‘Women Of Pakistan’ By Syeda Fatima

The moment’s gone
The hour is late
She lays awake hoping
The storms would abate
Struggling to fill the void
That is here to stay
And sleep was as if
A thousand light years away
Her gaze was erratic
Faltering in the dark
It stumbled upon a shadow
That was eerie and stark
Petrified, she hurriedly
Squirmed beneath the sheets
Thinking maybe now
She with her fate meets
Instead a gentler hand
Rested on her head
As it sat there
Beside her on the bed
Realizing ’twas harmless
She slowly crawled out
This time less dreading
And a bit more stout
the shadowy figure now
Not as
Murky as it was
Said in a quaint whisper
After a prolong pause
“Those untended questions
Finally caught thou  eye
Many never notice
And merely pass by
But thou need to be patient
And heed what thou see
It is always there
Amidst the dubiety.”
As she rose from the bed
It beckoned her to lie
So she spoke instead
In what, when and why
The figure then quaintly smiled
And finally heard her out
All that had dismayed her
What she had wept about
The figure smiled again and said,
“No more shall ye weep”
“Hush! My child. Hush!”,
It said,
“Off ye go to sleep.”

Sidra Tul Muntaha Malik For Beyond Sanity Publishing

Artwork Submitted by Syeda Fatima


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