Every Week, I promised to introduce talent from Pakistan.

Here is a short introduction of Haroon Ben Abid,. He is an emerging artist from Pakistan. Most of his work is sold out, But few are available for purchase worldwide.  Here is My favorite: Jimmy Hendrix

Good news: It is still AVAILABLE.!

Here is the Facebook Page:

Curves n’ Lines

Sheharyar Fakeha and Haroon Bin Abid for Beyond Sanity Publishing


Order here: irumzahraofficial@gmail.com

Here we go:

Hello, my name is Haroon ben Abid. I’m 22 years old from Pakistan. Occupationally I’m studying to be a doctor, as per hobby I love to paint.

Since childhood one of the biggest inspiration was nature and I tried to figure how could I put those colors in my art. I never try to be an artist, my target was to do what I love to do. I did lot of drawings, lot of paintings. I love my experience of doing what I love though it’s time consuming.
I try not to think about what I’m doing and not to think how I have to do it and I don’t care how you have to do it. There was a time I use to find a formula to painting but I guess there no such formula for it. I just want to paint, just want to have fun.
I don’t have any recent project upcoming but surely lot more to come. You can see my paintings on my Facebook page Curves ‘n Lines.
My message for the youth wold be just practice. Extreme colors smash them on canvas, sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t.
Leave your viewers and yourself surprised.
Have a look:
320528_227639784034967_1142095223_n1375944_371999419599002_215663900_n (1)954663_341021066030171_1014612696_n


Available For Purchase


Sold Out


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