Quetta – March 12th, 2016A diverse group of audience gathered in Quetta Officers Clun on Prince Road today. This was for the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival which has come to the city for the first time.  The event featured a film screening of one hour where films received from over 40 countries were shown. The special thing about the films was that they were of no longer than 60 seconds each.

The festival was established in 2012 to provide young filmmakers from around the world a platform to present their ideas to diverse audiences and raise awareness of various social issues.  “The 60 Second Intl. Film Festival is more than just a festival,” said Festival Director, Abrar ul Hassan.  “It is a union of art and media from all around the globe with the purpose of inspiring.”

Guests who attended the festival appreciated the initiative and called it a wonderful opportunity for youngsters.

The festival’s evening session highlighted films like “Toofani Kiddo” by Ramaisa Shahid from Pakistan, “Vision” by Farzad Samimi and Vahid Omidi from Afghanistan, and “Shaitan” by Sourabh Bali from India.

The festival will travel to more Pakistani cities in the coming weeks.


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