Find the Universe in You

Posted: March 17, 2016 in Artsy Poems, Blog Posts
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Only The Enlightened will feel the truth in resonance, the rest will find my words to be abstract.

Our soul is the fabric of the universe, and the universe is love,  unconditional and acceptance.

Death is but a transformation, a way to rejoin the source, think a blind man who has been blind from birth suddenly regaining his sight, imagine how big his world suddenly becomes. Think of a man who first learns about the internet.. it’s vastness..

Death reveals all, the workings of the universe laid bare, in all their intimate detail.

Remember; matter is neither created nor destroyed, remember that souls similarly are neither created or destroyed, they have existed and do exist and continue to exist because such is their purpose.

If you are enlightened enough,  if you believe enough,  if you leave your mind open to possibilities, leave your physical world behind, and travel at the speed of thought, You can feel the fabric of the universe through your thoughts. Try that now, marvel at it’s richness, it’s depth.

You are a single entity, encased in a bag of chemicals, you are here to be enriched, to experience individuality, to evolve, because the universe itself wishes to evolve, from matter to thought, from thought to something more, this something more is beyond our dimension of understanding, and can only be achieved through the final ascension.

Imagine a glass of water and the sea… can the water in a glass know the vastness of the sea ? it is a reflection of the sea, the water in the glass, it’s purpose is to be ultimately emptied from the vessel it inhabits and rejoin the sea..

But while water is in the glass, it can be the sea but separate from it, it can experience it’s individuality, it can imbue itself with it’s unique flavor, it can use the unique mechanism of consciousness it inhabits to see the land, it can travel to places, it can experience emotions, it can enrich itself, so that when it returns it brings back something new to the larger collective, it brings back itself to the sea.

The quantum foam bubbles and froths… interactions and entanglement happens every moment, we are part of that celestial dance, but it is hidden from us, the layers the intricacies elude us, because we are walled, limited, in the magnitude of our thoughts as well as our being.

nothing matters but the realization , the awareness of the true reality.

Imagine a mind with the power of all the minds that came before, and that will come long after we are gone, imagine a being that is the sum of all beings, and consists of the emotions of all beings that have ever come or will come.

REALIZE that you are a part of that being, realize and wonder at your true self, embrace the freedom you have been given to experience, to live, life truly is beautiful, and everything truly is Love.

Waqas Rabbani for Beyond Sanity Publishing

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