was ‘unity’. His Pakistan was meant to be united through all of its sorrows and ecstasies. Today however, the divisions amongst us are spectacular. We are one nation brutally divided into provincial entities, religious sects, social castes and financial ranks. Then these fake identities define and shape entire lives of our people. These deliberately created and meticulously maintained barriers create an excellent opportunity for applying the famous formula of ‘divide and rule’ bringing in countless national vices and paving ways for frequent disasters. Traitors in every possible disguise exploit our differences on a routine level and this leads to further disunity. Even our educational institutions proudly pose with categories in terms of the quality of education provided being directly related to the social class of the people interested. The situation has become so desperate that differences in our political interests can put ‘mutual patriotism’ to rest. Our nation never really started thinking as one and so we failed at Quaid’s advice of unity.

His second primal motto was ‘faith’. This faith can then be understood in a variety of meanings. It could either be faith in each other, faith in oneself, faith in our country as a whole or most importantly, faith in Allah Almighty. Not surprisingly, we have magnificently failed at every single one of these interpretations. In Pakistan it is a common trend to pull their legs if they come in your way. Patience and coexistence are seriously lacking in our society with practical demonstrations everyday on busy roads and all the way to law making assemblies. Despair and low sense of self have also found a comfortable abode in our society as faith in our own selves diminishes quickly. Or maybe it never really existed in the first place. The faith that we have in our country is clearly evident from the amount of brain drain our nation has to suffer from. The fact that people run away from Pakistan the first chance they get is the sad reality of today. Moreover, the Pakistani nation has gradually swayed from its ideology so much that right now we stand at a point where belief in Allah could very easily be the only factor keeping the few patriots sane. Sadly, our nation could not adhere to Quaid’s second advice of faith either.

The third golden rule our Quaid left behind was ‘discipline’. His Pakistan should have been a dignified civilization upholding discipline and quality management in all its affairs. This dream became another one that could not be turned into reality. The factor which happens to be behind this trauma is the weakness of state institutes in direct implementation of the laws of the land. A common Pakistani man cannot be expected to even follow the traffic rules; what to say of disciplined behavior in other more serious matters. Discipline is taught to some extent in schools but one peek into adult Pakistani life reveals it all as a hoax. Feudal lords posing as politics have found their way into legal and judicial system of the country making implementation of discipline virtually impossible. Situation has worsened to such an extent that the only national institution that belongs to our nation and is still known for discipline happens to be the army. Even Pakistan’s state institutes cannot claim to be as disciplined as they ought to be. Thus another one of Quaid’s rules is broken everyday in a country that was supposed to be his Pakistan.

Quaid e Azam left behind a legacy guided by his all time famous tip for his nation to ‘work, work and work’. This Pakistan seems to have forgotten that lesson of continuous toil and devoted hard work as well. In a nation devoid of nationalism where politics is a means of playing with people’s needs to attain power and where the powerful can eat up the weak whenever he wants, however he wants; where corruption prevails and the honest have to pay for their honesty; where anyone can procure a shortcut to worldly success and power, no one wants to work as hard as Quaid would have wanted him to. Today our students do not work hard because it is too easy to bribe or cheat their way to excellent grades. Our state employees do not work hard whether they are teachers, law enforcement officials or even clerks in state offices only because their accountability does not exist and sincerity directly leads them to doom. Ironically, even people who do work hard are unconcerned with the purpose of the endless exertion that Quaid stood for. In Quaid’s Pakistan, our hard work and efforts were supposed to be meant for creation of a better future for our country and rather unluckily, we have failed him yet again.

However, even though our past does not portray the most pleasant sight; our future could still be as bright as the sun. Although we acknowledge that this is not what Quaid’s Pakistan must have looked like, we also need to realize that it still can be turned into something even Quaid would be proud of. Our nation needs a unifying point, something to hold onto that gives them faith and finally a strong leader who disciplines them and inculcates hard work as a national quality. Nonetheless, the main requirement that rests within the core of all things needed is the medicine of ‘hope’. Every individual has to become his own leader envisioning Quaid’s Pakistan in his mind’s eye and then following the rules laid out by the great man himself to attain the Pakistan he wanted.


Submitted By: Hafiza Noor.ul.Ain, Author of The Youth Of Pakistan

Secured 2nd Position


Happy New Year Everyone!
Lets start this year with some prizes, shall we?
Winners will be featured in #BeyondSanityPublishing website and #Anthology this year in #June !
They will also get cash prizes, 2000, 1500 and 1000 respectively from #JosheJunoon
All remaining articles will be published online and given a certificate.


Hey Everyone.
I am very happy to announce that in a short time, we received over 23 articles on the topic and we have chosen top 10 and forwarded to our jury.
Me, Writer, Publisher
Samana Riaz, J.E.J
Asghar Abbas, Internationally published writer
And Hafiza Noor.ul.Ain, Writer of The Youth Of Pakistan, International writer
And we will be announcing the best three on Dec, 31st
Top 10 will get certificates and their articles will be published on my website and top 3 will get cash prizes, 2000, 1500 and 1000 along with certificate and submission of their articles in Beyond Sanity Publishing anthology next year in June.
Will update the details soon!