Quaid’s Pakistan they say, but who is Quaid, and where is Pakistan?
The clock keeps ticking as I write. It is December 24th 2015, almost the end of another year, another year ready to go down in history, stories of which we will be telling our children tomorrow. Sixty eight years it has been since a nation stood up for a cause, sixty eight years it has been since hundreds and thousands of people fought alongside one another for a homeland. They all fought for the same purpose, they all were hungry to breathe the free air. That nation strived for a place where everyone could enjoy their rights in tranquility.

It is true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, an ignorant man would sit idle for an hour in a garden full of flowers, where as a poet would write a whole poem on how blessed he is for the colors and beauty of nature that surrounds him. In the same way, these words are merely words if you fail to extract the meanings out of them, and the meanings will be understood by only those who carry a vision.
These concepts are sensitive and demand great consideration.

A man once lived whose eyes of the heart were opened, his name was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The visionary that he was knew what change people could bring if they stood together for one cause for he was an eye witness of the change itself. Pakistan was never won by Pathans, Punjabis, Balochis, or Sindhis; it was won by a group of people who fought together as one against the tyranny of the oppressors. The Quaid that we remember only two or three days a year now for public purposes, emphasized greatly on the importance of unity and the fruits it brings.  Unfortunately, we made our paths our destiny, and those who followed a different path were all declared wrong, though the destiny was the same for everyone. We all were headed to the same place, we all wanted to go to heaven, all the people were working for the betterment of the country in their own unique ways but we failed to understand this. With time people began to form ethnocentric groups without thinking the disasters it was bringing with itself. We tore apart this Quaid’s Pakistan with our own hands. We are weak now because we are divided into many sects, groups, divisions and sub divisions.

Pakistan was not just created as a free country, it was created for the preservation of Islamic ideology as well, and it was made in the name of Islam. Now, there are Muslims everywhere but Islam is found nowhere, and why not, we are Muslims by birth, not by heart. Blinded by the curtains of ignorance, people fail to understand Islam, its modernism and how it is the best way to live a life. The reason is simply being the infinite distractions and never ending illusions that we all fall prey for. Religion is a way of life, and Islam without a doubt is the best religion. No book on life, ethics, self learning, motivation, justice, science can outrun the teachings of Islam. After being evaluated and tested at every single level, Islam is presently the only religion in the world that is worth following. Only those who read learn, and think can understand this, the eyes of the rest are covered with blindfolds. Problem is, we are not ready to learn, we don’t want to. The sad part is, we hide ourselves from the truth when we literally have the power to change the whole world. It was for a reason that Allama Iqbal said that the vision of a believer can change the fate of thousands. It is not wrong to say that we have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten the purpose of our lives, we have forgotten everything and yet we call this land Quaid’s Pakistan which is nothing but a half forgotten memory of the person who created it.

A pen was declared as a weapon against a sword, a pen which when held by the educated can change the course of stream that the world is flowing on. No wonder education is of prime importance, but our concepts of life and its realities are so weak that we simply take education as a purpose of income now, no more than that. The education on which all the great leaders in the world emphasized was not this, the education which they stressed upon was the education that differs a human from an animal.  It is funny how we cannot read 10-20 pages of a book everyday when we can waste hours on the social media websites. We have distanced ourselves from knowledge as if it is a disease. Yes, education is much more than holding a degree and getting paid for it. Education is the foundation of greatness. Education makes ordinary humans great humans.  Education is what makes a difference but we are far away from understanding this.
It is not like we don’t have great minds in our country, we do, but those minds are covered by the clouds of ignorance, and of darkness. It is absolutely wrong to say that a person like Quaid-e-Azam cannot be born again; it is not like God created one man and one man only. Many leaders have born, so much have they contributed, were they super humans?  No, they simply combined their intellect with loyalty, commitment, courage and hard work. They were honest.
Hence by ignoring education, we dug another pit for ourselves, created another disappointment for the Quaid who expected from us, so much for Quaid’s Pakistan.

So easy it is to complain about each and everything, so easy it is to accuse everyone for everything. We say that the governance is bad, the parties are corrupt, but are we ourselves loyal to our country? Think.
I guess the only difference between us and the people ruling us is that they have authority and we lack it, nothing else. We are all corrupt at our own level, so why blame others when we are not righteous ourselves. Negative are our thoughts, away from the positivity we live, and always ready to humiliate others. The thought of doing something good and purposeful simply never crosses our mind.
Most crimes are social crimes; those who commit them are usually deprived of their basic rights and necessities. We are ready to donate, give charities, impose law and order but we cannot give people their rights. We can mourn for the victims, we can feel bad about the tragedies but we cannot stand up, step forward and do something to eliminate the cause of that incident. Our women are deprived of their basic rights, we feel sorry for them but we cannot do anything for them, too much for promoting equality I presume. The great Quaid put a lot of stress on women empowerment, if it was his Pakistan, it would surely be a different situation right now. We create crimes ourselves, we create criminals ourselves, and this is certainly not what Quaid wanted.

Yes, this is not Quaid’s Pakistan and certainly not the Pakistan he would have dreamed of. Now the choice is ours, we can keep it that way or we can raise our lives and standards to transform ourselves and this homeland.
Change yourself first not the society. In trying to do big things and become great humans, we miss out on keeping ourselves humans, humans love, humans care, we should do too.
Remember, if you change today, ten more people will join you tomorrow, hundred more will follow the day after as well.  Honestly, it all starts at the individual level. To correct ourselves, we first need to know that we are wrong. We first have to admit that we are in slavery, only then can we free ourselves. Then combine all the traits of leadership within ourselves; be brave, be honest, be truthful, be hardworking, be knowledgeable, and above all be good Muslims.
Find yourself in the shadows of darkness; know yourself and all that you are capable of. You can set fire to the whole world if you just find yourself. For once, get tired of letting down all those who had hopes in you, who called the youth as the definers of future. Read books, learn new things every day, your time is limited, spend it in doing things that matter.
Stay alive to make a difference, and don’t just breathe.
Fight, fall, and rise again.
I wish if I happen to write on 24th December 2016 again, my views have changed.

Submitted By: Fahad Asif For Beyond Sanity Publishing

Secured 1st prize


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