Education – an asset of a nation which can bring it out from the barren past of history to the prospering present and empyreal future. Education neither needs the massive quantity of people to learn nor the best minds, all it required is the spirit. It turned the whole nation into a cycle of a national prosperity whose only destination is the bright future filled with the glorious rays of progress.

Pakistan- a country with endless boundaries of courageous spirits and talents has been carving its ways in becoming the Asian Tiger from many decades. Back in the 90s, Pakistan had faced the restless problem of peace, poverty, terrorism, martial laws and war. But Pakistan has eliminated all these menaces with powerful and intellectual understanding. Though, one problem which has always been avoided is Illiteracy.

The role of education has always been an important parameter in judging the future of one’s country. We all must understand that education is the only element that has changed the bloody pages of history with the ink of a pen. It’s the education that has changed the destiny of Japan and made it the world most developed country that was once ruined in the ashes. Simply, one cannot say NO to education in any ages.

The role of today’s education is just like a seed which first rooted its ways into the ground, taking every nutrient, and then by growing into the plant with flowers benefits its surroundings with its every single past. Education is just like that seed. Today you have to provide it every single nutrient in the form of young minds, finances, and consideration; so in future, it will give you everything you need.

The future Pakistan will be entirely different if the standard, quality, and equality of education are properly checked. Today, the spread of education in the rural and especially in slum areas of Pakistan requires a lot of improvement. Education in the slum areas is totally like producing the golden products out of the garbage.

Education today must play its role in somewhat productive manner. In order to change the future Pakistan, education must deliver its message of breaking the stereotypic professions- only becoming doctor and engineers. We must want our future Pakistan to have a multiplicity of all professions because without this the picture of future Pakistan will be same as the present one.

Present days, the word Unpredictability defines the future of Pakistan. We all can do this by the magic spell of Education wand. We can do this by giving the wand of education to every single child and let the education play its role effectively only then we can assure the better future of Pakistan.

Today’s education is a Do or Die situation for Pakistan as years back, the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah said,

“Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world is advancing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we be left behind others but may be wiped out altogether.”

(September 26, 1947, Karachi)

The present Pakistan is displaying the paralyzed picture of future, the future with an average rate of literacy and unproductive profession gambling effortlessly towards the assumed erroneous progress. The education is the essential ingredient for the advancement and progress of the education can change the ashes and ruins into the asset of a nation. It can make imperfect the perfect one, paralyzed into the independent and a failure into the successful one.

Malaysia is the proof of the fact that education can change the destiny. Malaysia altered its fate by just handling itself in the hands of education. China, Japan, and Singapore are the examples of a country with massive industrial revolutions which were only the outcome of education. So, it is obvious that today’s education is just like growing a crop whose fruit and yield can be obtained in the future.

We all want our future Pakistan to be developed, industrialized, and advanced but we must have to take some measurements for it. Education must be delivered to every single smiling face on the streets, every aimless burning candle and to every sweating body that is striving for its better futurity.

The education must define its role over the entire nation regardless of their shortcomings and its abilities. With the education, the illiterate cobbler can become the shoe designer, an ordinary house builder with its assumptions can become the architect, and the local factory man can form its own factory and will play their role in changing the future of Pakistan. This is only possible when we shake our hands firmly with the education.

To conclude, if we want to win the race of successful Pakistan with rooted advancements and unmatchable achievement, we must place the education above all things. The role of today’s education is as important for changing the future as one need food to live. The future of Pakistan can be changed if and only the effective role of today’s education is widened properly towards the right direction.

By Iqra Illyas


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