Here is what inspires us to be better humans:
I smelled a flower today’ is a poem where the inspiration of it came from reading another poem ‘Nano’. Nano talked about American warriors surviving war and going through PTSD, mostly people who operate drones. Recently, an idea of using animals as drones has been floated by the US government, since they already have the flying mechanism and only needs to be equiped with the rest of the machinery.
Being an animal lover, and a peace loving resident of this world, I defy war, war related inventions and most of all, exploitation when it comes to animals, humans and everyone who cannot speak for themselves. I wrote this poem as an answer to that poem and with the idea that nature needs to trust one of its own. Humans have to stop turning nature against itself.

I smelled a flower today

Its petals drenched with the drizzle

Yet the scent unperturbed, condensed;

Even warm in the creases at night fall,

Its warmth transcending into my nerves – life

Beneath the solitary blue sky,

Grey and dark its hold

 And hushing the remnants of smells,

In the cold silence

The flower – my last ray of hope

In the dead,

Beneath smoke ridden sky,

With ashes clung in the falling droplets

Among heaps of dirt,

Into puddles of broken earth

I smelled the flower,

In a hurry to fill my nerves,

With a mystic tranquility and peace,

Or before a fruit shares its womb

I smelled amidst the metallic buzzing of a nearby wasp,

as it turns against the orchard,

With the wings of a rocket,

And the shells of a drone

I smelled before the falling petals color the puddles,

Dark and grim,

I smelled the flower

When it could.


Sara Samin for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Art By Cidrah Usmani

Find The Writer Here


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