Coming from Karachi, today we bring you one of the most talked about musicians in Pakistan, Sherry Khattak. From covers of famous songs to Nescafe Basement star, Sherry has made a place for himself in this world filled with music and poetry.


Here are his thoughts on Music, Life and More Music!

Tell us about your beginnings as an artist?

Well to be honest I never knew exactly when it all started for me, I remember being a music freak back in my school days, so much that I made a deal with my parents to buy me a guitar if I get good grades, and it all started from there.

What lead you to create your own band and work in the music industry?

Unlike others i was lucky to work in a studio right after i started music, So I was well aware of how to work in a studio, sooner I was fortunate enough to own my own studio and make music for myself.


Tell us more about your band?

Overdose has been a bit off the map these days, Since we all are now busy in Nescafe Basement 4, We have an English original in the pipeline that we’ll be releasing right after the season ends.

Tell us more about the type of music you make, what inspires you?

I never tend to isolate myself under one specific genre or type of music, I love experimenting and Nescafe Basement has groomed me a lot in making music, If you see the original song I did in last season and the song I did this season you’ll clearly see how I have improved in song writing and experimenting.


Have you worked with any other artists?

I have worked with alot of great names whom I always look up to, artists like Xulfi, Gumby, Omran Shafique, Meesha Shafi, Adeel Khurram and many others.

You also work as a producer, could you tell us more about that experience?

I love being in the studio, when I’m back in Karachi, I’m busy in my studio and when I’m here in Lahore I work as an assistant producer for Nescafe Basement, in short my whole year is spent in studio working and doing what I love.


Would you say that you are closer to fulfilling your dreams?

Well I guess I’m pretty close.

What are your thoughts on the kind of music playing today, in this day and age?

It’s great! I have seen such great talent in the past few years, all we need now is a boost in the industry and I think music shows like Nescafe Basement and Coke Studio are playing a huge part in it.

What would you do or say to improve peoples’ perception of music?

I would listen more, and like we musicians experiment in music people should change there listening often, Try finding new bands and singers once in a while.


How has it been like to work on Nescafe Basement?

It has been life changing for me, this is my second season and every day I feel like I have improved, watching everyone and learning from them every year what more would anyone want.

Do you have any advice to give for the kids starting out and for those who are trying to make it in this industry?

I would say never give up, keeping at it is the key making good choices will always make you sustain in what you do.

There you go guys. Another great week for Beyond Sanity Publishing. Reach the artist here:

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