There are shelves full of books concerned about the diseases the humans suffer from but what astounds me is that only a meager portion is served to content related to those who suffer on the inside; those whose bruised souls lay restless in the presumably ‘healthy’ bodies. Medical facilities teach how to deal with those whose bodies have been hurt whilst those whose souls have gaping holes in them are left untreated.

I believe, each and every one of us suffers, some from a heart that is shattered while others from hopes that are battered. Suffering is the most exclusive kind of agony that one can be faced with. It is an pool of boiling lava that dwells only within the head of the sufferer, something that no one but they themselves can feel. No one can feel the excruciating pain with the same intensity that you feel, it is something that if different for everyone, like no two finger prints can match, neither can the suffering of two people be entirely the same It is sad how any ailment to the body shows up as signs and symptoms that can be seen and then treated in accord to that yet wounds to the soul remain bloodless and thus veiled. Ironically, this does not make the illness of the soul any let painful, in fact it holds in its fiery belly an array of venomous symptoms, that are concealed to anyone but one on whom this agony is unleashed. As a faux smile plays on their lips, many of these sufferers are dying away on the inside while their exterior plays a façade of joy.Most of these people , they are like a firecracker ; ashes on the inside and flames on the outside.

Hadiya  Rahman for Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. Beautiful post ❤ the pain and depth in words are simply amazing.

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