What monstrosity has befallen you that your eyes mourn even as your lips crease into one of the most surreal smiles I have ever set eyes on. You are utterly beautiful, lost so deep in the abyss of your agony that its almost artistic, you and your pain, like a modern piece of art weaved together as one. You see you stay in gloom so oft that it has now become impossible to picture you without its shadow looming over you, like an old friend that sticks by like an uninviting shadow. A fire within your soul, your body is nothing but a shell to the explosive grenade that you are, a time bomb that is ticking away for an undefined number of years but trust me when you go off, you will blow up everyone around you with the shrapnel of your undeniable pain; a pain that dwelt on you for so long that separating you from it will be fatal to you. Life; you see is like a mischievous child, who plays hide and seek with you until we give up and when we do, it comes out, to our surprise, from none other than inside us. Life, never hides, it just seeps into your bones and slips under your skin and pretends to lay dead there as you search about in a frenzy for it, never looking into your own self. Hear me out loud and clear, do not play this deadly game with life for it never goes back defeated. Sadly, its too late isn’t it, you have already lost haven’t you. You know what, you are the perfect ruin,you remind me of me!

Hadiya Rahman For Beyond Sanity Publishing


Life Decisions: Photo by Maham Batool

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