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I time traveled in your eyes,

Ending up in devastating necropolis,

Stumbling upon dumped mounds,

I lost my being in one of those graves,

Becoming no more an existence but a memory,

Searching for an oasis in that unending desert,

With my parching throat losing its sound,

Whom shall I call? Whom shall I ask?

I am alone! I am alone! Left alone by you!

Entangled in your permanent gaze,

Like you are a painting whose stare follows,

Stepping back, cutting connections,

Yet it grips me frozen as a stone.

I am the lover, you are beloved

I am traveler, you the endless ocean

I seek union and you surround me,

I look for you while you envelop me.

Samina Fazal For Beyond Sanity Publishing

The dream left dismayed, The thoughts left entwined, Words you whispered stumbled to death. You hurtled your way, And I tried to wobble your way, But I knew you would never look back. The way I strive to call you here, The more you stressed your mind. I don’t know why these relations create such fuss, Like we promised to be each other’s, But the way you changed your mind, literally made me cry. Soon the bright days left our fortune, And the darkness pushed me in, I wish you’ll stay happy cause you got what you want, And may you further get everything, You heartily craved for.
Hareem Rizwan For Beyond Sanity Publishing
Art by Cidrah Usmani

 Life will knock you down,Relations will hurt you badly,Friends will criticize you enormously,Family will say a lot about your mistakes,People will look you, as you are from another planet,your complaints will be understood to a extent,your virtues will be regarded as your so called goodness for the sake of your repute,your flaws will be put forward highly magnified,Your emotions will be categorized as being over sensitive,when you ll be lost that’ll be said as your matter of routine,your aggressive behavior will be termed as your habit,your silence will be taken as advantage,Your response to somebody will be taken as your great interest,your ignorance will be called as rudeness..huh..They’ll try to have power on you every single time,you”ll be immensely criticized for your almost every attitude and every feeling.. But you are not the only one,everybody is dealing with their story of life..Everybody faces the darkness of different shades,everybody feels broken sometimes.. But the thing we have to do is to have a belief,to have a faith,to have a sense of consideration in every situation.. Don’t overgeneralize the one incident of life to every path you walk on.. Give yourself a chance like you give every other person a chance to hit on your vulnerabilities.. You are strong enough,you are surviving the damage, You have to live with the cicatrices,you have to meet yourself,don’t wait for somebody to come and heal you,understand you.. Start it with yourself,understand what you want.. Just be truthful and loyal to your very self,It’ll hurt but it’ll built your character and your soul, Encounter yourself not for the sake of denying,lying and projecting your miseries,but for the sake of confronting your faulty perceptions and exploring your inner that surely is holding a bright ray of light.. Confront that ray that is trying to come out but your miseries and Why me question is hindering it.. Darkness leads to light but neither deny the light from darkness and darkness from light.. Then the world cruelties will not mark you as hard as now.. Cherish the pain and every moment of your life !!

Mehreen Malik for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Art by Maham Batool