I attended Fast University’s NaSCon’16 and I promised that every participant will get their poetry published on my blog and get a chance to enter the anthology I will be publishing later this year. Last date of submission is 31st May, 2016 FYI.

So here is the first of many ahead. I will also be posting poetry from Bahria University’s students who participated in BYTE’16.

Here is Asma Rashid, with a poem on WOMEN. Yes, US!


Being a grownup poetess,
My mind was just roaming.
What should be the motif,
Of the poem I am writing.
The words and thoughts,
In the head were floating.
‘A girl with the quiet tongue’
I imprinted at the beginning.
Possession of a delicate nature,
Yet neither bending,nor unyielding.
With remarkable energetic strength,
A potency not giving in.
The looks,the charms,those eyes,
With high aims she is gazing.
her expressions and gestures,
Are so tremendously magnifying.
Her mind is full of galaxies,
The way her ideas are phrasing.
True feelings of affection and care,
The soul that is extremely impressing.
When she opens her mouth to speak,
The talk is scrupulous and gratifying.
Maybe her brain speaks loud,
And the thoughts may also be terrifying.
She forgives all the grieves,
Her strong nature is intensifying.
She faces the storms so quietly,
The fight that is much petrifying.
Women is a selfless humankind,
The sure rebellious and defying
She is the one present among us
NaSCon Collaboration with Beyond Sanity Publishing

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