Paris-Dear Paris

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Artsy Poems, Blog Posts, Events, Reviews, Short Stories
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A thousand angry fingers are fighting. “I’m right! Im right! There’s wrong in your writing.” There’s a war of opinion, it’s a slaughter of facts, as fearful dominions blame who they can for the acts of hate that they scrape across our tired eyes; and as we try and decipher truth from the lies. So soon people point, push, drag and despise anyone they believe to be the devil in disguise. “ Hang them, hit them, beat them down. Don’t let another one of ‘those’ in my good town”.

I tried to tie my own tongue and keep quiet. But my fingers felt need to fight in this riot. Though I am not seeking a thumb from anyone, I was beginning to fear I was a disloyal son; for our mother is weeping for every child. Whether radical, righteous, anxious or mild. She’s worried this war, like a fire in the wild, won’t stop until all is consumed but the ash that is piled. “ Stop this! Stop this! My dear children! Life is so much more than the motives of men”

And I watch this war from a cafe in Glasgow; outside enjoying coffee, crisps and tobacco. The smoke swirls my head into a strange sense of comfort, as before my eyes I watch my own world distort. Where political posts attempt to equal social justice. Where blood, bodies and bombings add to our numbness. Where others opinions slowly shape and become us. Where poets lack rhyme, guidance or substance. Where In friends we see foes, and in fellow citizens: dangers. Where we speak with our fingers, and to ourselves become strangers.

Maham Fatima for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Art by Maryam Manzar



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