Its brutally insane of you think that tears matter to people who live more pretend lives than you do.
You change your clothes, the way you speak, the way you treat people, the food you eat, the places you go.
But you would never be able to hide your nature.
This is what makes us relate to animals.
Our nature. Will never change.
We might be nice to everyone. We might tell you we love you more than the oceans and the trenches in the oceans but, what we don’t tell, is is a whole storyline of our wicked, selfish, stubborn nature.
Tears? Really?
Are you for real?
Are those even real?
Please. You always cry for something other than you are upset about. Your head is exploding with anger and frustration about how the universe throws you around like a freaking football and you start crying because you see a dead word? A dead flower?
Spilled ink?
Faded cut marks?
No. You just need an excuse to take the salt in your eyes out.
Who could really blame you?
You made yourself like this.
You, yourself is to blame.
When people matter more than nature, (They never do) you carry on as nothing happened. When inside your brain lobes you curse your every breath, regret every moment and yell at all pieces of burned memories.
Stupid heart.
The sheer force of royal blues hit you in your wings like that ice cold wind on the mountains.
Screw tears.
They don’t matter.

-Invictus, Irum Zahra

*Copyrighted Material*

  1. sarahsamin says:

    I have been reading stuff for an hour from your blog and I love everything I have read so far. Is there any way I can share some of my blog work here?

    Liked by 1 person

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