Art By Cidrah Usmani

We all will die, one day or the other as our souls will escape from these temporary vessels of our bodies to drift to the skies above. Nothing is eternal, none of us are, but the love that we weave into our hearts for another is. You see I can bet that those madly in love will search for one another in the Heavens above. The only way to be eternal, is to love. And this is what we all try to do, don’t we? But in the process of getting our immortal love, most of us are left hanging between loving and actually managing to make it as eternal as we thought it to be. See that mellow smile that prances on her lips, that slight blush that tints her cheeks, that sparkle that lights up her eyes and the heaviness that takes over her breaths, you were the very reason behind them all. She would sit around aimlessly, losing count of time and space as your memories blanket her consciousness and the cry from a child that was meant to be yours but wasn’t, would unceremoniously break her out of her trance. She would hold her child with a grimace, half hers and half belonging to someone who she was bound to by the ties of paper while her heart remained tied to you. Seldom did she tell you this, but you gave her wings, you were someone who touched her without actually touching her, someone who made her soar higher than the skies reached and this is why she pummeled hard to the ground below. You were embedded into the crevices of her skin and engraved into her breaths, not ever she could erase you and every time she tried to scrape you off from the confines of her mind, her own sanity would start to come undone as well. Every place you had taken her, another trip to that place in another time , with another person yet it would ignite a spark of memories that would set her entire existence on fire. You were the reason she would wait hours staring at the place you had last been with her. The reason for her existence and the cause of her demise. You told her she was a princess yet you threw her off the throne; took away her crown and put in on someone else’s head. So the next time anyone would give her a crown, she would throw it at her feet and stomp on it because she would not let another have the power to de-crown her. Not this time around, she won’t let you snatch away her crown for she could be a princess without a crown. She would lace her heart with a tiara of love,of truthiness and a passion that would be her very crown and she be a princess on the inside. And that. she was sure no one could take that away from her.

Hadiya Rahman For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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