You have movie plans with your siblings and what is the first thing you do?

You buy munching Items!

I’m not sure about you but I buy three things.

Lays-Candies-Soft drinks

I went to the groceries store and while I was scanning the place for edibles I saw a funny looking addition to the chips stands outside. This:


How Creative!

In this epoch of life where everyone walks with the tension lines on their heads and think they never smile again for them people Lay’s Pakistan recently unveiled their new campaign, which gives out a very light yet positive message to the people with the aim to “Pass A Smile” to each other and celebrate as “one smiling nation”. Their pack has a smile on it and the only you have to do is hold the pack of Lays up to your face and what you have seen is you were already smiling. You don’t have to pretend or make fake smiles as your face automatically smiles! So you have a delicious taste with a smile as well.

The lays smile challenge is all about passing smiles and Lays! not only for you but for all of your friends, so this summer not only can you take fun selfies with the new lays #PassAsmile pack but you can also share lays on every fun trip you take with your friends or maybe just enjoy a movie night with a bunch of buddies and the new #PassASmile Lays pack! It is for the first time in Pakistan that this type of a fun packaging has been introduced in the snack industry. Just think about it just by buying a pack of lays you get a selfie prop for yourself and all of your friends just pass the new Lays #PassASmile pack and pass on smiles and lays. This Pass A smile packaging is available for all the delicious flavors of Lays. So what are you waiting for? Grab a PassASmile Lays pack and add fun to your daily snack time! But, Lays Pass a smile campaign has something else for you too,  Lays Pakistan is giving you happiness of winning Rs. 100,000 DAILY for 50 days and a MEGA PRIZE of an Audi A3 sedan!

It looks like this btw. DIE WITH EXCITEMENT OMG.image.jpg

Can you believe it? OH MY GOD who can think like this? And the amazing thing is you don’t have to break rocks for entering in this lucky draw you only have to scratch the code behind the pack and send it via SMS to 9005. I am trying it very now and *fingers crossed* for it but the most important part is that you have to keep the pack safe with you for the lucky draw!

Haven’t tried yet? Why not? Don’t miss out a chance to smile.

Beyond Sanity Publishing for Lays Pakistan


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