The Whispers

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Artsy Poems, Blog Posts
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They’d make his heartthrob gently yet violently

They’d leave him flustered quietly yet thoroughly

And he’d wonder will he be able to recover from this.

They’d take him to a realm of unpredictability.

And he’d dance his way through it swiftly.

They’d beat down on his old rusty scars,

And opening up his deep-rooted fears.

He’d still be wide awake, shivering and listening.

Tight-lipped, barely holding on.

He could hardly contain himself,

As the dusty stained memories,

Hovered around his existence.

He’d try to fool himself,

Thinking that, it’s just a false alarm.

But this futile attempt of flattering himself didn’t suffice.

They’d shoot down on him like grenades.

And he’d stand there,

Clutching the tiny sand grain beneath his feet.

While the whispers from the past,

Came crashing down on his fragile eardrums,

Apprising him of his bygone indiscretions.

Shamama Shabbir for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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