The Guiding Star

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Artsy Poems, Blog Posts
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The darkness falls and out of all

The stars up there , find you will

With beauty pure  and spark so bright

Standout one that will catch your sight

The one you can call your guiding star

Always burning just to show you path

When eagles are headed to eyries

And the bats are out for work

When the owls begin to hoot

And wolves are there to howl

I’ll be your guiding star

The burning one to show you path

When the night is dark as coal

And  the crickets fear to chirp

When  black wears  even the moon

Look up and you will find soon

The one you call your guiding star

Burning just for you to show the path

When the stars are off to sleep

And out of dark the sun creeps

When illuminated is every grain

The special one awaits again

For the night to fall once more

To  light the path and let you explore

Marva Sohail For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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