Interview With Areesh Fatmee

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Blog Posts, Events, Reviews, Tales Of Crucified Blunt
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Beyond Sanity Publishing Started its journey last year to help writers from all over the world and mainly Pakistan.

A mix of traditional and self publishing, Beyond Sanity Publishing is now representing 6 writers and will add 10 more this year.

Areesh’s book, The Tales Of Crucified Blunt, is available worldwide in 12 countries including Pakistan in both Kindle and Paperback formats.

We interviewed her this week to make our readers known about her poetic journey and life aspirations.

Here we go,


When did you write your first piece?

I believe I was born into writing. Writing the first proper piece? I guess it was around 5 years back. When I first intentionally decided to write something that was formed from my soul.

What is writing to you?

Writing is like xanax to me. Xanax? Tranquilizer of course!

Writing for Pakistan. How does that feel?

Humble enough. The satisfaction you get when you realize that there is sweat and blood you have contributed also for the welfare and well being of this country, is worth the struggle.


Name your favorite authors?

Favorite authors or favorite speakers? I guess they are the both. My favorite authors are Nemrah ahmed, Ishfaq ahmed, Khalil jibran, J.K Rowling, Charles bukowiski.

How much does support of family matters?

Being a girl and an artist, family support really matters a lot. The confidence an artist needs is like fuel to the engine for its proper and efficient working. When you know that some people are there for you always, who have your back, you feel relaxed and assertive.


Where do you stand in the next 10 years?

I see myself striving hard for the upgrading of “The Reading Utopia”, the platform I am going to establish for the youth, where I will provide them maximum opportunities to learn about literature and show their talent and to give them enough motivation to work hard.

How is being a girl writer helping your life?

Art is not limited to any gender at least that is what I believe. As far as it is concerned about how it helps me? Then I will have to mould the statement that how is it helping other girls? I guess by looking at the amount of confidence in me gives them the ample amount of motivation required for expressing the talent and reflecting the emotions in art. Gives them the right direction for the flow of their energies.

Where do you get your inspiration?

For and artist the inspiration comes from everything around you. Even the tiny bits of rocks play the biggest roles in the path of an artist’s progress. My inspiration is my life. However, the people who played an important role in inspiring me is Sir Qasim ali shah, Sir Umair Jaliawala, Ma’am Muniba Mazari.


What projects are you working on?

I am right now working on a collaborative project with My Mentor Nemrah Ahmed and there are many bigger plans on which I am researching to make them effective and amazing. Also, I am working on establishing The Reading Utopia, platform for the welfare of youth.

Say some words about Beyond Sanity Publishing?

Beyond Sanity Publishing is an amazing place to have your books launched from. Though, you will have to face some shortcomings but experience of working with this reputable place is indeed a worthy experience. Three cheers to Beyond Sanity Publishing!!

Here are the link to the book:

Get Tales Of Crucified Blunt!

You can also order a signed copy here:

Get Your Signed Copy Here!

For all queries and Questions, Please email:







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    Great work (Y)
    proud of u :*
    May Allah give u more success 🙂

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