Human Rights Day & Us

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Blog Posts, Events, Reviews
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Like most of the countries in the world,Pakistan too celebrate

”The world human Rights day”

on December 3rd,every year since 1948.
Human rights are the rights which a person should have in order to
be a human being.These are the rights which every person should enjoy
to lead an honorable life as a human being.

The United Nations
declared two sets of rights.The 1st is civil and political rights and
the 2nd one is economic and social.

So if i talk about the current situation of Pakistan,I don’t think
everyone is getting equal rights.

Yes,rich people live luxurious lives,
but what about poor people?

They just become more poorer and poorer.

I don’t think this world is the same as it was in 18th century because
there is violation of Human rights all over the world.
There’s a serious need to arrange seminars,walks,discussions by
governments and on private level too.

In the end I hope every body will
live equally and happily in this whole big world.

Yousra Naeem For Beyond Sanity Publishing

Photo Courtesy: Minerva’s media department, Islamabad

  1. Yousra Naeem says:

    Oh Thankyou Irum Baaji ❤

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