Humans are fragile creatures

Posted: June 20, 2016 in Blog Posts
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World consist of billions of humans Creatures are the beautiful elements of this genetic universe. Regardless the cast, color all human s are equal and deserves the best around them. We live in a world where people are rich, poor or living average life, though they can feel, live the nature either they are billionaire or poor so they have every right to express what they feel that why we are considered as fragile creatures. We can feel the pain we also get hurt. Every living tangible thing is different by nature deep inside the behavior to! But their acts can affect them no matter what. Male are always considered as strong entity. Whereas women are considered as weak as they are physically weak, but that is the one of the fact one cannot argue. Are they supposed to fight? To show their strength?

Yes they are strong ! Strong enough to represent their ability yet again, the perception is they are fragile feature. Because they Are supposed to feel the pain or get hurt more than the man. Human beings are most explosives with their ideas on the other hand most kind, a savior for others too! No offense we are too much in technology driven world because of this we are so. much dependent on the technology which is point for us to ponder for. Persons achievement in this world is the ability of their own who reorder the world. Yet they are big flows in them to overcome that each attribution should fight hard and show the world that we can bounce back and emotions can be kept a part to capture the word for them. 

” God made the world, humans made it worth living for”

Awais Tariq from BYTE for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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