“I am done. I want to quit.” she said with a heavy voice.

“Are you sure?” he confirmed, holding her hands firmly into his.

“Yes” she nodded in affirmation.

“You… You are never going to get this back Sneha, you know that, right!” said Vivaan, with irksome voice.

“Ye…ah, I know Vivaan.” She said with no emotion in her voice this time.

“Okay, relax, what’s the alternative?” he asked holding onto a bit of hope left in him.

“ART.” Finally said Sneha with fire in her eyes.

Sneha was all set to quit her dream job to follow what her heart always dreamt of. She was working as an Education Advisor at the French Embassy, a job that many would want to die for.

Sneha has always been a girl of dreams. Now, she wanted to be a woman of substance. She was an average student at studies in school but her mind would weave chains of creativity all the time. Never working hard to score above 70 percent, she would rather focus her energy of reading books, writing random shayaris and painting her thoughts onto canvas. Painting, yes, that’s what she wanted to do all her life.

At a mere age of 18, no student imagines what life would be life within upcoming months after appearing for 12th boards. In India, as soon as the results are announced, our fates and careers are decided. So was the case with Sneha too.

“You would be doing Chartered Accountancy now. I will talk to the best coaching centre that will guide you to prepare for your CPT exams, alright?” Sneha’s dad said firmly to her.

“But Pappa, I don’t like Maths and Accounts. My life would revolving around digits and calculations only.” Sneha tried to fight back.

“Shut up Sneha, I didn’t ask what you want. I am doing this to make your future secure. So yes, simultaneously we will get you enrolled in Delhi University under B.Com program. Wow, my daughter would be a CA one day. Make us proud Sneha.” Her dad got up and took his phone out to look for the coaching centres which offer the best CPT coaching, without noticing her teary-eyed daughter.

We live in a world where parents try to live their dreams through their children, no? That’s what Sneha’s dad was doing without realizing what his little daughter was going through whom he once promised to bring the whole world to her feet. Long lost promises. Sigh.

Subsequently Sneha started her preparations and put in all her hard work to crack CPT exam. She would not sleep for days and was surviving on the minimums. Finally, her exam date arrived and Sneha came out of the examination hall with gleaming eyes, she was sure to crack the exam. But disappointed, her dreams were shattered to pieces when she saw her result. 98 on 200. Failed. By 2 marks. Period.

Sneha’s dad didn’t speak to her for four months. Her mother was her only support. Sneha decided to give it another try just for her mother’s sake. Months of preparations started again.

“Maa, I promise you. This time your daughter will clear the exam.” she would reciprocate to her mom’s word of wisdom without letting her know of the fear that was turning into a giant monster with each passing day.

Exam day arrived. Results announced. 90 on 200. Period.

Sneha saw her life nothing but a waste of time now. While all her school friends were having THE time of their lives, Sneha went from a really chirpy girl to an introvert who was nothing but shattered.

We say, nights are darkest before the sunrise. This pretty much proved to be true in Sneha’s case too. One fine evening, her dad took her to meet his school time friend, now a lawyer, who suggested her to go for something different, which doesn’t let her stay among the mediocres. He touched the raw nerve. The lawyer friend informed her about different language courses and asked her to pursue the same. Sneha chose French. She tried her hardest to convince her dad.

“Pappa, just one semester papa, I promise. At Alliance Francaise de Delhi. Please papa. One last chance. I won’t disappoint you.” This time Universe was in all favour of her. Her wish was granted. She enrolled herself into Alliance Francaise de Delhi and pursued learning French.

Results? Owh, she stood first with 83.5 percent. Now, there was no looking back. Sneha was now a girl whom everyone recognised as a ‘French Girl’ in her society. She also met the love of her life, Vivaan, during the course of her studies at the same place. Vivaan was equally passionate about life and career as Sneha. Soon, they started hanging out together. From joining a theatre group to spending evenings together, they were never seen apart.

After learning French for three years, Sneha got a call from the French Embassy to work with them. She was now on Cloud 9. She never knew that the dream job which she was planning to do after 5 or 6 years would turn out to be her first job ever.

Consequently, every dream turned to a reality until one day Vivaan’s phone rang. Trrn Trrrn!

“Hello, Sneha?”

“Vivaan I need to speak to you urgently, this evening.” It was Sneha over the phone.

“Are you mad? I am out for work” Vivaan said wrathfully.

“Please Vivaan, I am sorry. Today at 6.30 in Cannaught Place, Please. I will see you there. Bye.” Sneha hung up.

Later that evening, sitting in the Central Park, Sneha told Vivaan something which shook off the earth beneath his feet. Sneha wanted to leave her job. Her dream job. Her favorite time of her life.

Sneha told Vivaan of her passion, ART, but putting her profession on risk was a bad choice. Though Sneha had planned everything in advance, the world went against her, this time, even her mother and Vivaan. Now this Education Advisor was all alone. Knowing that the two most important people of her life are not with her left her dispirited. However, this time she fought like a warrior and resigned from her job.

It took months for her to make everyone believe in her again and finally she did it. After doing fine arts diploma course from a well reputed college in Hauz Khas, Sneha polished her art skills over a period of time. Today, she is all set to put up her own art exhibition.

“It’s all within Us” – by Artist Sneha, read the board outside her art gallery.

After months of struggling, today, Sneha could see the same fire in the eyes of her parents and Vivaan that she always had in herself. She could see her world altogether in that art gallery- her paintings, her profession, her passion, her parents and the love of her life, Vivaan.

Everyone cried of happiness.

“Never stop dreaming. Dreams do come true. Chase your passion, always. It’s all within us.”

Sonakshi Grover for Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. Faraz javed says:

    Woa! What a beautiful and motivational story. Filled with emotions and thoughts and ofcourse a great lesson for each one of us “never stop to run behind ur dreams keep following them”. I Wish lot of success for you Sonakshi grover.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1192sonakshi says:

    @Irum – I am so glad to have connected with you. You are a woman of substance. I am highly inspired with your work and your heart. Thanks to you for giving me such a great opportunity! Much Love! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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