Being Better. A better Human

Posted: November 7, 2015 in Artsy Poems, Blog Posts, Short Stories
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Have you ever seen the flock of birds running through the blue blanket above with all of the  tensions thrown downward on the land?
The real taste of freedom is what they keep tasting with all of the delicious flavors running up & down.
The way they enjoy the true colors of life. Are they meant to throw these tensed bits and pieces down on us?
Oh yes, The humans here are all covered with a jaw drop coating. So beautiful they look from outside but what if you won’t let this inner evil die which is haunting you from inside?
It will definitely kill your good side. You won’t be able to sacrifice for your own, at your own!
The seconds, minutes, hours are just passing without any true meaning of life, The Aims, Goals, There’s nothing. The people are just trying to dispose themselves under the tag of ‘Giving Up’.
That’s seriously not what you should be doing.
This life has so many ups and downs which you have to go through. It’s not in your hands. Time flies and it makes us think about the chances we already left behind.

Take life as an opportunity to do something really astonishing not a curse on our shoulders.

Do something good, Something better..

Hareem Rizwan for Beyond Sanity Pu lblishing

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