Kashmir is a bone of contention between Pakistan and India. Issue of Kashmir just started after partition of India and Pakistan, both claims the state. Kashmir issue is now an international issue but the problem is how to solve this conflict.

On March 24, 2012 Kuldip Nayar in his article said that Kashmir issue can be solved if both governments transfer all subjects except defense and foreign affairs to Kashmiris and soften their borders so that the people of both Kashmir meet and plan jointly the development of their region. He further said Lok Sabha’s elected members from Jammu and Kashmir should sit in Pakistan’s National Assembly and those of Pakistan-administered Kashmir in India’s Lok Sabha.

On April 9, 2012 Khalid Iqbal urged American senators and representatives to take notice of the human rights abuses in Kashmir and hold a hearing on this pressing issue. He is of the view that Representative Dana Tyron should focuses on human rights situation in Kashmir, which is a UN recognized conflict, instead of wasting his breath in pressuring Pakistan via Baluchistan.

According to Shabir Choudhary Pakistan should show flexibility on its stand on Kashmir and there should be no restrictions imposed on the choice of Kashmiris. The APHC Azad Kashmir should also pursue the same strategy. They should persuade the Azad Kashmir leaders to join APHC and then they should visit Gilgit Baltistan to win their confidence.

On May 30, 2012 Yasin Malik expressed that it is only the violence that gets the attention of policy makers and makes them come to the negotiating table. The new generations of Kashmiris will then draw this lesson and may take gun as a means of protest to make themselves heard. Policy makers, the international community and all the stake holders should try and pre-empt. The time for this is now.

According to my point of view representation should be given to the people of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan in the National Assembly and the Senate. It should be the first step taken by Pakistan, so that international countries as well as the people of Kashmir get know that how much Pakistan is interested in Kashmir and how much it gives importance to it. Even a cow in Kashmir has more rights than its citizen so media should also play its role and should give daily coverage on the violation of human rights in Kashmir, as media is one of the most powerful tools. I will appreciate Ahmed Quraishi who highlights Kashmir issue a lot in his program; other anchor persons should also do the same.

Another step to solve Kashmir issue is that the international community should debate this issue in the United Nation and the first step which they should take is to de-militarize Kashmir.

If we involve all countries in this issue and do work on this conflict sincerely then that day is not far when the whole Kashmir will get freedom and people of Kashmir will be able to live freely.

Zara Khalid Khan For Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. sarakhan26 says:

    I saw your profile today. It’s amazing. Keep writing. Stay blessed :))

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  2. Un is a failed state and they cannot help us out….
    india should remove their army from kashmir and no talks between india and pakistan will give some futile result untill and unless Kashmiris are not involved in that…..

    Kashmir belongs to kashmiris and they should be given authority to choose what they want…

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