Reflections In the Right Ventricle

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Blog Posts, Reviews, Short Stories
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Darlin. Your heart is a machine.
An organ.
A blood pumping mechanism.
Not something with endless feelings and hollowness ready to consume your body when it breaks into a million pieces.
Maybe it is that too.
Maybe it is all you are.
Your heart becomes you when you keep reminding yourself everyday that you are you when your heart rules you and your emotions.
Now I know people tell you that your heart is the worst thing you have because it doesn’t see clearly and it makes ridiculous choices but honey,
Your heart is where it all began. Where God lives.
How can it present you with lies?
You can see through the mirror laughing back at you because it is so indulged in hopes and false feelings.
Maybe you love a rock. Maybe a broken pencil.
Maybe maybe maybe.
Your whole life is a maybe.
Don’t be someone who moves against the current of the blood flow.
Make your heart your guide.
Make it visible in yout eyes when you see yourself in the mirror.
And goddamn it, LIVE.

Reflections in the right ventricle
Copyright , #IrumZahra

  1. nice2beme says:

    Such s philisophical issue.

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