A firy winged spirit

Was all that there was,

Chained, chicaned, contained,

Confounded and compounded.

Yet O spirit! Thou took flight

Unclaimed, unnamed, untamed

A googol attempted to answer,

A legion attacked to stand victorious,

An encyclopedia unfolded to resolve,

An Archer shot in thy bright halo,

Unseen, unheard, untouched,

Unclaimed, unnamed, untamed.

Noxious miasma lost to ever poison

Thee affluent purity.

Centuries of sciences, time and space

Failed to capture thy luminosity.

Thy holiness invaded storms and silences,

Thy light soared past night skies,

Thou art the temple in every heart

Thy soft bells rung through ages in every art,

Thee shall live as emblem of eternity

Letting chasing shadows always die.

Samina Fazal For Beyond Sanity Publishing

Image By: Sheharyar Fakeha


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