Yes, I fell in love with a naan place too, I mean seriously, our nation is eating naans since forever now. So when creative people join hands and heads to create a diverse universe of flavored naans, everyone jumps in to taste and enjoy. So did I.

There are literally hundreds of types of naans in the world, their origin starts from South Asia and is now served around the world. Taste, size, ingredients and serving is what makes them special. It is a full meal let me tell you, I feel as if they can replace pizza as my favorite food!( Yes, I know pizza is beautiful, but when you’ve had Naan Dhaba’s pepperoni or chicken grilled naan with cheese, you’ll agree with me)


I went to Naan Dhaba for the first time on Valentine’s day. Not fancy over the top place to eat but damn, the place feels like it is out of a movie. Decent seating area, lights, open air and O the music is to die for, from Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Its my life’ to Honey Singh’s Rap, they have it all. I  was with my foodie sister, so it was a great idea. We actually planned to go visit this place weeks before, when we saw its board in Super Market. We got the chance on 14th Feb!

Okay, so I ordered the grilled chicken with cheese naan and she ordered a vegetarian naan(They have those, yes. Beautiful naans with olives, mushrooms and cheese!)

Here is the menu:


First off, the serving is traditional and you feel homesick of a place you’ve never been to. Then the servers are all pretty, so there is eye candy all over the place. Lol.

Secondly, I loved the aroma. It was familiar and made me feel warm on that cold evening. Well cooked, everything felt incoherent with each other. Loved the taste of chicken tossed and grilled with perfection. I am not a vegetarian, and even I liked the ‘Gardens of Heaven’ naan made especially for vegetarians.

I asked one of the three partners of Naan Dhaba, Bakhtawar about the idea and he told me how him and his two friends, Azeem and Hammad worked day and night to make it the best. They once made 200 naans in one day, just to decide which spice to use and which to reject. Menu selection was the biggest step for them. I think the reason why it worked so well for them, is that they did all these things themselves too, I saw them wearing cooking gloves and making naans myself. That’s how you know someone has a passion for what they do rather than just sitting and letting the workers do all the work. It is an inexpensive, neighborhood dhaba that’s much better than it needs to be. That is what I have to say about it.

OMG, I almost forgot! The TEA. OH-SO-GOD-LOVIN’-GOOD-TEA

I am a huge fan of tea and I am very selective of the tea I have when I go out, otherwise I just opt for coffee. I measure every tea cup with the tea my sister Maham makes for me at home, and trust me, it was GOOD. I asked what he’d put in it and he said ‘My chef puts two pinches of magic in it, I don’t even know’. I will find out one day, I am sure. But till then, I will continue to ask for more tea from that place.

Here is a picture of the three friends I was talking about:


Left to right: Bakhtawar, Hammad and Azeem.

Review? Ten outta Ten

“Homey food that speaks to the people of Islamabad”

See their Facebook Page

Happy Fooding!

  1. Syed Bilal says:

    Excellent article and a well deserved review of Naan Dhaaba 🙂

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